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Now the dust has settled seems like a pretty good PSX. I could have done without the Horizon and Last Guardian trailers as I don't need to know any more about those games pre-release. Patapon re-release was a highlight (hope it prompts a new game in the series) and TLoU Part 2 is obviously exciting (though it would have been more surprising if Naughty Dog wasn't working on a sequel to its best game so far...).

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It's The Witness or Inside for me. Can't really see beyond them for GOTY either, no triple-A doing it for me this year yet. Not grabbed Deus Ex as yet though.

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My prediction: Sony to announce they're working with Nintendo on an NX streaming app - boom!

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Soma is what Alien Isolation should have been. Tense without cheating by literally dropping the Alien (well, robot things in Soma's case) directly on your head.

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So annoying that Sony (if not the third parties) has all but abandoned the Vita - Severed shows that it's got plenty of life left if only it was given the chance. To think of the franchises that Sony could have been ported to the system but didn't!

Makes me wonder if the same fate awaits PS VR.

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Full Throttle was always my favourite, was the only LucasArts game I could be bothered to persevere with when I hit a roadblock without instantly looking for a guide (which you had to sodding well buy back in the 90s).

DOTT was great, but I've no real compunction to grab it and give it another go, especially at £12 when it's been free via SCUMM for years. That said, it is amazing the way the items can be passed back and forth through the time toilets and the hams...

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What annoys me about Hitman is that it's a game I'd usually buy, have a bit of fun with and then trade back in for the next thing.

Square Enix have essentially made it digital only, so I can't trade the sucker back in. Therefore no sale, Sir! Well, until 2017 when it finally comes out (but I'll have lost interest by then anyway).

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Axiom Verge gets the nod from me, love that game. Takes the Metroid formula and actually extends it in an interesting way.

Strange that it took a one-man studio to show Nintendo what it needs to do with one of its most underused franchises of late, but what're you gonna do?

Well, if you were Nintendo, probably make a Metroid spin-off that no-one's going to care about. *Cough* Metroid Prime: Federation Force. *Cough*Cough*

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Oxenfree was OK but never hit the heights that was suggested by the hype. Some of the IGN lot were bigging it up like the second coming. I enjoyed it, but preferred Firewatch tbh.

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In fairness Campo Santo is looking to address the juddery frame rate. Good news but really should have had it sorted from launch...

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If the games are good then I'll think about it. Price will have to be right though. Also, not quite sure what the missus will think if I'm sat there wearing VR on the couch, pretty sure she won't be very impressed!

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Woop - sorry for the double post (glitch in the Matrix...)

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To be fair 2016 looks like a nuts year - not least with the three VR headsets coming. This November is looking completely insane too and that's without any Fallout 4-style E3 announcements that might still release in the Xmas 2016 window.

Can't wait (though finding the time to fit them all in is going to be tricky).

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No Crash, the big teases! Happy that Sony is keeping back some of its big guns for E3 2016 but couldn't help but miss any big announcements from its first party studios.

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Only one thing we need to see: a dancing sim by Santa Monica. It'll never happen though. Oh, wait a minute...

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It's probably the game of the year, but it's got some baggage – not sure it's quite finished and Quiet took quite a bit of explaining to the wife! Amazing experience though.

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Great game, looking forward to seeing what the writer does next. Maybe something with just a little bit more staying power - maybe 6 episodes that interlink or something like that.

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That Dreams game looks like what happens when you get too many creative geniuses in a room together. Lots of lofty ideas but it's not anything I'd ever want to play.

On the whole the show was missing that big wow moment too when it came to 100% new announcements. Guess we have to wait until PSX to see what Sony has up its sleeve (or more likely E3).

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Either those or a womp rat dating sim in the style of Hatoful Boyfriend

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Maybe a Leia game (rather than Han) might be cool. Could give Lara a run for her money.

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