Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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i liked modern warfare 2 but for me cod4 is yet to be beaten in the multiplayer side of things.

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In the grand scheme of things sony is still newcomer. gamings been around for allot longer than the playstation. nintendo will always rule in japan,

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forza 4 should be better than gt5 and then gt6 should be better etc. both franchises should keep pushing forward.

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ill defo let you know if its any good or not, im not a fangirl if its shit ill put it on ebay

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could have 1 but dont want one. I have a nokia n97 which i think is far better than an iphone.

On topic. A playsation phone would interest me, i feel gaming is just tacked on to phones.

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my ps3 id id hennessey_86 when gt5 comes out add me and ill show that being good at forza is know bad thing

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microsoft let people play online for free but keep the main features like party chat espn and the rest of the features for paying gamers like myself

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could a f1 driver handle one of those, I dont think anyone could

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for this game. I always wanted to buy a monster pc for crysis but i couldnt justify that kind of money to play one game.

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are dissapearing fast. This site is pathetic. If you disagree with what i say hit the disagree button. I know for a fact i dont troll, i have both consoles so its just sad little fangirls reporting my opinions.

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lol what a sad little person you mus be.

on topic that was awsome

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what honey is to bees for ps3 fangirls. the second a kinect artical goes up booom there on it like a rash trying to convince the world that the ps3 is the only console ever made. I cant wait to get kinect and im going to stop coming on this site because its no longer a gaming site its a fangirl site

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a seriously delutional fangirl. ill keep playing my crapbox and gaystaytion 3 and you can keep talking shit lol

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This is getting pathetic, how did this shit get approved. Im going to stop going on this site if it carries on. Day after day its flame bait articals. Kinect will be bought by people who want to buy it so just give up already. I have a ps3 with move and an xbox slim soon kinect aswell. Know one gives a shit about your views on why you bought a ps3. Me personally i bought a ps3 for the games.

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i wasnt saying that kinect will ruin gaming i was simply making a hypothetical situation for the trolls to argue about. i think kinects a great peace of kit

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and i couldnt give a flying fuck what anyone on this site says about it. all i know is im going to be having tons of fun playing something different while these lot will be on n4g complaining about kinects success and how its ruined gaming lol. I CANT WAIT

P.S and when ive worked up a sweat on kinect ill load gt5 up and enjoy that aswell

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is minimal now so lets see what the trolls think of next

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played the demo and could only do one race till someone on my friends list plays it which know one seems to be doing so ive only played as police and well i thought it was ok nothing special i just hope theres some normal racing its what criterion do best so i hope the police arnt part of every race

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the only people who know when its going to be released are sony and pd. Companys are just guessing so people will buy the game with a release date attached to it

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