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The question is why are people happy with these bobbleheads, and now rare races to buy up rights to them like anyone else was trying to

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I imagine your box has more repairs than games, ooops is your warranty up, better give rrod a call before it is. and what games does the box have over ps3, thats right nothing, anything good coming out soon, anything to look forward too, what no again, how about ordering up some hidef movies, what cant damn, name says it all box b1tches.

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Giantenemy crab born from his mums giantenemycrotch, have her use some special shampoo next time so there is not more like you.

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ps2 emulation will come.

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Fvck this game and eidos, like they didnt know about it before its launch, right it never happened during testing, right, I hope a recall shuts these assholes down.

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Eat shlt you fa99ot box boys, the name says it all.

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The name says it all you fvcking queer boxboys!

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BLadestar how would 3rd party games show superiority when they hame the same coding? the only way to compare horsepower is to look at 1st party, dumbass.

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My peabrain, ha, have fun after the warranty dumbass.

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solidsankus they are multiplatform games they will look the same dumbass!

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Software lover your such a fvcking pole riding fa9!

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Care to explain how they are different? No, thats right dumbass.

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It does make some good toast while it keeps your room warm.

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You could compare exclusives but the box only has an exclusive, 360 blows more than pp jonesing for some c0ck.

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Even though trophies came second they are much better than a point total, this article blows.

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