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Quit bitching. The way you Xbox fans eat up every secret sauce lie fed to you, there's no room for you to talk. #1.3.1
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Sony can say sold through because they're consistently selling out.

On the other hand, Microsoft only said sold, implying sold through while they meant sold to retailers. #21.1
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Well deserved. #22
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So what type of publisher grabs hold of a game and then doesn't help make sure it can be completed? Especially when you have the money of an EA, and the developer is Respawn? #1.1.7
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You're missing the intent of the comments.

What people are saying is that it's up to parents to provide context. You don't just give your child a violent game and walk away, do you? You're not handing him Grand Theft and then leaving the house, right?

Then you're not the type of parent being discussed.

Pokemon isn't quite the same. Kids can more easily tell it's fantasy, since they've never run across any Poke... #14.2
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Xbox fans have extremely short memories, it would seem. It was only last year that the PS3 was frequently berated for constantly having updated, and yet now it's the greatest thing ever that the XB1 is receiving frequent patches and updates. #1.10.1
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Then don't act like the games aren't there.

You acted as if the games aren't there, but they are. Multiple comments show you they are. If they're not what you want, fine. But say so in the beginning, rather than a comment that makes you come off as ignorant on the subject.

Seriously, your original comment should have read something like, "I'm not fond of action rpgs, but if the Vita had some turn-based titles that appealed to me, thin... #3.5
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I think the bigger problem is the lack of compatibility, particularly with Vita games. Dunno how that managed to happen, but it's a major oversight. #5.2.1
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I don't have a PS4. Haven't spent a dime on PS4 games. I have 6 PS4 games.

For all your games on PC, you sure spend a helluva lot of time trolling consoles. #14.1.1
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But Apple stores are run by Apple, not a third party that also sells the competition's product elsewhere. #1.3.3
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Oh, I've done plenty of venting about their "style" of reviewing. I've made many in depth critiques about their reviews in the past. Unfortunately, it's a site where Chick, in particular, has a little army of followers to support him, and he takes no such critiques seriously, because he knows he can get away with whatever he does. I don't visit the site anymore, because their agenda was and is clear. The only reason I even came to this article was because I hasn'... #2.1.6
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For the west, anyway. Besides, it's still upcoming. #4.1.1
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When a company like Sony is trying to right the ship and get back to their former selves financially, they have to make big moves.

Investors would see these actions as positive signs that the company is making great efforts to turn things around; it's only ignorant fanboys that see them making big moves and say "Sony must be in big trouble," as if they were instead supposed to sit on their asses and do nothing.

This thread is FILLED with the lat... #10.4.1
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Spoken like someone without a lick of musical taste or talent. #10.1
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That Attack on Titan theme is beast! #9.1
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Out and out lies, otherwise there'd be dozens of articles saying so.

As it stands, the huge performance gains have been in respect to PC, where coding to the metal has been very difficult; adding in such a function would be HUGE for PC gaming optimization.

There will be SOME benefits for the XB1, but nothing like brand new CPUs or twice the power or anything like that. #12.2.2
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The only problem I have with that phrase is how it got attributed to Sony, when they never said anything of the sort.

Kinda like "Toy Story graphics" or "get two jobs." Years later, you can't tell some people that they're getting it wrong.

That seriously gets on my nerves. #6.1
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I love it when people complain about a given device not having games of a certain type, and then come up with excuses for why every game on the lists people produce doesn't count.

"The Vita doesn't have any games of this type."

"Here's a list of games of that type."

"I don't like those games, I have an old version of that game, and this game that I never played looks stupid."

What... #3.4
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If you admit the PS4 would still have a comfortable lead even without the extra countries (that don't actually add that much, anyway), then why do you feel the need to keep mentioning how the PS4 is in more markets?

If the XB1 was in all the same European markets as the PS4, it'd probably just be getting beat by two to one, rather than three to one.

Really, either ratio is pretty bad. #18.1
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Is that the only way it can have a great year? To have the one or two games that YOU want? #10.2
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