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So will halo 6 on Scorpio look like the halo e3 2013 trailer while on Xbox one it looks like a marginally improved halo 5. That's what worries me, if 1.8 TFS can do uc4 and god of war that 6 TFS should put out massive improvements over those even with a mediocre dev, but if they focus on both consoles than that power might only go to 4k which isn't going to help with achieving the advanced options it needs. Now PC Devs like crytek and dice add options for the gamers with the best card...

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Halo has a 3 yr gap with main titles but the engine just needs tweaking so maybe 2017 could be possible. The inengine cutscene character models still look amazing, but the explosions need a massive overhaul, add some volumetric smoke and fog along with raytracing and better vegetation. But the story is the main concern after the disappointment of halo 5.

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But some of us want BLUR style graphics. If PS4 with 1.8 TFs can put out uc4 and god of war, 6TFs should put out close to H2A cutscene graphics for Halo 6. If all that power is used for stable frame rateand resolution bump would be like a bugatti being capped at 80 mph. I hope there would be settings like 1440p with superior quality or 4k for an overall smoother image, but console devs aren'tused to different settings like crytek and Dice are so will 343 or rare will use the power to add...

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You're kinda right, but does the console versions of crysis 1,2,3 , BF 3,4 or sw bf look anywhere near the PC counterparts on ultra, technically they're not in the same league even tho sw bf looks good on console. Halo 6 might be 60 fps on both consoles but one will be massively superior, especially since they don't have to dedicate resources to destruction since forunner tech isn't as destructible.

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It happened before, and Microsoft can afford to make the most powerful console with an affordable price tag.

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I think its good to have variety and I don't care if they portray him as someone being profiled, what I don't like is the media and the people who believe the media make it a bigger issue than it is. How many abuse shelters are there for men, almost zero even tho women are just as likely as men to be emotionally and physically abusive. The elite group that I can't name are making illusions to make it seem like 1 in 4 women are raped or paid less. There are female teachers who had...

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I prefer the new Lara and I strongly disagree with everything sjws and feminisnm put out. But then again I prefer natural fit woman compared to freaks of nature. Kim kardashian is my kryptonite, I can get boners at random yet thinking of naked Kim or a chick with anything above lower D's turns me off, but I also don't like anorexics like Paris Hilton either.

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Halo 5 had beautiful landscapes and great ai and gunplay it just felt weak in the story dept almost like space avengers with too much left unexplained. I remember enjoying my play through but there weren't memorable moments except for that battle before rescuing the arbiter with the mantis, that was one off best set pieces in the series but there wasn't anything else besides that really.

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There's also below, cuphead and maybe another fallout 4 type of reveal having a new major game announced and arriving in a few months.

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Microsoft has billions, and right now they need more variety of games even if they risk lost profit. I think with it being free with gold, they're looking at how many were interested to try it.

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Was hoping it would at least have a small campaign mode. The setting and visuals are impressive and there isn't any true pirate story modes cept black flags. There's already a couple pirate MMOs.

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Don't forget Halo 2 anniversary only had 6 maps

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I got premium as well with ea access but it only let's me play the normal and free dlc, none of the premiums, even tho it says premium on the menu.

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So why would the ps4 need an upgrade, doesn't make sense. Sony would need to be a downie for thinking they need a new console with the sales and how good UC4 looks. Both MS and Sony can last a couple years more, based off what is seen of UC4 and QB, and there will be better looking games on both machines.its only Nintendo that needs an upgrade.

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Sequels do sell better most of the time. UC1 wasn't close to selling or scoring as good as the sequels

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Yeah too many gullible peopl today. Some people still only think about Microsofts original vision and refuse to buy it out of spite. Just like some people believe Men or Whites have more privilege or how Trump hates immigrants.

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Yeah we don't have enough cyberpunk settings in games. The only ones right now are deus ex and cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk is much more than just the future. When I think of cyberpunk I think of giant cities filled with skyscrapers taller than you can possibly imagine and thousands of flying cars all in one area. COD and Halo don't qualify for cyberpunk because they are more modern with futuristic tech but that's it.

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Well by 2018 the prices will come down quite a bit especially if MS has a deal with amd. MS will lose money, just how much is unknown, but with windows, live and games their profit comes back up, so they can afford to do it.

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Why is it always a man that people are worried about. Would it be wrong if I say I'm worried about a creepy old lady using a restroom with my little boy. Tired of the media making ladies seem so pure and innocent. Not once have I seen a show or movie where a woman starts an abuse against a man or has an affair, and its always justified if they do something to hurt a man physically or emotionally,yet in real life its nearly 50/50. Its why I won't teach my kids to treat ladies any dif...

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Releasing the next xbox in 2018 would be very wise. Put in an ultra powerful GPU on par with a 1080 and sell it for around 500 and have halo 6 as a launch title with graphics onpar with the Blur cutscenes. Whats the point of upgraded consoles if you dont have the games to take advantage of all the power especislly if theres still room for both existing consoles to get better. Im happy with UC4 and QB and Gears4 they all look exceptionally good.Spencer said he wants to go all out and not just...

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