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It's probably the game of the year, but it's got some baggage – not sure it's quite finished and Quiet took quite a bit of explaining to the wife! Amazing experience though. #1
Great game, looking forward to seeing what the writer does next. Maybe something with just a little bit more staying power - maybe 6 episodes that interlink or something like that. #2
That Dreams game looks like what happens when you get too many creative geniuses in a room together. Lots of lofty ideas but it's not anything I'd ever want to play.

On the whole the show was missing that big wow moment too when it came to 100% new announcements. Guess we have to wait until PSX to see what Sony has up its sleeve (or more likely E3). #1
Either those or a womp rat dating sim in the style of Hatoful Boyfriend #6
Maybe a Leia game (rather than Han) might be cool. Could give Lara a run for her money. #3
Like in the podcast, I could see a Bloodborne-style reboot working. They have the gods/bosses already and have the weapons figured.

They just need to open up the environments, though it'd have to be a reboot given Kratos has already killed everyone by this point. #5
The trouble with Kratos is that he's like an angry toddler with the means to really make his angst register. Funny as I thought he was so cool back in the day - maybe I'm just getting old? #1
Loved Until Dawn, but agree that the ending (without spoiling anything) was a bit weak. The way the plot twists makes much of the earlier part of the game mean less than it should which is a shame. Still, the game's great regardless, just could have been even better. #1
SPOILERS - well, not really, but THAT ending was absolutely ridiculous. It was like it was trying to call out Houser as a thug. Terrible - no wonder he wasn't too happy.

Whole thing was spectacularly low budget too. #1
I've just finished it for the first time, looking forward to going back in for another go to see what I can do different.

It's definitely got jump scares, a bit like any Scream movie would, plus a bit of a spooky atmosphere at times (asyou say on the podcast).

Great game though - must be good in fact, as even my non-gamer missus got obsessed with it. #4
I enjoyed all the bits where there was real emotion in the conversations you'd come across. Wasn't too impressed by the last chapter though, bit up its own rapture if you ask me. #1
I think Vive and Oculus have more potential to take off - Vive especially given Steam's clout. I reckon Valve would support it through the lean times for far longer than Sony might if Morpheus initially flops. Plus all Valve need do is drop the Half-Life 3 bomb. #1.1
I preferred Rapture of the two, there's so much depth in its story if you explore for it. Carter was much more one-dimensional.

Looking forward to The Long Dark too, if that counts as the same genre? #1
Let's face it, it'll be Star Wars or Harry Potter (and most likely both). I'd take Indiana Jones though, as long as they can get a good Harrison Ford impersonator. #4
Wolf Among Us is the best so far. Borderlands and Game of Thrones can plod along a bit at times. Not sure I'll bother with Minecraft - maybe the Marvel game Telltale is working on? #2
I was expecting Superman to sweep in and offer to help at some point. Sure, he'd have been rebuffed by Batman, but could have given an indication of where the series/Rocksteady goes next.

Instead we get a weird indecipherable ending that says nothing (even after completing all the damned Riddler trophies). #4
The game has the vibe about it that the Batmobile was touted as the big feature to make it stand out from Arkham City. Problem is, the more they went down that particular rabbit hole the more the game suffered.

Batman doesn't spend his time wiping out drones in comics and movies so why does he here? Just doesn't sit right. #2.1
I reckon that it'll mark an end for the Arkham series but old Batsie will end up in some kind of Justice League spin off.

Mind you it'd be pretty ambitious to have a 'realistic' game in the Arkham style with Bats, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonderwoman and all the rest of them in it - same goes for the movie come to that. #2
The thing is they never took the Desmond story anywhere worthwhile and now every game is the same - albeit in a new bit of fancy dress.

Maybe a game that straddles eras to bring a few different timelines (including a Blade Runner-like future) into the one game? #2
I think the series could do with giving a breather for a year or two. Then Ubi can come back with (hopefully) something a bit different.

I think the series needs new ideas and a better (or at least more refined) engine. Instead we're getting the same old thing with undeveloped characters and crappy accents in Syndicate. #4
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