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I would definitely say a younger George Clooney would be better, since Fisher resembles clooney more than hardy.

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So X16 wasnt the big Xbox event, I know they said there was going to be an xbox event and X16 came and gone with nothing, it was more of a fan event. If they do have another one this year, i would expect some tech demos from games coming to Scorpio.

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Russia isn't diverse enough to please the SJWs and their money grubbing masters

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Escorts,strippers and pornstars make a lot of money with almost no effort to make the money they got, I'mnot even going to say they earned it, just rich men willing to pay stupid amounts of money.

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Its like the wage gap myth. Kim Kardashian, Taylor swift and Nicki Minaj are proof enough that Men don't make more, they just choose the jobs that pay more like ladies are nurses while men are more likely to become doctors,its not like female engineers get paid $10 per hour.

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What's all these Hillary voters doing here?

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So, its no more about a bounty hunter in a cyberpunk city. Looks good but I'd rather have the other prey that was announced a few years back.

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If both parents are involved, its not difficult to raise 2 kids even with 10 bucks an hr with 40 hrs. Just live with moderation and try not to get pregnant every yr don't expect the govnmt to get you an entry level job that pays 200k just to provide for 10 kids.

The problem now is that divorce is glorified, nobody loves each other like they used to and now the mom works part time while the ex husband gives half his money to not only the mom but the attorneys get a cut...

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Its because of the elite you know who's that ruin everything once they know they could make a bigger profit elsewhere. There are people who can make 100s of millions and still feel poor because they realized they let a bigger profit slip away. Walt would be pissed if he saw what the company is today but he was a demon because he shared the same values as hitler and now the very people he hated now control Disney and the media.

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Because its also available on PC which is also an Xbox, is that a good enough explanation.

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There are two easier explanations for mass killings, religion from unevolved countries and kids that were bullied and were never accepted in reality and want revenge.

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The u.s. is one of the only places where people who want to complain have the right to voice their reasons even if its stupid. But we should actually remove some of our rights cause its starting to get rediculous, like whos the idiot who thought of alimony(which is the reason divorce is at all time high so gold diggers get there free money they didn't earn) or the believe the victim stuff that's complete bs that ruined lives Mizzou swastika incident and mattress girl were scams to rui...

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Yeah his happy wheels videos are still funny and he still has moments but it seems like his best moments come from certain types of games that make him entertaining, like happy wheels or jazzpunk.

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Uncharted 4 does have the crown,but I'm pretty sure everyone was amazed with the visuals of quantum break with the only thing holding it back was with resolution.

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That idea is what caused halo 5 to lose split screen, and also might have toned down the graphics. The engine was tied to 60fps so the frame drops from split screen would've broken the game, hopefully they tweak the engine to allow frame drops to please the people who want couch coop and mp.

Also, every halo game has beautiful environments that could look even more spectacular if they target the Blur cut scenes for in game everyone else said leave the 4k t...

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So will halo 6 on Scorpio look like the halo e3 2013 trailer while on Xbox one it looks like a marginally improved halo 5. That's what worries me, if 1.8 TFS can do uc4 and god of war that 6 TFS should put out massive improvements over those even with a mediocre dev, but if they focus on both consoles than that power might only go to 4k which isn't going to help with achieving the advanced options it needs. Now PC Devs like crytek and dice add options for the gamers with the best card...

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Halo has a 3 yr gap with main titles but the engine just needs tweaking so maybe 2017 could be possible. The inengine cutscene character models still look amazing, but the explosions need a massive overhaul, add some volumetric smoke and fog along with raytracing and better vegetation. But the story is the main concern after the disappointment of halo 5.

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But some of us want BLUR style graphics. If PS4 with 1.8 TFs can put out uc4 and god of war, 6TFs should put out close to H2A cutscene graphics for Halo 6. If all that power is used for stable frame rateand resolution bump would be like a bugatti being capped at 80 mph. I hope there would be settings like 1440p with superior quality or 4k for an overall smoother image, but console devs aren'tused to different settings like crytek and Dice are so will 343 or rare will use the power to add...

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