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Don't think it needs to rival either but it definitely needs to be comparable and remain free.

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Nope PS4 and X1 are both way too generic for Nintendo games to really shine also this would dilute there brand and be a complete detriment to the gaming industry as a whole.

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Watched gameplay videos through the Nintendo e-shop on Wii U and the clarity and detail was far better than any videos from gaming media or youtube.

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Would be nice.

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I'm of the same mind set as you. If Nintendo can be profitable with limited support, being a niche secondary console is fine with me. It would be cool to see Nintendo as #1 though to haha.

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I think its likely the NX will have a better CPU then either of the competitors and prob a 3-4 teraflop GPU.

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It seems pretty obvious at this point that the carts will work on both the home and mobile consoles. You will likely have the option to buy them together or separate. Separate home console will likely come with a more standard controller but if you have both you will could use the mobile unit with extra features similar to the Gamepad. Maybe they will be able to share processing power and slightly boost the performance when connected as well.

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Total empty husk of an article. I'm all for cartridges but the reasons given in this weird opinion piece where just not really valid at all.

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Pikmen 4 will be a launch title.

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Who knows maybe there is also a dark world.

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Its funny when there's a positive in depth technical analysis done by the pros featuring a Nintendo game there isn't ever much discussion lol.

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Seems like a pretty flawed list with many of the games running with variable uncapped frame rates or dynamic resolution scaling, so very few actual AAA 1080p 60fps in reality.

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Get this pointless garbage article out of here, what a joke.

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My prediction is it has something to do with eye tracking.

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One thing to consider in terms of Nintendo VR is the lag free streaming tech Nintendo developed for the Gamepad. An evolved version of this could be the key to solving one of VR biggest draw backs. Nobody wants to have wires coming out of their head tethered to expensive hardware because its just strait up not appealing.

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You obviously don't remember the Smart Glass push after the Wii U was revealed or the motion controller copies before that. And you call Nintendo arrogant lol.

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Well at least Nintendo's mainstream fan base isn't nearly as toxic as the others and by the way your comment only reinforces this.

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One thing no one seems to consider about these upgraded Neo and Scorpio consoles is their CPU power. Both the existing consoles CPUs are already a bottleneck as is and adding more GPU power with only an overclock to the existing weak CPUs isn't really going to do much for games other than increased res with likely the same sub par frame rates. I highly doubt the NX will be as powerful as Scorpio although possibly Neo ballpark but there is a good chance that it will be a more balanced desi...

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So happy about the shield surfing. I really enjoyed the segment in TP when Link snowboarded with the yetis and have been eagerly waiting for its return to the series in some form. BOTW really has all the gameplay systems I was hoping for so I could not be happier with what I have seen.

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Aonuma has stated they were influenced by many modern titles which is a good thing, FarCry is the one he mentioned specifically which makes sense.

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