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Non educated individuals or people who need glasses can't tell the difference but many can.

I'm one who can tell the muddier resolutions from the clearer ones.

Also if you couldn't see the difference then nobody would have made tech past 720p...companies aren't into wasting money...plus 4k displays sell really well...so that says it all #4.1.4
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One question did you play the demo?

It is the 1st real RPG in over a decade to immerse you in the world. Watching and playing with this game unlike any other means volumes.

It's one of those you have to experience it types of things to really be able to comment/form a viable opinion. #4.1
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I agree with 2pacalypsenow all you hear is how scripted linear games are bad. How quick time events are bad.

By current mob gamer mentality only open world sandbox games are good.

Nobody stops and thinks hey this person might have a different taste or be in the mood for a different experience.

Many of these bad trend gamers buy one game a year and defend it to death and attempt to tear down every other title.

Makes me sick s... #3.1.2

You think I'm just as bad but that's how I feel true fans don't pass on amazing titles. I've yet to meet a true fan of anything who's like oh I love this stuff but I'll pass.

Just my take. #5.2.2
Yeah i haven't been this excited for a title since FF6 and Castlevania Symphony of the night. It's a demo that has more potential any title in the past decade...made me feel like it's the PS1 & PS2 Era all over again. #12.3
Type-0 is far from average but you would know that if you picked it up.

How many games have helped increase exposure of a title by bundling in hot demos and it worked turned out that people really loved those games...check list

MGS2 demo - Zone of the Enders
Halo 3 demo - Crack Down
FF VIII demo - Brave Fencer Musashi
GeoW 3 demo - Bullets torment
RE6 - Dragon's Dogma

Each of those games were amazing so it... #9.1
You have no clear what you're talking about two entirely different games.

I'm an RPG guy for around 30 years and if you skip 15 then you're not a true RPG fan...

Your loss #5.2
You're new aren't you to gaming or at the very least metal gear.

Anyone who has followed Kojima and his staff he is extremely hands on. Many interviews from his staff have said this in the past...use Google it's a good friend before deciding to post a comment.

Just saying... #1.2.2

Your name kind of says it all...

Miyamoto made Mario and Zelda and Starfox...do you think the sequals to those titles would have been as great without him...if you do you're showing how very little you understand about a creative work of art.

It takes a creative artistic mind to build an IP and it take the highest caliber of artistic individuals to leave a mark or a legacy.

Saying that the team or a team ca... #1.1.6
I've waited almost a decade to play FFXV so yeah I am...but the more I see of Type-0 the more I want to play through it.

Keep in mind this is a massive demo weighing in at almost 6 gigs...that says a lot. If I play it as much as I played Ground Zeroes then it would be worth the purchase by itself in my opinion. #12
Your opinion is awful...there how'd you like that,lol jk #2.2
I couldn't even name all the games I got last year alone on my ps3 that were AAA titles like Remember Me, DmC or BioShock Infinite so that's 3 games off the top of my head. This year I've got several few games like Abes big and tasty or transistor and I know there was more just can't remember off the top of my head. #5.3.3
Why are you here, why are you a gamer when that's your attitude...the industry is amazing. Some bad apples doesn't make the whole orchard rotten...

Just saying #8.1
Ok to those above Tabata said FFXV could jump 10% in a week. The stuff is built but not polished or refined. If you use MGS5 as an example then we're looking at a November release world wide. Kingdom Hearts will be at E3 and will release late next year. Save this comment if you don't believe me. This demo was shown last year and is releasing in a week but don't think of it as a demo think of it as a beta because Tabata said it's our real experience feedback that they will use... #4
Do you not understand how money works... $60 equals the price of one game or PS+. The difference is you get tons of games for that $60 fee so every game past the 1st one you download is free...not a very complex equation... #5.3
So you have absolutely no clue how tech works do you. Each past console has used chips to run their games that were built specifically for that console and all the games that released on that console.

What backwards compatible means is that the newer console includes the older consoles chips. These chips a lot of times aren't manufactured anymore so to keep including them would increase the price of the console for all parties including you.

To avoid thi... #8.2
Wait so you can get to lvl 99...link please. It's not that I don't believe you I just that might od missed some news. #1.1.1
Nope confirmed Battle Chasers so pumped!!! #1.3
I told you all its Battle chasers the image was sent to my email for registering and it's Garrison with his sword on the hill.

Suck it haters who said I was wrong. #6
What's with the Phantom disagree if you don't agree state why...it's not like I'm supporting one or the other I just feel the evidence supports a battle chasers game more than a darksiders. If you feel differently state why. #3.2
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