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Trying to squeeze in some game time around work and family is tough


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did you just say pc world know gadgets and software inside out hmmmm NOT. I went in to pc world looking for a component hdmi cable and the guy looked at me as if i was a marsian. How about you stop wasting your time because if people are going to buy kinect your opinions wont mean shit

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should be the next step. Not that disapearing bullshit on ghost recon but use actual machines that are feasable and may apear in the future

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when do you ever use the dpad these days. Unless your a streetfighter fan which im not i see no use for them anymore i even play pro evo on the analogue sticks now where as last gen i used the d pad but analogue sticks are so much better now even on the ds3 but for me the 360 pad is better because of the layout which is why im going to buy one of these for my ps3

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when he says its having trouble seeing him did you notice he had a camera on a tripod covering his legs, know wonder the camera was struggling what a retard

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but i dont have A PC

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it got so annoying, i just gave up

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i need this game

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is the only way to play. Although i coulnt do the epilogue on cod 4

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even sonic riders got 7.5 lol. Im a ps3 owner aswell as a 360 owner with move. I dont get you people microsoft are trying something new( dont give me the ps eye bullshit. if you can show me a game on ps eye that can track your whole body ill throw my xbox in the bin)but you wont, i cant wait for kinect

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is so annoying id love to punch him in the face

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gaming shoukd constantly evovle and get better. I garuntee uc3 will have better animation that uc2 its called progression

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gt5 no but it will own most other driving games. i loved pgr2 and the edimborough track this gens pgrs have been a bit off a let down

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but like i said even with the pad it handles great, its just its rubbiswh every where else

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its not even as good as forza never mind gt

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i liked modern warfare 2 but for me cod4 is yet to be beaten in the multiplayer side of things.

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In the grand scheme of things sony is still newcomer. gamings been around for allot longer than the playstation. nintendo will always rule in japan,

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forza 4 should be better than gt5 and then gt6 should be better etc. both franchises should keep pushing forward.

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ill defo let you know if its any good or not, im not a fangirl if its shit ill put it on ebay

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could have 1 but dont want one. I have a nokia n97 which i think is far better than an iphone.

On topic. A playsation phone would interest me, i feel gaming is just tacked on to phones.

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