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Just played this at PAX and I have to say the controls are really unintuitive making the game a struggle to play and not so fun as a result. I'm sure with more practise it gets better but Nintendo games have generally always had easy intuitive controls and this is the complete opposite of that. At first I was impressed with the idea of dual screen rendering and gameplay but now I wish they just did the usual Gamepad mirroring and focused on better graphics more action and multiplayer inst... #1.4
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There is a reason for so few enemies and its not a good one... Just played this at PAX and the controls are really unintuitive and its just a struggle to play. I'm sure with practice it gets better but Nintendo games have always been about simple easy to grasp controls and this is the complete opposite... #1.3
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Zombies will never die in video games because of the ease of programming Zombie AI. Zombies are a great way of covering up stupid slow AI routines getting around weak tablet CPU performance that cant handle complex AI while still making games immersive. #1.4
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The way I make my Pro controller and Wiimote work is through Keyboard+Mouse emulation have streamlined the desktop so its all very intuitive no matter what controller Im using. I personally dont like mouse and keyboard even though it is the most versitile and accurate control scheme there is just not for me I like couch or active gaming. Obvious benefits of PCs many who are informed have stated above all you have to do is read the comments. Cheaper games, mods, better performance, emulators,... #7.1.2
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Sounds like you're just trying to convince yourself with that long winded completely uninformed paragraph right there. PC has excellent exclusives as well not to mention the majority of X1 exclusives will soon be available on windows 10 PCs and most Sony exclusives are generally not all that great in terms of gameplay or replay value. Nintendo games however are missed out on and that why I have PC+WiiU. #13.1
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I don't know what you mean by controllers imitating Playstation or how that is a valid argument in any capacity. I use Wii U pro controller for all 3rd person PC gaming because of its superior battery life and setup custom maps for games utilizing plus or minus as a shift key enabling nearly limitless compatibility. The Witcher 3 setup for the Pro I have created is superior to either the PS4 or X1s because of said shift keys. For 1st person games I use Wiimote+Nunchuk+Balanceboard combo t... #1.5.1
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Your argument is completely broken and baseless PCs are easily much more versatile than consoles in reality and you can hook them up to your TV use nearly any gaming controller you like. #7.1
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PC gaming can be a pain in the ass for sure but it is superior to console in every single way except convienence and that is just the reality. Way cheaper games, no bullshit online fees, emulators, mods, superior performance, any controller with any control scheme you can think of at the cost of having to figure things out mess with settings. Those are the facts... #1.4
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And that is why PC Wii U combo is easily the best. #4.3.1
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I'm thinking the majority of gamers do not like multitasking and this why many are so put off by motion controls or dual screen gameplay, its more complex requires more focus than pushing buttons. #2
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Non issue (will feature dozens) still equals nearly a full mario game not to mention endless user generated content within likely hours-days of release. #4
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Can't wait to get the best version of this game on Wii U. Is it really spring 2017!? Or was that supposed to be spring 2016? #4
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The reality is nearly every Nintendo controller innovation has eventually become a gaming standard. D-Pad, shoulder buttons, thumbstick, rumble, touch, motion are all utilized by the Dualshock 4 and where all pioneered by Nintendo in terms of gaming. How could gamers be all for a touch pad but not a touch screen? Maybe its too distracting requires the ability to multitask too advanced, possibly the same reason motion controls are looked down upon too much involvement or coordination, energy i... #1.3
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The main reason the Kinect is so bad as a gaming controller is simple you get no feedback from your inputs other than visually or audio on the display. When you press a button you know the result will be instantaneous and with a least with a Wiimote you potentially have rumble and additional audio in your hand which makes a huge difference as insignificant as it sounds. Kinect is a decent interface controller though great for menus os. #6.1.1
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I game on PC hooked up to my 55" TV never use mouse and keyboard for gaming it just doesn't feel like a gaming setup to me even though it is easily the most accurate and versatile control scheme. I have resorted to writing custom scripts where I use a Wiimote+Nunchuk sometimes Balanceboard combo for first person games I utilize toggled IR aiming and some simple gestures (example Wiimote shake=reload Nunchuk punch=melee) and it works stellar for games like FarCry, Skyrim, Portal etc.... #4.2
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Lol all the typical negativity directed at Nintendo from teens who think success is a popularity contest because they are all still in high school. The end result for corporations is profit and Nintendo as usual is doing more with less. Nintendo is a far more focused company compared to its rivals and they are able to profit at much higher margins in comparison. Is the Wii U a huge success? Not even close, is it still making Nintendo a ton of money? With its high attach rate of Nintendo softw... #1.2
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If it does come out for Wii U and NX then obviously the NX will be backwards compatible with the Gamepad which I hope is the case. If they go with brand new architecture for the NX then they would likely have to emulate previous software which would mean it would have to be 5-10X more powerful than Wii U. I have a feeling it will still be PPC though and will just run the older software and will be on par with PS4 overall maybe better GPU or CPU but with less ram or somthing. #3
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What a daft comment game in development seems unfinished wow. GTA 5 is still the most advanced open world game and it works on last gen 500mbs Wii U has 4X that open world games are fine on Wii U look at Xenoblades. #1.2.3
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Picking dual swords Katana and wakazashi combo I think it was, throw one at your opponents face right of the bat was a winning strategy and easy way to piss off your friends haha. #3.1
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Been playing Muramasa the Demon Blade on Dolphin Emulator at 1440p with additional filters looks amazing so many detailed layers of stellar artwork. #2
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