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I'm hoping campaign is 30 fps to look like the best fps. But for multi 60 is the best especially with bad netcode #5.1.2
Xbox one was built with dx12 in mind. That's why they call it x box. Phil was only responding to the people overly exaggerating. Dx 12 will be a nice improvement for Xbox one #1.1.1
In some games there is so many ways to experience the game that makes it feel fresh the second time. For example in halo games you get the option to run and gun or sit back and snipe or in splinter cell where there are many ways to get past the sections and for me I like to experience all the options the game gives me. #24
Kinda like how final fantasy and metal gear started on Nintendo only but then Sony took it over #18.1
So that means Microsoft should have the most AAA games in the near future because they have countless number of indies. #34.1
The truth is God didn't ask for the crusades or any of the recent major wars. #6.1
FH2 was announced 2mnths before it came out. I'm sure they can do a surprise a VGA and drop a huge game in spring. #2.1.3
I don't think this map is a good map to judge on graphics. Th e screens for the o other maps look better even tho these do show a big improvement from halo. #14
Like Sony doesnt rely on Uncharted, Killzone, GT and Infamous. Both have lots of familiar games and new ips. Microsoft is looking good so far with new ips like Ryse, Quantum Break, Titanfall, SSO, and much more from all the new teams they have built. #11.4.1
It was a big deal because Xbox was an underdog.It would be like the Jacksonville Jaguars beating the Patriots.Sony had years and years all to themselves with little competition and had all the awesome devs. #8.5.2
What Spencer said was that DX12 isnt going to make the Xbone some super computer that has three Titan cards. Its going to help out the X1 most certainly and we will see visually pleasing games that were thought to be impossible to make on the hardware its on. Think Gears to Gears 3 and Gears Judgement or COD2 to Halo 4. If Ryse was just some game ported over at the last second to be a launch title, I'm sure we will see Xbone games that come close to what Uncharted 4 and The order will bri... #1.1.3
I'm pretty sure I saw a report that says Destiny 2014, Destiny Expansion 2015, Destiny 2 2016 and keeps going in that pattern #16.1
If the Xbox one version stays the same from the most recent E3 gameplay, which was said to be from Xbox one then there shouldnt be anything to be worried about even with parity.I cant imagine an open world game looking that much better than that. #1.1
Microsoft gives me the games that Sony can't even touch. That's why the "idiots" kept buying the rrod console. I can't live without halo and gears and Sony has no alternatives. Weaboos like you might hate Microsoft for some reason, but once halo and gears start rolling out the gap will close #11.3.1
Why does Microsoft have to take over Sony. As long as they have the games and make enough profit to keep going into the future generations then whats the problem. Just about everybody forgot about DRM and always online and all that stuff that probably never would have been a big deal anyways. If people could forget about the hacking situation with the PS3, I think people would forget what Microsoft was trying to do.

So why is Sony so far ahead of the competition? simple, its... #6.1
If you want to see what the game looks like, play the game when it comes out, not from some bad screenshots that some troll probably took at the worst possible conditions that only happen very rarely. I do have faith that this will look current gen when I play it because even watch dogs didnt look that bad and this game is dedicated to the current gen consoles. #73
The problem is that a lot of times devs arent really sure what the final game will look like once they put in the whole game so they just guess what the game will look like, every company does this , even Naughty Dog does this. Would you expect to see at the bottom of the screen of the reveal trailer,maybe the final game can look like this. When they say inengine, thats what it is, a look at what this engine might be capable of. #3.1.2
They could've made it more linear with a lot less enemies or even make it more glitchier, but yeah they would've made it look prettier, which is what matters right. #1.2
Microsoft owns windows, and for right now its completely exclusive for X1. Most sales are within the first cpl months. And when it comes to windows that'll be more profit for them #15.1
Don't forget about SO. Not only does it have a great art style I t also has great character models and great lighting. Almost looks like a Pixar movie, almost. #40.1
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