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It's something to complain about.

1301d ago 27 agree8 disagreeView comment's not much of an E3.

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According to Xbox fanboys, Microsoft can afford anything.

Not just monetarily, either. Seems there's no such thing as Microsoft making a mistake, so there's no need to worry about their image.

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Or maybe people have gaming's best interests at heart, and so want to see some positive changes out of Microsoft (or, failing that, see Microsoft gone).

Time isn't gonna fix what ails Microsoft if they keep doing what they're doing now. No, it's more accurate to say time won't do what this article is asking. Because if time is all that changes, then there won't be anything to change the current situation.

And that situation is that th...

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Agreed. It's hard to make this claim when we haven't seen much from their other new IPs.

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Why don't you think the XB1 lacks AAA games? It has just one or two games more, which isn't a large enough gap for you to say one has enough, while the other comes up short.

So why only mention one?

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That debate exists for two reasons. One is because manufacturers made promises of performance milestones. They often failed to reach those last gen, at least on a consistent basis. This time around, with much more powerful hardware at hand, we have high expectations.

The reason for developers needing to announce the milestones that their games run at is almost exclusively a multiplat thing, generated by the often downplayed- particularly before and right at launch- difference...

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@Lukas: This unbiased opinion doesn't mean much, and also doesn't seem to work very well.

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Comments in this very article, made before yours, provide links that PROVE that to be a lie. I count four different comments with actual links ABOVE yours, comments you'd have to get past before you posted down here.

When you look at actual facts and still come up with the wrong answer... Heaven help Xbox fanboys...

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Sometimes, people make comments, and the sheer stupidity of the comment hurts my brain.

You're trying to imply the only people that have a PS4 are fanboys, therefore there's no point in bringing the game over.

That's stupid.

You're implying that Playstation owners don't buy multiplats, even though all multiplats are and have been selling better on PS4 since launch.

That's stupid.


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For some odd reason, some people seem to think that Sony will do what they never do, and leave their console wanting for games.

I can't fathom the mentality behind that, because I don't get such ridiculous fanboyism.

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First off, Microsoft has already reported sold to consumers this gen. They freaking started the gen off trying to match the sales announcements of Sony, who was pushing a million units at each launch, and reporting sold to consumers at that time.

But by January, Microsoft was only giving out sold to retailers, while Sony continued with their sold to consumer reports. That means your comment starts off as a lie.

As for Killzone, I'd invite you to educate y...

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Rather, lots of people are smart enough to realize that money doesn't mean a whole lot in that respect.

All that money didn't stop them from revealing their console with a decided focus on things other than gaming.

That money didn't stop them from pulling games from the 360 lineup to pad the launch library of the XB1.

All that money didn't stop them from the other abysmal gaming decisions they made.


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That's a reason to say things COULD change. That the gap COULD shrink. That the XB1 COULD win. Because anything can happen, obviously, anything can happen.

But to say something WILL happen, you need something to support that claim. You need some sort of evidence, either current or historical, that would lead you to that conclusion.

Thing is: both current evidence and historical performance says the XB1 doesn't stand a chance.

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Given how you troll the Vita, I doubt that highly.

It's already a great value for the price, which should be damn near impossible to deny. Compared to what its competition can do, there's really no contest, so I honestly don't see why you NEED it to be cheaper, other than just wanting another excuse. Which, frankly, is no surprise.

There's quite a bit more to the library than indies and HD remasters. The lists have been put up far too many ti...

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Yeah, sorry, Convas. The p refers to the 1080. As long as those are progressive, and as long as there are actually 1080 lines, it's 1080p.

And since that's what's happening in Killzone....

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Ever heard of extenuating circumstances?

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What gives you that impression?

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What do you care?

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Septic can't chill. Anybody having anything bad to say about Titanfall is apparently a personal offense to him.

It's a decent game. Nothing mind blowing, but not bad. But when the other games HAVE screwed up the way they have, and a newcomer- IP wise- has a large amount of hype pushing it, it's not that much of a surprise.

I think it's funny, though. Call of Duty is an average game that sells gangbusters, and few deny how or why it sells so we...

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