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The issue tho, is that after Nintendo took over, the game is only available on Wii U, and honestly... as a fan of the franchise... I am a bit disappointed to not see the game get a released on PS and Xbox.,

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It is sad to see such an anticipated title being held back for such a long time, they should just focus on the game, and put other things on-hold. they have been teasing us for years with the game, and soon it might turn out just like the Duke Nukem game...

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What? Confirming the sexual preference of a character? god's sake, are we really this shallow?... does this need "confirmation"?...SM H

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Wow, another low score, seems as if it didn't live up to expectations.

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Surprised by the mediocre score.

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I barely care about ratings tho... these days they mean very little.

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I absoloutly agree, I wish it would get a sequel which improves upon the core gameplay system.

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This is quite ridiculous inmo, although it is kinda neat.

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I know how you feel.

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She went HAM, turned on the Beast Mode.

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Haha, I got to admit, that was funny.

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That guy is a complete moron to think that... How is killing in a game the same is in real life?...

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Awesome, can´t wait!

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haha, true, same here though, I´ll definitely try the demo and buy the game if it is actually as good as it looks, which it surely will be.

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Ridiculous list, do Xbox users actually want those games on the list? Go right ahead take em, PS3 still has better exclusives without those 5 games that are in actuality very good but nothing compared to the other exclusives PS3 has.

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Why would this surprise anyone? It is easily one of the best PS3 games to ever be created. The only real reason some didnt enjoy it, was because they are people that appreciate gameplay more than a well executed story, nothing wrong with that.

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Capcom has gone downhill so much that its not even funny anymore... Seriously, they need to look at the products they are giving out, it is no surprise that they are not selling as much as they are/were expecting.

DMC has completely been ruined, yet the game was well created and fun. BTW, why did they call it a reboot? Doesn´t reboot actually mean, re-creating the original game, but leaving most of the things untouched? It is a complete Remake, they changed everything th...

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True and it is a bit sad that it has become as stale as it is, Ill still get DW8 though, just cuz I love the franchise but I want more drastic changes to happen... Maybe when the PS4 gets released We will be able to get a more advanced DW game.

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Both games (Injustice and MK9) are good games, what tha hell is everybody talking about? MK9 was far from being slow, it was actually one of the most fast paced fighting games created in years, while I do agree that there are far more faster Versus fighters, the fact of the matter is that MK9 was a solid game with great action.

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