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aculy ets xbecks haz mer fps #1.4.1
The real reason why ps2 and xbox multiplat games looked equal is because it requires effort to make the superior version look better, something these new Sony fans just dont understand. With all this complaining about parity, it just proves that a tiny bit of a resolution drop isnt much of a difference because its hard to tell when playing the game, unless you're the type of player just looking for one blurry spot thats in the background. #1.3.3
So the games won't look like Uc4 or quantum break at their full potential when were wearing the goggles. But imagine if you have the option of having the choice of playing the game with slightly less detail but also playing it in a totally different way #11.1
Its better than hearing about kardashisns every single day. #3.1
Tmcc was built by a small team. 343 was just looking over it #3.3.2
I'm surprised there's no word of a midnight club yet. #3
Do you really think microsost gave Sony as big of a lead as the paper specs shows. Microsoft has a lot of tech experts that might be as good as ice team we just don't hear about them cuts they instead show us with games. Like I said before both consoles will put out near CGI quality. #12.1
Exactly, Quantum Break is only a tiny bit behind UC4, and Halo 5 multi looks better than Killzone shadowfalls single player and that build was from months ago. If Gears can look as good as the black tusks reveal that will also be another great looking game. Both systems will put out near CGI quality games as long as its not too open world. #1.3.1
Why don't ppl realize that Microsoft is just adding and not taking away. The devs that want to push graphics will still take advantage of all the extra resources and the ones who want games that fit a certain niche will be able to do so. Now if they are forcing devas to only focus on kinect when they'd rather make other games, that's a different story. #19
2015 isn't even here yet, plenty of time between now and e3 . Both FH 2 and SO didn't have any gameplay til 6 months before release and they were some of the best games. #1.4
This just in!!!! A time traveler inspired Hitler by showing him counter strike!!! Scientists have discovered Atilla watched game of thrones before going on rampage #8.1
The difference between halo and uncharted is that halo actually improves in each cycle. Halo 5 is probably technically in alpha stage but beta sounds a lot better. At this point in time halo 3 looked very very unfinished when they showed the vidoc a year before release #4.1.4
I'm hoping campaign is 30 fps to look like the best fps. But for multi 60 is the best especially with bad netcode #5.1.2
Xbox one was built with dx12 in mind. That's why they call it x box. Phil was only responding to the people overly exaggerating. Dx 12 will be a nice improvement for Xbox one #1.1.1
In some games there is so many ways to experience the game that makes it feel fresh the second time. For example in halo games you get the option to run and gun or sit back and snipe or in splinter cell where there are many ways to get past the sections and for me I like to experience all the options the game gives me. #24
Kinda like how final fantasy and metal gear started on Nintendo only but then Sony took it over #18.1
So that means Microsoft should have the most AAA games in the near future because they have countless number of indies. #34.1
The truth is God didn't ask for the crusades or any of the recent major wars. #6.1
FH2 was announced 2mnths before it came out. I'm sure they can do a surprise a VGA and drop a huge game in spring. #2.1.3
I don't think this map is a good map to judge on graphics. Th e screens for the o other maps look better even tho these do show a big improvement from halo. #14
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