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Get your facts right or at the very least rumors right it's stated in the US they closed the gap by 1/3 not in half so stop over exaggerating numbers to beef up MS and down play Sony...

Fanboys geeze #2.1.2
That was ONE MONTH and the past 11 they got their asses whopped.

Reality check for fanboys (not fans) the PS4 has a 7 to 8 million unit lead at a higher price, less bundles and supposedly less games and the gap is still growing.

Devs and publishers don't care about individual markets they care about total install base and global market share.

As of right now just in the beginning of 2015 PS4 has two AAA games and MS has none...yet fanboy... #1.1.10

Actually you don't know what you're talking about your bank in my case is one of the biggest banks in the US deals with Sony for the refund so you don't know what you're talking about I've done refunds and they do an investigation with the company 1st. Sony then is left with the negative balance that they try to collect on by the easiest means possible being me in my case. How do they get the money lock you out of you our account until you pay th... #1.1.15
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Doesn't matter Sony should lock that users account until an actual investigation has been performed and give the hacked user a temporary refund like your bank does. If the investigation turns up that he did not approve the charges he keeps his refund and Sony goes after the individual who made the charges. It doesn't matter if it's a friend, family member or a stranger it's just that simple. #2.2.1
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If your bank refunds you and takes the money Sony will say you owe them that money back and lock your account. I've had my account for 9 years or so and I've spent thousands on digital games plus my PS+ account games and the thousands of dollars I've spent on movies and videos. Locking my account over $200 versus eating it seemed like a no brained but still sucked ass like no other. So you need to think a bit more before commenting because their can be ot... #1.1.12
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This same thing happened to me and proved to Sony who the hacker was and they still did nothing. If you have PS+ then your screwed because if you decide to go through your bank they'll take the money back but Sony will lock your account until you pay them back because that's what happened to me when I tried that. Their customer service is a damn joke who don't care about gamers at all and this is from a 20 plus year fan of Sony. #1.1.11
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Full of shit you are and you expose yourself as not have actually playing the game at all...sheep you be...

Only the starting points are from the launch content all of the DLC missions are made up of 90% content that was not accessible unless you glitches an UNFINISHED AREA!

the hell is wrong with you people bunch of sheep! #3.2.1
Bullshit...your full of shit! Only the starting points are places you saw and that's only from patrol can you run across these areas. Without the expansion you come across areas that you can tell had more to them but go nowhere and now it's clear that they are the starting points for the DLC areas.

It's stupid crap like the shit you're spewing that makes ignorant miss informed sheep of people who miss out on great experiences.

I'll just en... #3.1.2
Doesn't need saving bugs have been fixed so ignorant cats need to find another dead horse to beat.

This is just a great content update for non trolls! #3
I think you all might not have realized this was unintentional. This will be corrected. Also to prove my point and not jump out of one's pants the weekly strike/nightfalls change weekly and it just happens this week is the DLC content next week it won't be an issue. This is getting blown way out of proportion. #6
WTF are you talking about you're not paying for two separate games they just come on separate disks...is that really so hard to understand...

Where are these cats coming from... #2.3
Where did you cat's come from MGS4 did that years ago with zero backlash because no is to be had. You cat's are ungrateful...hell they don't have to even give us MP/CO-OP...it's not they have to be in every game.

Oh wait that's right some of you are new to Playstation and have never experienced a real MGS title before. #4
When did you start gaming...today? MGS4 had the exact same setup and absolutely no one had an issue...it's two different teams sharing game assets and they don't want either experience to be gimped.

It will be on two separate disks...what's your problem it's not like they're charging you extra or anything. #1.2
You need glasses or a better display because the true HD footage was better than the reveal trailer hell they've even done image compares to prove my point. #14.1
You're making a very large assumption here and it's based off broken logic. When they 1st showed off U1 and U2 they were both in Alpha states. To add to that you don't know when they plan to hit alpha so far as you know they could hit alpha next week. The fact that they had so much to show means that even at such an early state they were more than confident in its performance. Sounds to me like you're fishing for a reason to spin an anti Sony agenda. #8.1.3
Don't be an ass making assumptions. Out of all the titles 2 was the best and still destroys all other hack n slash games peroid. Guess who directed part 2 oh that's right Cory Barlog and if he could make the best hack n slash game of all time and feels he can add to the story then guess what he has earned his right.

You on the other hand don't know shit so go on with your bad self thinking you know better than actual fans and Cory...since your so full of yourself. #13.6
I'll bite...

All MS has done is correct stuff that should never have been an issue in the 1st place. They let there previous early gen lead of the 360 vs PS3 go to their heads.

What they've been doing is semi a good move for XB1 fans but not industry ftiendly. Buying 3rd party exclusivity is not good for the gaming community no matter who does it. Is it good for the companies yes but bad for gamers.

You talk about Phil like he's t... #13.1.1

There are no official NPD numbers yet to back that up and no real site is even remotely reporting this claim.

This is simply MS trying to spin like they did last month before NPD came out which said they were dominated on by Sony.

Let's wait to get official numbers and then let's talk. #5.3.2
No it doesn't sold means sold to customer because it's software that's important and if you sold to retailer but not to customer then you don't move software.

The big 3 use sold through to customer to illustrate customer base. They use ship to retailer to obscure the actual customer base and all 3 do this when they're not in 1st or beating their competitor.

Don't try to spin #1.3.3
Shipped to retailer and sold to customer very different.

NPD came out a few weeks back and the PS4 dominated in the US by a large margin. Every early report has the PS4 still selling better in the US.

We'll see when NPD comes out again I guarantee PS4 will be in the lead again.

Just remember cats like Phil and Michael Pachter said the X was selling way better than PS4 until NPD came out and then they both shut up again.

S... #1.1.8
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