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Right, Cueil. We all just upgraded to HD for no reason. #4.1.2
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Not really, but Asuna's pretty popular, and the premise of the series lends itself pretty easily to such outfits.

Not in that it's geared towards perversion or anything like that. But the character in particular got married, and this scene in the show was rather popular, too. #2.1
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Depends on the game. It's not something that works for every game or genre. No point in trying to say they any one approach works for all games. #15
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Shh. No reasonable suppositions here. #13.1
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I find it amusing when people say this as of anyone outside of a few Xbox fanboys are ever even guilty of it. #5.2
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No, Death. He and everyone else with a brain is saying the increase would be negligible, for well documented and oft-stated reasons that are devil and tangible, as opposed to those that are wishful and based on nothing.

Simply put, Xbox isn't strong in these other markets, anyway, so the XB1 won't gain much in the way of sales. And these small markets don't contribute much to the sales of the PS4, which is part of a stronger brand in any case.

Nob... #3.1.2
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No need to be upset. You're retreading old ground. The subject has been thoroughly discussed, and you're late to the party.

If you want to avoid such things in the future, ask yourself if there haven't already been enough articles addressing the subject first. Then ask, regardless, if it NEEDS an article written about it, or whether there's it's obvious enough that us gamers- and you're not writing it for anybody else- can answer the question without a... #10.1.1
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BC is nice, and I make frequent use of it with my ps2.

Still, I understand the reasons for it NOT being included. Simply put: it's expensive. And although many around here said they'd be alright with it, those of us here simply do not constitute a large enough market to make it viable. #5.9
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Rather than teenagers specifically, isn't it simply that these games cater to the LCD? People, in general, are attracted to the controversy and conflict, especially when it doesn't affect us personally. That's why we're roped in by sensational headlines and negative news.

Maturity isn't the issue. Just human nature. #1.1.1
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We've all cursed at many a death in Mario games. #5.1
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That's actually spot on, dani. I've had at least five Nintendo handhelds, including two DSLites. They've always been quality, and always had great libraries. I would temper that somewhat by saying many of the franchises are cornerstones of support for their handhelds, having multiple entries per generation that generate the most interest- like Pokemon- but that's not a knock on quality at all.

Of course, some people are way too eager to see and take offense. N... #6.1.2
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I don't know why people wanna downplay this game. There aren't any others that look as good. #3.4
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Sounds interesting. I'd honestly rather it was on consoles, but maybe a little patience will be rewarded. #5
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I would say the sales of the Wii U speak for themselves. The 3DS is your typical Nintendo handheld, and is selling like one. That said, it's sporting roughly the same library- as far as franchises are concerned- as previous Nintendo handhelds.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you. But I don't think its target audience is a good indicator of the "modern" gamer. #6
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... It's not a screen. And Killzone at least has used it meaningfully. I don't expect much out of third party multiplats in that respect, though.

For myself, I'm not fond of the analog sticks. The placement is fine, but the shape is not. I'd rather have the sticks from previous dualshock iterations. #2.1
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Well, to put it simply, the site sucks. At least as far as gaming is concerned.

I really don't think it needs an in depth explanation by now. #7
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Wish I could buy Conception... #5
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Whatever happened to the DC Universe-like game that was in the works? #9
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You do quite a bit of trolling in Playstation articles, so you really shouldn't be surprised.

That aside, I imagine paper powers might show up in a sequel? #2.3
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When was the last time a Tales game had Japanese voices in the west? #2.1
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