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All above the last title ran at 720p on last gen so why in the hell would you think the new title would be running at 720p...it's obvious that it's an error listing.

What happened most likely is that Sony accidentally copied the text from the PS3 and missed changing the resolution.

come on people think before over reacting... #23
To both of you no one said anything about sales of either titles attach rate so no point in bringing this up.

How you two went off on a tangent about personal opinion is beyond me...I could easily say the opposite. I think PSN is superior, DS4 is superior, PS4 games are superior, voice chat is superior...do you see what I did there my personal opinion counters yours so what's your point of putting all that when it's subjective.

Both console are good a... #2.3.3

The thing is Riot games along with MS were just at GDC saying that plot isn't important to games anymore...big deal since he just was working on the Uncharted and The Last of Us series.

Does this mean he agrees or that he will turn their mind around on this subject...very interesting to say the least. #1.2.7
Thats not true at all you can log into your second console play say BF4 while a friend logs into his account on your primary console and play the same game with as long as the account that purchased the title is active on the second console.

I know I do this all the time with my son.

The game of course has to be installed on both consoles. #6.1.2
That's not true digital on the PS4 is way better than physical. If multiple console and your friend wants to play with you at your house you both would need copies to play together which means you would both need to buy the game...what if your friend doesn't have a PS4...digital is way better #6.1
How do you not see the relevance. Eurogamer has been in trouble before with improper conduct directed at Sony in the past and even had them black listed at one point.

Titanfall while fun lacked key features from a title and even blaring issues that were once talked about has highlights but those have been overlooked simply because of the hype.

When you factor in these two pieces of the puzzle you can see that Eurogamer is continuing is negative spin trend aga... #1.3.1
Somebody wants to lose a bubble...

What PC game from 7 years ago looks that good and please dont say some maxed out Crysis or from a $1000 suped up PC...

Reality is this is a top shelf title by todays standards and only PC elitests or MS supporters say otherwise... #8.1

Really then my rental service destroys your paid service simple math try to follow along.

$50 for service = $2000 a year in new AAA titles
$60 for service = $15 a year in 3-8 year old AAA/budget titles

Reality is once you start your PS+ service get 10 or so new AAA titles you don't want to cancel because your collection grows like no other.

You seriously save thousands a year on hot titles. If you thi... #4.2.4
See I disagree I got my PS3 and PS4 both on day one and my PSN experience has been outstanding. I've only had about 3 real log in issues between both consoles over the past 8 or so years.

It's all about area and from what I've seen fans of MS consoles pretend like XBL has no down time or connection issues...when something goes wrong in that camp they all go back to their caves until something negative about PS products hits...then guess what their out in force sma... #1.2
And did you do it at 60fps...now that is the question :P #7.1.2
That's funny I've seen way more infamous adverts on TV than titanfall. I guess like all things it's based on where you live and how much TV you watch. #2.1.1

So a service that gives tons of free AAA blockbuster games is inferior to one that doesn't really offer anything compared to it's competitor...yeah okay...very subjective based opinion.

I'll take my superior service, superior controller, superior resolution on every title and my extra $100 any...

Just saying...my opinion k #1.3.10
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Off topic:looking to lose one more of those bubbles aye...

On topic: Not all games need to be 60fps...kind of but if the ROI isn't there then spending a ton on recoding to get to 60fps would just be stupid.

Semi on topic: I look at it like this my PS4 games library will be one title bigger...just saying that my collection includes KZ:SF, BF4, Knack, AC4, Tomb Raider, inJustice, Resogun, Don't Starve, Warframe, DCUO, Blacklig... #3.9
So if you bought a $1,000,000 car and the next day it dropped in value to $500,000 you would be cool with it because price drops happen? Yeah I don't think so...keep drinking that cool-aid bro. #1.2.6
hold on so by your logic if you bought the XB1 day one for $499 and then the following day it dropped to $399 you would be okay with that because you would have more people to play with...yeah F***ING RIGHT!

Dropping the price so close to launch is giving a middle finger to the consumer who paid full price just a day, week, month before.

Try to spin this all you want...MS is desperate to catch up in the numbers game. The numbers are all that matters...this is... #1.1.8
@TheDrunkenJester you good sir need glasses. In no shot did the PS4 version and XB1 version look the same.

1080p and 720p are night and day. Hold a min do you even own an HDTV that supports 1080p because if you did you would not be making a comment like this...

just saying...little joke but not 100%...

Keeping an eye on you...with grin j/k #1.2.3

Yeah some might find it fun and I say good for them...for me on the other hand I remember very clearly the past 8 or so years where pretty much every multiplat looked better on the 360 and how XBOTs rubbed that shit in every chance they could.

No the shoe is on the other foot so the XBOTs are like "we get it already can we move on"...yeah in 8 years we'll move see how you like your own shit.

8 years of the same treatme... #1.1.17
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@Abrial looked at the link you provided and it's very clear that the Xboxone version is very muddy texture wise compared the PS4 version.

The video actually from Konami seals the deal the versions from worst to best are as follows:

360, PS3, XB1, PS4

...remember I didn't make the video but I do have eyes Konami simply pointed out how much better 1080p versus 720p is.

Those who say they look the same need to hit up the... #1.1.16

The thing is the gigs per second is already being rolled out in Japan with no major price hike. The way it's being done in the UK it's almost no additional costs to the provider so unless greed comes into play I see the existing models getting replaced with the new faster version.

Companies that don't off at least the same price will go out of business because new companies will and thus replace them. I've been following this tech f... #2.1.3
phantom disagrees...must be XB1 fanboys with nothing better to do but hate on PS services... #2.1.1
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