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They forgot Versus. Jk but I am getting very impatient :( #1.3

He didn't say he buys into it, he said that he thinks the mass market buys into it and that the media exploits it. He can hardly go around persuading everyone to not buy into it, can he? A general air of "everyone is out to get my favourite things" will cause people to argue back, the shooting someone because you see it on tv is in no way relevant. #1.2.4
Yeah it's bullshit, they likely haven't even played it yet besides the demo. I suppose people will see what they want to see though, and they now want to hate ff13-2 because of some misguided cause. I didn't like 13 all that much but will give this a chance anyway. #1.1.2
@Kavetti Will they take all of the copies that still say "only on xbox 360" out of stores then? And even if they did the phrase would still have been purposely misleading. #1.1.11
It's timed exclusive, it's what they do. Which makes the "only on XBOX 360" logo a lie. #1.1.5
The blood splatter on the wall at 36 second looks like an ant, which fits with the earlier theories. #1.1.3
Bethesda are awesome but Blitzball should really be in here imo :( My personal favourite. #1.4
Versus won't be next year imo, not sure two Final Fantasies were ever released in the same year. #1.2.2
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@SybaRat exactly lol. They expect it to get 10s just for being Zelda, it's ridiculous. I read the GS review and it was well-written and had valid points. It's his opinion and it holds far more weight than a fanboy. #1.1.5
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Yeah his second one is wrong anyway, you can mark the misc quests as active. #1.1.4
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I hope so, but FFXIII-2 is out next year which makes me doubt it. Two full FFs in one year hasn't happened before (to my knowledge). #2.1.1
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This is an awful game. It is all quicktime events and random chance. Do not get. #1
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It's far worse in Hollywood, you should see some of their techniques :p #1.1.7
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Some stupid responses here... "Well if you only count the graphics card then it's cheaper"

@ATi_Elite We're talking graphics performance here. Nothing to do with multitasking and you will not find better graphics than a ps3 for $250. People can stop lying now. Even if yo somehow found something more powerful, you'd find no games which are optimised specifically for the shit cheap-ass pc you just bought. #2.1.6
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Yeah these yen prices are the same as psp yen prices. Someone from Sony already said they would be priced about the same as psp game so this is good news. #1.1.7
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It's only unfair because Sony are being generous about it. On the ds you buy a new game for each ds you have, and tough shit. #2.1.6
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It's newegg.com not Amazon. #1.1.1
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People are looking for problems, there is no problem. They can't let people buy used and play online, they make no money from it. #1.1.3
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They kinda had to shift resources from the psp to keep the ps3 afloat though. Psv looks like the best thing ever :D #1.4
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December 25th was a pagan holiday hijacked by Christians, so Xmas is fine by me. You don't need to be christian to have a holiday. #1.1.6
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