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I know halo is famous for split screen but how many games still have it. Only Nintendo is the only one focused to have the majority of their games with split screen as a priority. #4.1
I bet we all couldve handled some minor bugs if Half life 3 came out years ago. There's minor delays and then we got perfectionists that make things worse by not releasing it until its completely bug free. Sometimes you just have to release what you got. Can you imagine if George Lucas waited 20 years to finish episode 6. #8.1
The Xbox one is doing more than good enough, its just not pulling in the euros for some reason. Still on track for passing the 360 and likely ps3. #29.1
I've had the desire to play the uc games only once or twice each, yeah ND is a good studio but greatest is subjective. #23.3.1
I love how the Sony trolls are always downplaying other games that they have yet to get their hands on and praising games that they've seen only a couple minutes of. I would probably get way more disagrees than agrees for just stating that QB is one of the best looking games in 2016. For a machine 60% more powerful I expect a lot more. #1.1.11
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Just like killzone would be much more successfully on Xbox and halo and gears would not be anywhere near as successful on ps4. #16.1.2
Yeah I'm not going to buy this game since I'm only connected to the internet about 99% of my gaming time. #2.1.1
Naughty Dog certainly has competition, just look at Quantum Break on a system that's supposedly more than 50- 600% more powerful, and its going toe to toe. I wish Crytek were around to make Ryse 2, a linear hack n slash from a company that sets a standard would look like near cgi #1.4.6
Would the game allow me to play as a foxkin that marries the dog, I expect nothing less this gen. I want realism, the female if comparable to the male should look nothing short of Serena Williams physique or at least Ronda Rousey, you know for equality purposes. #7
Yeah, just might not be goty material, but definitely enjoyable which is all that matters. There used to be a time when it was honored to get a 7.5, nowdays anything less than a 9.5 for games is insulting. Just like just 2 generations ago splinter cell looked great at 480p and wasn't criticized but all of a sudden its gameover for Ryse to have 900p at launch of a generation. #2.1.1
I would say only vice city needs s remake. SA is not interesting enough. #1.3.1
Sony has nothing in 2015 except for a decent RPG. Microsoft is killing it this fall and next year looks even better for them. The only reason its not toe to toe is the euros are more interested in getting boring jrpg #10000000. #37.1
I think its good its for multi only, even tho I hope single player has a little big of destruction. The first had bosses up high in towers with plenty of enemies. Now imagine stocking up on rockets and beating it without a challenge, not quite as fun. So at most I want to destroy some walls and ceilings to create strategic routes to defeated bosses. #15
They can only take cell shading to the point where it can't be improvable. The cgi cinematics they showed was in a different art style, so unless they change art styles it will never look like that even in 30 years from now. But technically this game looks good enough to stand on its own. The lighting and the reflections look good. #4.1.4
Didn't they say you will play as both the protagonist and the antagonist. Yeah I was thinking wow we're going to set the bad guys powers, because I forgot the good guys name, so I didn't know until they said its a different actor. #6.1
Its not really comparable, one is at night and the other during day time, and also different character models, but the new version looks atleast on par or better in a lot of areas. But there is no denying that these graphics would not even be disappointing even on the super PS4, so kudos to Remedy for making a game that looks almost on par with PS4s best. Or should it be Kudos to Microsoft for making a machine that appears to be weak but is actually more capable than it seems. #11.1
I think its official now that Remedy is Microsofts version of Naughty Dog, They need to become an official Microsoft Studio. #15
Not only does the destruction look great, the graphics are also pretty good too for an open world game. #21
If the game doesnt let me choose to be a transgender, transracial, homosexual, that has a fetish for having sex with animals, I will not buy this game. #6.2
it would be great to give attention to lesser known bands. a great example would be Glass Harp, just search for can you see me circa 72 plenty of great drum and guitar solos. #3
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