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Pikmen 3 deserves to be on this list for sure. It's one of the only AAA games that really utilizes the Gamepad and does something new and different. #1.1
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Other consoles don't support an >integrated< second screen controller (Dont compare the Vita) Also Nintendo games are designed around Nintendo hardware, limitations and all. They are wizards when it comes to finding solutions and work arounds to limitations, its part of their entire creative process and part of what makes their games so awesome. Probably a concept that most on here fail to comprehend or appreciate... #3.2.1
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And it still manages to look better than the majority of games that run at 1080p 60fps. #3.3.1
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Pretty strange for him to talk shit about the Wii U. I guess he is oblivious to the fact that Minecraft would potentially be the best version on Wii U with the Gamepad and all. #1.2
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60fps isn't just about looking nice it makes games more responsive and play better. #6
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Man gamers are a silly bunch, people just can't handle the idea that the Wii U when properly utilized can produce graphics closer to current gen than last gen. Yes the Wii U's on paper specs point to it being closer to last gen but people fail to realize that it is the only console like console left in terms of how the hardware is designed (more focused dedicated PPC hardware) The PS4 and Xone are streamlined PCs the Wii U is a efficient gaming console it is able to punch above its wi... #1.3
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Get over your entitlement... #3.2
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Excellent points and examples Darkride you basically summed up why Console gaming is awesomely convenient compared to PC gaming its more focused on just getting you in the game... #2.4.1
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PCs have some advantages over Consoles and Consoles have some advantages over PC, below are some unbiased opinions and facts comparing the most relevant differences.
The cost of gaming on PC vs Console is basically on par over the span of a couple years give or take, generally more expensive hardware for PCs and more expensive software + monthly fees on Consoles.
3rd party games that are available across all systems are potentially the best on PC.
Consoles are far more... #2.3
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Power has little to do with it DirtyRabbits its all about the games... #1.1.3
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Wiik U lol, all three consoles are weak ass in reality. This console generation is the least advanced for its time since the begining of video games. Really it doesn't matter at all, they are all capable of amazing graphics. The gap between the Wii U and PS4 is relatively similar between the performance gap between the PS2 and original Xbox. This aurgument needs to die its about the games thats what matters now, any console gamer who brings this up is a poser. If you care about graphics s... #1.1.4
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Wish Factor 5 still existed to assist Nintendo in this effort. They were master devs for both the N64 and especially the GameCube when it came to pushing the hardware. Too bad Sony forced them to implement the Sixaxis's broken motion sensors in Lair. That shoehorned design choice destroyed what could have been an awesome game along with the awesome studio.
RIP Factor 5 ;.( #1.3
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The difference being a larger install base on previous consoles. Past MarioKart games released later in those said home console's lifespan as well as releasing during the holiday season. #1.1
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I'm thinking the PS4 hype train will run out of steam and all three consoles will be very close by the end of the year. This is really the best thing that could happen for gamers just not for the fanboys... #1.1.1
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Nintendo gamers like gameplay which Nintendo does best
Sony gamers like graphics which are better on PC
I'm trolling I know... #12.6
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Corporations want to appeal to as many demographics as possible because $$$ #3.4.4
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Wii U + PC is the best combo hands down if you can only choose 2 systems...
Really it isn't even debatable unless your into sports games or the whole cinematic not really in control press X to Michael kind of games or you like paying monthly fees. #2.8
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Would be 100X better than the blue haired sword wielding female Marth clone announced today... Just sayin not compainin. #1.3
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Sorry but Sony fans are by far the worst fanboys in the history of all gaming all you have to do is read the comments from any gaming media site at any point from the early 90s on.
Fanboys are fanboys and they all suck at life but there is definitely a higher % in Sony's corner and its obvious... #2
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Ju thanks for your 2 cents...
Yes PPC is a more efficient and focused than X86 from a hardware standpoint you can get more with less that's a fact, this is the reason NASA uses PPC components for satellites, rockets etc its more dedicated. I guess when you hear things like that it makes you want to plug your ears and go la la la because fanboyism...
Problem with PPC architecture is that its now the odd one out and its harder to develop for it is less efficient in terms of... #1.3.2
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