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Even downsampling (supersampling) 4k to 1080p is very noticeable from my experiance. I imagine native 4k would blow my mind and people who claim they can't tell the difference most definitely have poor eyesight. #2.1.3
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So many narrow minded blinded Nintendefenders down voting my completely logical and legitimate problem with the game. Nintendos oldest and most loyal fans were literally raised using the D-Pad for gaming and controlling most of these characters since their inception like this but Nintendo just decides to not fully support this option for the game controllers designed specifically for the console. Strait up doesn't make any sense for an 8 directional fighting game to not support this :{ #1.3.1
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The game is stellar and deserves the sales and praise but I need to voice my one problem with it. Players can only use the Wiimote if they prefer D-Pad movement controls (?) THIS IS A REALLY STRANGE OMISSION... The only disadvantage to using the D-Pad is the inability to move slowly and many Gamers who originally played these games are more used to D-Pad for 2D style fighting platforming type games. Why not support the best D-Pads in gaming for this amazing retro nestalgia game. Nintendo is s... #1.3
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Not to mention it released the same week as Smash :[ #1.1.16
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You have the option of using the D-Pad or Joystick on the Wiimote but not the superior controllers designed for the console. This makes no sense pure and simple, many people prefer playing 2D fighting platformers style games with a D-Pad. #1.1.3
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The game is awesome but since we're talking about controllers I need to voice my one complaint for this game. You cannot use the Gamepad or Pro controller D-Pad for movement and if you want to play using one your only option is to use the dinky wiimote D-Pad. Pretty stupid that in an 8 directional 2.5D fighting game I don't have the option for using D-Pad movement on my favorite controller. #1.1
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Would be great to see Xone and Wii U stay neck and neck and catch up to Sony. Stiff competition = Better games #1.4
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The fact is all those PS4 games you mentioned are pretty visually with okish gameplay a best and without any real innovation You have no bearing to complain about Nintendo using the same franchises when 1/2 of your examples are sequels and all of them do nothing new in terms of gameplay. #1.10
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Pretty crazy how content rich Nintendo can make 15 gigs worth what with all the music tracks character models etc. Really amazing especially when considering many current games often need day one patches that are nearly this size that just fix problems lol.
Nintendo does more with less... #3
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So its going to end up like basically every other sonic game since the originals. #1.3
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I agree that Miyamoto is basically master of gaming and other developers should always serious take his advice but to say you should never question him ever is an ignorant statement. Everyone should always question everything and never blindly follow anyone. #4.2
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People here apparently can't comprehend what Miyamoto is saying because they are choosing to only read the click bait headline. He is stating that most AAA studios don't take the same kind of risks that Nintendo does and he is correct. Yes Nintendo relies on the same mascots but generally they implement new game design in most new instalments. #1.2
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People who think they are too grown up for colorful games with playful themes are infact immature and insecure in reality. #8.6
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^ Fanboy statement > Fact...
People need to get over their insecurities and brand association issues lol. #12.2
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PS4 is for the masses. PC + Wii U is for the gaming elite. #10.4
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Lashes the Gamepad resolution is actually higher than standard 480p which is 640x480. The Gamepad resolution is infact 860x480 and it does an optimal job of downsampling or supersampling the HD render eliminating all aliasing or jaggies in the process. Often games look better on the Gamepad than they do on a higher resolution screen and this is a great example of Nintendo doing more with less using there lateral thinking approach to hardware and game design. #3.3.2
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All I ever wanted from the Gamepad was for hudless gaming on the big screen and all the info in my hands. I find hudless gaming more immersive in the same way better graphics are more immersive but it seems most people are just annoyed having to look away from the main screen unfortunately. Many games do offer this as an option but Its usually sort of half assed and I wish more games would implement it especially Hyrule Warriors. It is definitely an advantage to have all your info in one plac... #1.3
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An article about Wii U hardware. Expect some losers with no lives to claim its weaker than PS3 360 below... #1.2
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Myseryeyes>< You need to go see an eye doctor maybe a brain surgeon. Not many games out there that have enemy's as tall a skyscrapers just roaming around in an open world environment with this amount of detail. I think these visuals are easily on par with what PS4 Xone have to offer. I game on a PC that runs most games at 1080p 60fps with Ultra settings a significant boost over what next gen consoles offer and I'm blown away with this game. It is simply amazing what Monolith is... #4.5
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You are correct MasterCornholio I was trolling ;) I have heard that both companies do what I have stated but only through word of mouth. I basically got the reaction I was expecting 25+ disagrees. Nice. #1.1.8
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