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No their waiting for Gamescom that's what they've said a major marketing push starting Gamescom...why would you be starting a major marketing push if your title is still a massive way off.

Marketing blitz are only done within launch windows not 6 months ahead because impact is lost when the gap is large.

Does no one actually read the news around here... #2.2.1

That is the most ignorant wall of text I've ever read. 1st off Kojima productions handled many other titles like portable titles and HD remakes between console entries.

Each title generated way more ROI than you can even imagine. The reason you don't seen western devs do this is because none are at his dev level and that's a fact. Only a handful of devs in the world are in his league and most of those are grouped in twos where as Kojima I... #3.2.3
You do know that most of the team that worked on Kingdom Hearts and FFXV worked on FFVII righ? Only a few big players either left the company or went to other SE teams. All they really are doing is bring the core team back but the director of all the games listed above is the same Nomura so it's very likely that the game will not be turn based but either action RPG like FFXV or ATB like other entries...my bet is SE will want to use the action RPG system buy with more money spent on letti... #3.1.1
He did explain you need to listen the director had a grand vision and Sony gave him all the time he needed to realize his vision...how does that translate to development hell? This isn't Duke Nukem forever or MGSR before Platinum stepped in...not every game that takes a really long time is automatically in development hell.

Just saying #1.1.3
Insiders are already coming out saying that FF7 remake will be PS4 and PC exclusive just like Tomb Raider is for MS.

As for Shenmue many are saying that Sony us the backer for the game. No way is the game going to coat $2 million hell Mighty number 9 and Bloodstained have backers that aren't gamers...the kick starter is a proof of consumer support and purchase intent.

So many amazing games at Sony. You say most aren't funny how mo... #2.2.2
Are you a fan of Platinum games because it was one of their best titles. #8.1
So you wanted a Raiden skinned version of the MGS series or a Raiden skinned Tenchu...

New IPs should differ themselves from the mainline series or ends up a skinned over version.

Raiden could use some diversity but it was still an amazing game. I like many enjoy platinums games and I like many enjoy the MGS series. Unlike I enjoyed the mash up very much and guessing by the disagrees many agree. #5.2

Story was decent, music was awesome, graphics were great, gameplay was top shelf and the characters had good personally based in the context of the story.

You have your opinion and I think many here disagree with you.

It seems like you are stuck wanting something that was not promised. #1.2.3
Actually it is a big loss to fans. I personally love all the metal gear games but at my heart I'm a hack n slash gamer so Rising was an amazing title.

Don't like don't buy but saying it's not a big loss says that others enjoyment is irrelevant which is just rude and selfish. #2.2
It's because the original file was over 5 gbs and the update is 3.464 gbs...a lot has been fixed/tweaked/added. #2.1.1
After playing Witcher 3 and clunky mechanics hidden behind stunning visuals FFXV looks to gain the crown as king of action RPG's with the total package offering.

I loved the demo hell I almost got to lvl 90 before I said I'll wait for 2.0 to come. There looks to be so much new features that I'm dying to play around with. #8.1
So what are you talking about a ton of new mechanics have been added...you just exposed yourself as not having played the demo and for making comments out of ignorance lol. #11.1
That's not true you need them to re-roll gear for stats that better suit your play styles versus using what they came with initially. #1.3
Do a little research all your VoG gear is relavent again and can put you at the lvl 34 #7.1
Ok then state why it's far from the best...if not then you sound biased and you might just be lying... #2.8
Looks like a boss rush mode to me with horde mode mixed in #2

Math isn't one of your strengths is it? $65 x 7,000,000 copies is $455,000,000...yeah not seeing the loss buddy lol. #1.1.3
You're so misinformed I don't know where to start Tabata didn't change anything he's been polishing what Nomura set up. He added to the experience not removing...you need to do more research before commenting. #3.2.4
Yes it did and the tutorial was well done.

Too many complaints from mediocre players who stick to just RPG's or fps's. Not trying to be mean just feel that your opinion is one based from a LA k of real gaming experience across a broader gaming sense. #2.1.2
Played the demo level 97 and no on all fronts. Never lost control of lock on...you're just not as good as you think.

I always had control in fact no game to date gave the player as much control and I've been gaming for almost 30 years on all consoles across all genres spanning all quality of titles AAA to b rated.

It's not a hack n slash but it's vastly superior to any in that field and I've platinumed them all.

Not opinio... #1.1.3
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