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I have to agree with the article on Crysis. The seventh gen console port was a complete joke compared to the PC version. And multiplayer didn't even make it to the consoles.

I would love to see Crysis ported over to the PS4/XBOne in its full glory, and including the awesome multiplayer that the PC version had.

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Not sure why you're getting disagreed into oblivion on this one, but I would LOVE to see a remastered MGS4 in the new Fox engine.

Or for that matter, an MGS remastered collection in the Fox engine, from the PS1 Metal Gear Solid, up through MGS4.

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"For our game, the hardware is punching over what we need to run so the differences aren’t really noticeable for us."

So when you're talking about a game that doesn't even push the hardware that hard, then yeah, there isn't any difference between the XBOX One and the PS4.

When you start pushing the hardware harder... Well, we all know which console pulls off the higher native resolutions...

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As far as backward compatibility goes, I would have loved to have seen both Sony and Microsoft build an expansion bay into the current consoles, and sell an additional module that would give you hardware backward compatibility.

That way, you keep costs low for those that don't care about BC, but you also give the option to those that do want it. Just my $0.02...

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I'm glad to see that Sony is doing some innovative things like Share Play. Hopefully they work on tweaking the experience to make it as good as possible, as this feature could be an awesome reason to go with the PS4.

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Now if they allow cross-generation online play this time, I'll be impressed.

I was so pissed when I found out the hard way that I couldn't play CoD:Ghosts on PS4 with my PS3 buddies. Same for XBOne/360. PC gaming has allowed for online play between different PC specs (minimum required/high end) since forever.

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While it did look good on the PS3, you could see where they had to make sacrifices texture wise, lighting wise, etc to make it run well on the PS3. The remastered version will not have to make those sacrifices. Draw distances will be further, they will be able to use higher resolution texture maps, more complex wireframe meshes for the characters/environment, etc.

I was skeptical about the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition at first until I fired up the PS3 version and played a...

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@ Septic

I agree that porting/remastering a game for the new console isn't the best way to learn the hardware. But summertime is usually a drought gaming wise anyways, and we get a killer game to kill some time before the next big wave of games comes in.

And I will admit that I will be one of those people that ends up buying TLOU twice... Naughty Dog is awesome enough to justify it in my books!

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I also have a Wii U, and it's frustrating the way that Nintendo dropped the ball on it.

It's a great little system, and I think that the tablet controller has some great potential, but there were a few multiplatform games that Nintendo should have REALLY pushed for, and allowing Activision to not put out DLC for the CoD games on Wii U was a huge mistake.

If Nintendo would have thrown some of that DS/3DS money at Rockstar and got GTA5 simultaniously re...

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Yep... Trollbait...

"You have Playstation 4, which from the gate came out at $100 less than Xbox… PS4 doesn’t have an online enrollment fee to play with online community."

I'm a hardcore Playstation fan, but this takes the cake... Playstation + is REQUIRED for online play with the PS4. Just like how XBox Live is REQUIRED for online play.

Let's face it, this generation there will not be much of a difference between PS4 and...

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LOL... The point this guy is trying to make is two console generations too late. The same could have been said about Halo 2 on the original XBox. Granted, Halo 2 wasn't multiplayer only, but c'mon... LOL

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The one advantage that consoles give to developers is a set hardware specification. Which does mean that as developers get used to working with the console hardware and OS, they will be able to squeeze more out of them like in previous console generations.

Now that the consoles are essentially on a PC platform, it only makes sense that newer PC hardware will out-perform the consoles with their fixed older specifications.

This is where the SteamBox idea becom...

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My only major complaint with the PS4 is the current lack of support for 3D content. My PS3 can stream 3D off of Netflix, and 3D Blu-Rays work great on it. My PS4 cannot do either.

I realize that this is something that can be fixed with a firmware update, but seriously guys? Hopefully this is addressed with a patch quickly. Seems a little lame that my PS3 is a 3D powerhouse and my PS4 isn't.

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Since the big 3 console makers like to do the basic/deluxe model for their consoles, why not offer a cheaper non-BC model, and a more expensive BC model.

This way, you give gamers the choice.

I would LOVE to be able to play my PS3 games on a PS4, but be able to do things like party chat (already implemented on the Vita), etc...

I guess us gamers have been spoiled by the last couple generations offering backwards compatibility, while the older...

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Honestly, I would LOVE to see one of the major digital game distributors (SEN, XBL, Nintendo E-Shop, Steam, etc.) to allow users to trade in game licenses or sell/gift game licenses to another user. This would treat downloaded game purchases just like retail game purchases, and allow users to do what they want with their purchases.

The way that digital purchases are handled now is just insane. It is SOOOOO heavily tilted towards the publishers it is not even funny. It'...

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Can't wait... I have my Vita prepaid along with Uncharted. Two more days!

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It didn't hurt the framerate on Black Ops. 3D is no more of a hit to performance than splitscreen is.

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I have an LG 47LW5700 and LOVED 3D in Black Ops. Passive 3D (Cinema 3D) works great, and playing through Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, Crysis 2, Crysis, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, and CoD:Black Ops was great.

Anyone saying that 3D is just a fad hasn't had the chance to really play on a 3DTV.

Although honestly, for gaming I would recommend passive 3D over active shutter lenses. The flicker of active shutters bugs my eyes out after a little while.

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It was only down for a few minutes... I got my Killzone 3 fix in :-)

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I was able to play online for like two hours starting around 2:00pm EST. Friggin sucks... now when I try to sign in, it's just saying that PSN is down for maintenance...

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