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So I'm guess your under level 25...I have 2 legendary vanguard gear pieces not including the cloak and two legendary weapons (Scout rifle and Machine Gun) and even I don't feel ready (currently at lvl 25 myself).

They said you need to be around lvl 28 to make it easier and watch some of the feeds if your all not at lvl 26 then you need some lvl 28's to make up for the weaker players. #2.1
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So what happened is you pussed out once you hit the grind wall lol. The game opens up massively at lvl 20 and instead of rising to the challenge you tucked tail and ran...so this says more about you than the game lol.

Comments are very telling :P #1.6

So what about FF14:ARR it started out bare bones and a year later it's a monster success story for SE. Every MMO starts out shallow compared to a year later because at the end we are just talking content that comes over time. WoW is not any different it took a long time to have all the content it has and at the time it was the only real big option in the MMO space minus Everquest.

I think in a year you'll be eating some crow as the title matu... #2.1.1

Thank you so much perfectly said. The game is much more than the sum of it's parts. I would say that the individual components of this title bleed together so perfectly. As you pointed out it's going to grow and expand with different forms/types of content.

Not sure what version you got but I'm on PS4 so DM me if you want to tackle the new raid this week. #1.6.1

If you go by amazon reviews the PS4 sucked at launch...it's called trolls stupidly given a platform to speak from.

Have your read the user reviews on metacritic some have less than a sentence or two for a title of this calibur so yeah not trust worthy.

You know what will tell if the game is great sales and continued post launch support. If the game truly sucks people won't buy it or it's post launch expansions. What th... #1.2.5

I'm not sure if your aware of this but every time the press has been forced to hold off on reviews or are in anyway forced in how/when they can review something they make it clear by dumbing down scores. Just so you know these sites got early copies for review they weren't allowed to release their reviews for this traffic generating title ahead of schedule which is problem since are totally dependent on add/traffic revenue.

I'... #1.1.2

No they haven't...the reviews show their cards the moment they hit the grind wall which is apart of every MMO. After the grind wall everything opens up. Let's just break this shit down right here why I know this media hate train is total BS with facts so try and follow along.

1. Does it have solid FPS mechanics - Yep
2. Does it have a robust loot system - Yep
3. Does it have a healthy variety of modes - Yep
4. Does it... #1.1.10

I can tell you that I'm almost lvl 20 and it's getting way better and the vids I've seen of end game content it's a ton of fun.

We as gamers need to keep this in mind it's an FPS by nature so there is only so many things it can do being focused on that genre. As an FPS focused title it does have a lot to offer those that like or enjoy that type of game in the form of different modes to partake in.

I for one... #2.2.3

Okay so I've sunk about 20 plus hours in already and I've only been to a few locations out of many and those were just the story with a little of the patrol mixed in. The worlds are a lot larger but most are not exploring or they are and are hitting the areas with the ??? lvl enemies and turning back.

Since we can't traverse those areas yet we don't really have any idea how big the worlds are.

As far as repetition... #2.1.2
one bubble and that's how you use it.

1st off the game is not bland...let me be clear I have 25 years in art so I can easily say it's not bland. On top of those 25 years of art I have around 25 years of gaming so again I can say it's not bland. I play pretty much every game that comes out for consoles for over the past 2 and a half decades so I know what I'm talking about.

Your trolling here the title is insanely impressive and very deep. If y... #2.1

The game is amazing so don't try to downplay it.

Plus the $500 million was for the whole franchise not just this one title...da hell is wrong with you kid... #1.1.4
wait what...

Japan still has some of the best games to date...MGS:PP is going to be beast, Bloodborne another monster...Freedom Wars I've been waiting for ever for.

You sound upset at Japan but I don't understand why...different markets equal different tastes. #12.2
Actually smart ass I was talking not about the article but the hate coming from the comment section. So based off of your butt hurt comment you must be one of those disenfranchised former Bungie fans.

Oh and I actually enjoy Killzone and Uncharted more than I enjoyed GeoW...so be salty that you don't own Sony consoles...poo butt fanboy... #78.1.1
Wow a lot of people on here are straight up bat shit dumb! You base a full title purchase off of a beta...make a lot of super dumb/ignorant assumptions.

Worlds/areas are small...um...okay so you've all played the final version and can say exactly how large the areas are...I know for 100% fact that all of you missed the moon area because that area was massive and nobody explored the whole area. Hell aside from that nobody explored the whole old Russia area considering the... #78

Well I guess you know more than the folks over at MS considering they already said that DX12 won't do much for the XB1...just saying knowing the facts before commenting helps...

"It will help developers on XBOX One. It’s not going to be a massive change but will unlock more capability for devs."

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Yeah anything over games shows your not a gamer by any means. We buy these consoles for games not dlna...priorities or expose yourself as not being a gamer. #9.1.2

So 3 decades of being a gamer is where I'm coming from. It's clear that you didn't watch any of Sony's press events this year because the whole numbers thing has almost gone away and to be clear the only numbers they talked was one figure 10 million sold to customer...that's it so I know you are talking nonsense.

You say boring games well I think 99% of MS's games were boring...you're talking personal taste here. Wh... #7.2.3
How was Sony's E3 and GC flops? Don't like new titles? Don't like variety? Don't like games, games and more games? Oh wait you must not be a gamer...right, there was a ton of great stuff at both events. Only MS supporters and CoD kids thought they were flops. #7.2
You do know when a business files a claim with their insurance company for issues like this it usually takes over a year before they get the money back. Which means they have to incur all of the costs until they get reimbursed. Most big companies do wage assessments every year and if they had already done this then these fees would put them over budget and employees will be laid off.

I think many gamers don't understand how actual business work...or have ve... #12.1.3
You do realize that they attacked a company who fees for being down for an hour is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars...yeah its not about the gamers it's about the several hundred thousand dollar felony...yeah life destroyed for getting what they deserve. If that was your money they caused you to lose you would want them in prison too.

Think 1st before commenting. #12.1
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