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Really stupid comparisons amateur gamers consistently make between DriveClub and Project Cars and it happens on literally ever single Project Cars article. So many of you Sony amateurs spend so much time on gaming media yet you can't even grasp the basics. #2.3
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Thought it was releasing May 6th also can't wait. #2
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Ocarina is an amazing game and was mind blowing on release however the gameplay and graphics just do not hold up great today whereas Link to the Past's gameplay is still fast fun and accessible without any filler and looks great to this day. Easily the best in the series especially considering its age, its ageless. #1.3.1
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200cc is epic fast, blazing sense of speed untouched by anything on rival consoles. (Very challenging you need to master simultaneously brake and accelerate while drifting to have any control) Its fun to get enormous air time and try to fly over sections of the track usually Lakitu scoops you up. (Glitches can be fun) Noticed a few tracks don't come up for 200cc multiplayer online or have a small chance so Nintendo is obviously on it. #1.2
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What do you know a bunch of amateur gamers going on about their okish DriveClub, a game designed soley around screenshots and marketing. The amateurs then go on to compare seperate racing genres with completely different goals in mind. Classic amateur Sony gamers... #1.1
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Did you guys know there is more to good graphics than just resolution and frame rate. Oh nope you didn't because you're amateurs... #3.4
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Get over it when your actually playing the game you will not be focusing on the faces. I'm surprised a delusional hater hasn't mentioned PS2 looking graphics yet.
Game looks stellar... #4.1
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That's because even slight frame drops from 60fps are much more noticible when compared to a game running at 30fps. Project Cars will get herky jerky on consoles when the tracks are filled with 20+ cars and this is unavoidable due to the lacking CPUs. The game will still be awesome, also herd it will not be full price which is stellar, just trying to explain the reality of the situation. #1.1.2
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Yah it is too bad Wii U owners need to wait should be awesome with the Gamepad. I will be going with the PC version seeing as how this is a simulator and I have a G27 wheel setup not to mention graphics and frame rate. #2
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Game gets lots of negativity from Sony DriveClub fanboys the thing is those people are not real gamers they are amateurs. #1.1
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NX controller confirmed #3
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All developers do this and this is a minor downgrade compared to most. When the game isn't finished they show what they are trying to attain with the final product. Beloved Naughty Dog has done the exact same thing with every Uncharted game ever and to a much larger degree the latest being a substantial graphical downgrade and halfing the framerate which greatly effects gameplay. Sony fans continue to praise regardless same situation but exasperated further and those are the type of gamer... #1.11
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VR will be especially awesome for racing games but the reality is it will never simulate actual G-forces. #8.1
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MarioKart was considered 2014s racing game of the year by the majority of gaming media by a long shot and for good reason. You are clearly an insequre amateur gamer who has yet to understand what good game design actually entails not to mention a poor judge of visual design. You need to get over yourself grow up and expand your narrow view of gaming. #1.2.1
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Pathetic Pony boys always invading Project Cars discussions with there delusional opinions. DriveClub is a beautiful looking game for sure but it runs at half the frame rate with very basic physics in comparison. The focus of that game is graphics over gameplay great for marketing, screen shots and amateur gamers that don't understand much about game design. That is the reality. #4.5
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Very few console gamers actually use voice chat for strategic purposes its mostly children talking shit without consequence. However it would be nice to have private voice chat with a friend as an option. #1.1.3
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This game looks stellar however I personally find the audio design very strange and off putting. #1
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Pcz = Pointless Comments Zzzzz. #1.3.2
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The Sony circle jerk is laughable here. Keep enjoying your low FPS racing with simple physics and bare minimum game design with a primary focus on being pretty in screen shots... #1.7
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Having to actually use the breaks repeatedly is going to add a lot of depth and additional challenge to this already fantastic game. It will play more like a sim in terms of focus and precision inputs haha. #6
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