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EDMIX your logic is completely false and your arguments to back them up are mostly ridiculous. Yes developers choose to target different fidelity and framerates but more capable hardware is more capable its that simple. Nintendo are exceptional when it comes to efficiency and if they are using anything modern in the NX than it will be able to run "High Detail AAA Games" at 1080p 60fps compared to 30fps on PS4, X1. You call others stupid and then use last gen remastered titles runnin...

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Awesome man. I'm stoked for it as well. Which ever pocket of your fatigues you put your GameBoy in it became ballistics proof.
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Agreed. So many Prime members have moved on to other things though. Same can be said for a lot of prestige dev teams Bungie, Rare etc. I think current Prime team would still make a killer 2.5D game.

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Agreed I own the game and hardware play it using the WiiU Pro Controller (right stick aim) through emulation at 1080p looks great.

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Metroid 2 Remake is out in 3 days...

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All these form factor rumours could be total bullshit...

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All rumours at this point could likely be a bunch of bull.

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Superdiller all you miss out on with PC+WiiU combo are some of the EA sports titles and Sony exclusives which consists of mostly narrative heavy semi automatic movie games that is literally it, that is the reality. Best 3rd party experiances going back 25+ years on PC due to superior hardware nearly all Xbox exclusives now and then Nintendo's excellent playing 1st party titles on WiiU. Those are the facts...

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We'll the whole point of the hybrid design is so Nintendo can merge its handheld and home console development teams for essentially double the content instead of it being split up. Guess I repeated what you just said Eddie haha. What you stated about Nintendo exclusives is undeniably true but on N4G if Sony isn't #1 you will get downvoted lol.

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You know what's up PC + Nintendo is the best gaming combo hands down. I program scripts for Wiimotes to work on my PC, right now I'm using them for DOOM. So fun actually aiming and punching Demons for glory kills, Its gaming Nirvana for me haha.

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The answer is in your question... XboxS, Scorpio and Neo are all considered new design wins for AMD.

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If the NX is successful 3rd parties will invest, it's that simple, more about money than anything else.

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If the handheld is using Pascal 16nm Finfit Tegra chip than it is the X2 which will likely perform close to Xbox1 which is strait up beast for a portable, also makes a lot of sense for high detail graphics on a 720p screen. This could also mean the base houses Denver chips similar to the setup being used in new self driving vehicles. Those combined could easily reach PS4 level possibly Neo performance which is somthing to be excited about not to mention the potential supplemental computing de...

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The really amazing thing about this patent is the ability for these units to daisy chain over a network. What this potentially means is that once there are enough of these in the wild computational power will become limitless making specs basically irrelevant.

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NextGenCeo your logic is broken. This could easily be a replacement dock for the NX or it could connect to the existing one and just because Eurogamer didn't mention it doesn't mean anything at all because they don't have all the facts yet.

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Financially no it wouldn't destroy them not even close, but in terms of their image and reputation yes it would definitely be at a breaking point.

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Martin your wish will likely be granted seeing as how the Neo is apparently utilizing the same bottlenecked CPU but with more GPU grunt.

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Don't think it needs to rival either but it definitely needs to be comparable and remain free.

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Nope PS4 and X1 are both way too generic for Nintendo games to really shine also this would dilute there brand and be a complete detriment to the gaming industry as a whole.

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Watched gameplay videos through the Nintendo e-shop on Wii U and the clarity and detail was far better than any videos from gaming media or youtube.

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