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From what I've seen of Halo 5 it is looking very impressive and in some ways on par or even better than Killzone Shadowfall and its only prealpha. Dont worry Halo games normally improve(unlike most ubisoft games) drastically compared to when they're first unveiled in-engine except for the cg trailers. #6.1
I thought the Xbox one cant have the visuals of Killzone Shadowfall with 60fps and dedicated servers and still over a year to go. Now look at what Halo 3 looked like a year before it came out. If you look at the old vidocs of Halo 3 It looked extremely different than the final product unlike many other games that only make minor adjustments. #9
just like the millions of games and movies set in NYC. Can you give examples of a setting that is actually unique. #1.2.4
Same goes with Killzone, it has so much potential but its on the wrong system, and Microsoft can probably improve many of its flaws as well. #22.2
Why does everyone think that all the haters are Xbox fans or Halo fans. I dont see any compaining about how Bungie betrayed them. I do however see alot of complaints of betrayal from other fans from other companies all the time about games that didnt even start on that particular system. #1.1.31
343 has said that the E3 demo is a complete broken mess if you dont play it exactly like they did. They had a long thought about it and decided that it wouldnt be worth it and bungie would do the same. #5.1.2
Right now I believe that 343 can make a masterpiece with Halo 5. Corrine Yu's departure isnt going to affect the graphics because she wasnt even the one that made the graphics for Halo 4. They have over 300 people working on Halo 5 and industry leading graphic programmers that have been working on Halo 5 for years, and with the boost from dx12 and yeah whatever the cloud can help out with, I wouldnt be surprised if Halo 5 comes close to whatever Naughty Dog comes up with in Uncharted 4. #9.2
This looks way better than Halo 4, almost next gen even, well it is on next gen only, but the engine is a mixture of Halo 4 and some new engine. Cant wait to see what Halo 5 looks like. Frankie on neogaf said that H2A multiplayer doesnt come anywhere near to the Halo 5 engine so I would say that the cgi trailers arent too far out of reach. #5
I personally love the humor that they have in Sunset Overdrive. So what if it doesnt seem mature enough, sometimes I just want to feel like a kid again, we've got the rest of our lives to feel mature. It seems like they're going overboard by making fun of other genres but thats what they're trying to do and I like it. #2.4.1
I dont know whats to worry about, why cant they just have the tv show on disc or something similar to what Halo is doing with TMCC this fall. 4 and a half games plus a whole 10 episodes of High Quality entertainment compared to just 1 game plus a tv show. #10
Yeah just like how a lot of Sony fans are whining about Kojima making MGS multiplat or the ones that want Final Fantasy to stay exclusive to Sony even tho Nintendo had it before Sony. How about the people who say Sunset Overdrive looks bad and doesnt look fun, who would be saying that it looks amazing due to the power of the PS4. #1.3.3
I'm pretty sure microsoft has this figured out to where the average $30/month internet will be able to handle what there vision is. #6.3
I know it does as do all the other exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break. Shouldve put a /s tag but I thought it was pretty obvious,lol. #4.1.1
This video just proves how much the xbox one is limited. #4
So when Ryse looked lots better than Killzone, it was because Killzone is a little bit more open. but when we're comparing a traditional racer that is basically a last gen racing game made for next gen compared to a completely wide open game that lets you drive between two different coutries and when Drive Club looks better its because the xbox one cant handle more, lol nice try trolls. #1.1.26
Why is it a huge deal if a certain game is not 1080p. The graphics quality look a generation above last gen so thats what matters the most isnt it? When I see Ryse or Sunset Overdrive do I wonder if it is possible to have all those effects on Xbox 360 or ps3, no not at all. I would even compare Sunset Overdrive to Infamous second son in a way that both look really amazing for being open world. So please dont tell me to keep my 360 since graphics dont matter to me, because yes graphics do mat... #107
Hahahaha....You're not serious are you, yeah ND produces some of the best looking games, but if you compare their reveal trailers, they always look better than final versions. TLOU didnt even look like the same game compared to the reveal trailer. #26.1
Same thing with PS4, Deep Down has disappeared lately, UC4 not til next year, GT7 no clue, The Order next year. #1.11.1
I wouldn't call something like bluray a must have product at the time it came out. #4.2.1
Microsoft was just thinking into the future where everyone except for Africa has good connection. Over 90% of Americans that can afford the XBox one have the connection needed to have what they were going for.

Microsoft also has some of the most exciting games that are exclusive to them. Japanese and Indie games are good but not must have games. Microsoft also has the best multiplayer games period. No Killzone or Resistance games were ever able to compete with even the Worst... #1.13.2
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