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Yeah like the order, drive club and bloodborne sold like big macs. Try harder next time. #1.6.3
To spend 300 and still get high quality graphics at the comfort of the couch or recliner vs spending 700 plus for a minor improvement.... Hmmmm I'dstill say its ggonnasell well on xXboxone and the ratio of xXboxto pPCsales will be wide in xXboxones favor. #43
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Was it really still 500 after 2years. Besides Sony is still a much more marketable than Microsoft in the console arena. The same reason the iphone is much more popular than a galaxy, having a whole generation of fans with only minty as a competitor is a difference maker. If micro had a console to compete with ps1 it would be split more evenly. The fact that the Xbox one is on par with PS 3 in sales means xbox is far from being considered a failure. #2.1
It is certainly disappointing when a game that uses Tom Clancy's name doesnt have a storymode. If they made a game that had some elements of RB6 and just changed the name it wouldnt be a big deal that it came out to be, and them showing a singleplayer mode a few years back and canceling it, doesnt help. There should be a rule where if a AAA developer cant wait until the game is past the concept stage then why bother to show it, I understand small studios need funding so thats why they do... #12
At first I was wondering where the screenshots of the Halo 5 map were and then I looked at the background. Its really cool how he made it look like the 64 version. #6
Certain exclusives on both systems are on par with each other this year, and one system is doing something that the other one hasnt shown its capable of yet. #2.6.1
The game looks better than last years version,and people with certain PCs can get closer to the reveal render. This is still considered one of the best looking games. #1.3
Maddens, where did you learn that stuff, from Hollywood right. The KKK was a group of vigalantes that went after criminals the cops didnt go after. There were more whites killed by them than blacks. Also its not only america that had slaves. Muslims would be much more respectable if they just modernized like Christianity did. There's gonna be a war if they keep pushing sharia law in US and Europe. So tired of seeing black rags all over the place. #1.4.7
Yeah, playing pirates on sandtrap was so much fun in halo 3, along with all the other fun and wackybgametypes. Halo 5s foge has much more potential than 3s but its game types feel very limited, and feels way too serious. Its like the more detailed forge is the more is taken away. #1.1.1
Yep and if there so happens to be a sexy chick in there...oh ladies are not obligated to look sexy, they can look and act like Arnold too. Yet men need to have standards given to them yet ladies feel the most oppressed SMFH. For example every female desires a tall handsome man that has some muscles, if a man is below 5ft 10, he needs to at least look super hot like tom cruise to be desirable. Yet for a man to ask for a chick that is at least a little fit is asking too much and depresses them... #5.1
Well nobody truly know what the Egyptians truly looked like, and there's not enough A list actors that fit what they were depicted as. But they were mostly middle eastern with a mix of other Europeans cause it was an extremely popular destination. #4.1
No, we need to shame the white male patriarchy. When the master chief reveals his face it better resemble the likes of Mr T. We need to all come together and convince MGM that its OK for Idris Elba to play a gay James Bond. I am from Sweden and I am sorry that I have to live as a white man. #9.1
This is the generation where being traditional is somehow offensive, and mixing things up for the sake of it will make you a hero. Caitylyn Jenner is nowhere near a hero, why should s/he be one if s/he is just what s/he thought s/he was born as, its not like s/he raised billions of dollars to benefit society or found a cure for cancer. #18.1
I'm hoping that the coalition can make the game they were working on before gears 4 into something on par with the quality of UC. But since they changed their name to a Gears reference im hoping its not a 343i type deal. We need a linear stealth game like Splinter Cell and if they give it cinematics like uncharted it could be a masterpiece. #18.1
There's plenty of fails on PS4 also. We could also say that if Killzone were on Xbox it would be a much more successful IP than it is that might even be second to Halo. #2.2.3
Is it because Microsoft has it first. I bet you're happy with capcom and Epic releasing their games exclusively for Ps4 #6.2
2 million is all it got lol.that's pretty pathetic for a console with 25+ million sold. #11.1
It depends where the person is raised. Yeah, there are black people that can sound very white like Darius Rucker from hootie and the blowfish. And the Asian guy in the Librarians show has a full on Australian accent. #10.2.3
The starbuck cups controversy is actually fake advertisement from starbucks. I dont have any links but it was discovered on yahoo a bout a week ago. #8.1.2
And here we have another "hurr durr it would sell 5 million more copies on ps4" just like the order and blood borne sold 5 million copies each. #1.3.2
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