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That's not true you need them to re-roll gear for stats that better suit your play styles versus using what they came with initially. #1.3
Do a little research all your VoG gear is relavent again and can put you at the lvl 34 #7.1
Ok then state why it's far from the best...if not then you sound biased and you might just be lying... #2.8
Looks like a boss rush mode to me with horde mode mixed in #2

Math isn't one of your strengths is it? $65 x 7,000,000 copies is $455,000,000...yeah not seeing the loss buddy lol. #1.1.3
You're so misinformed I don't know where to start Tabata didn't change anything he's been polishing what Nomura set up. He added to the experience not removing...you need to do more research before commenting. #3.2.4
Yes it did and the tutorial was well done.

Too many complaints from mediocre players who stick to just RPG's or fps's. Not trying to be mean just feel that your opinion is one based from a LA k of real gaming experience across a broader gaming sense. #2.1.2
Played the demo level 97 and no on all fronts. Never lost control of lock on...you're just not as good as you think.

I always had control in fact no game to date gave the player as much control and I've been gaming for almost 30 years on all consoles across all genres spanning all quality of titles AAA to b rated.

It's not a hack n slash but it's vastly superior to any in that field and I've platinumed them all.

Not opinio... #1.1.3
Actually Konami might be in a money problem since they're coming off the new York Stock exchange. Not purchasing a title that probably cost $40 to $60 million to make alone with the money spent on the engine behind it could cripple a company...

Just food for thought. #2.1
That's pretty good for a home console over there. #2.1
That's not what the chart is showing what's being displayed is that title launches cause large sales spikes which is expected. The other piece of info is that between spikes the baseline sales have actually increased.

Just watch as more Japanese centric titles launch the baseline will increase between...its title libraries that increase baseline sales...mmore titles for a region the more incentive for non fans to justify a purchase. #4
Would it matter...if the other player is doing a fatality then you've already lost so it doesn't matter if the input is complex or simple since you've already lost.

If players want to pay for it has zero impact on anyone but the buyer. #3.1
I'm guessing you've never heard of PR damage control or a little thing called a law suite due to NDAs or defamation of character.

Konami most likely threatened a law suite to retract her statement along with a counter statement.

You're very naive to believe she just changed her statement 180 degrees... #5.3
It's been confirmed that the PS4 version of the demo runs at a better framer rate and is at 900p versus the 720p on the XB1. Tabata said the target goal for both platforms is 1080p 30fps. Their currently using the 1.5 version of the Luminous Engine and the final build will be 2.0 so expect an improvement.

My guess based off where both platforms are at that both will be 1080p but I have a nagging feeling the XB1 version won't stay at a steady 30fps...but that depends o... #3.1
Not for me but I'm lvl 71 and I figured how to swing the camera the way I need it when I want it to move.

Other than frame rate and some muddy textures in places the only tech issue is the the lock on is twitchy and inconsistent. This issues is mainly when dealing with the Behemoth his different attack spots can obscure otheres.

For me all they need to add is:
Controllable summons
Chocobo breeding
Air ship combat
Way point... #8.1
It's not clunky or messy I've played, beaten and platinumed Devil May Cry games, GoW games, MGR:Revengeance and Ninja Gaiden games so I know great combat.

The combat mechanics are some and require fast paced strategy I would place it between a Souls game and DmC but with a much larger amount of character movement fluidity.

The large open spaces and huge amount of character animations allows for a ton of flexibility if you don't try the square butt... #3.2.1
Non educated individuals or people who need glasses can't tell the difference but many can.

I'm one who can tell the muddier resolutions from the clearer ones.

Also if you couldn't see the difference then nobody would have made tech past 720p...companies aren't into wasting money...plus 4k displays sell really well...so that says it all #4.1.4
One question did you play the demo?

It is the 1st real RPG in over a decade to immerse you in the world. Watching and playing with this game unlike any other means volumes.

It's one of those you have to experience it types of things to really be able to comment/form a viable opinion. #4.1
I agree with 2pacalypsenow all you hear is how scripted linear games are bad. How quick time events are bad.

By current mob gamer mentality only open world sandbox games are good.

Nobody stops and thinks hey this person might have a different taste or be in the mood for a different experience.

Many of these bad trend gamers buy one game a year and defend it to death and attempt to tear down every other title.

Makes me sick s... #3.1.2

You think I'm just as bad but that's how I feel true fans don't pass on amazing titles. I've yet to meet a true fan of anything who's like oh I love this stuff but I'll pass.

Just my take. #5.2.2
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