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day 1

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Wipeout and PSVs Oled screen is a match made in heaven

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I hope both MS and Sony won't allow sub-1080p resolutions on their systems. And 3D should be a requirement too (60fps in 2D and 30 in 3D)

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let's just hope Sony sandboxed the PSP emu properly

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I still remember the part where you had to cook three drops of chemicals to make it explode... awesome game but not exactly easy

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full version of cordyceps, the killer fungi

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It's EDRAM (aka fast-as-hell-RAM)
not too shabby if you ask me...

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here's another one

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I really want them to licence Duke Nukem for this game (shouldn't be too expensive right now after DNF bombed...)

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that's some nice logic here

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Wipeout 2097 on PS1 was epic

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not the same reviewer

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well 10% out of 130.000.000 is still 13 millions that want to buy one so...

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dude, your name is richierich...
I thought you forgot the /s-tag

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"[kal-el] has more GPU cores"
wrong, it's just one GPU with 12 unified shaders (congrats for beeing fooled by Nvidia's marketing bla bla)
Also PowerVR is a waaaay more efficient mobile GPU solution than Geforce

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must be Jack Thompson

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a trap? lol
damn, it's almost impossible to tell if those are trolls or real Apple fanboys because they really argue like that and actually believe what the say... well played indeed

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wow you two could easily win the iSheep-of-the-year award

btw Sony has already stated that the PSV is not competing with smart phones
it's an additional device you can carry with you in a daypack when you expect to be on your way a little longer

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"a completely irrational new standard of excellence....."

so what makes your view on the standard of excellence more significant than someone else's?

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