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It's funny how you say Killzone looks like the first one, yet all the Halo's are just the same. Man, you ignorant fanboys contradict yourself so much, it's hilarious. Oh, and for the record, Naughty Dog's multiplayer additions to both Uncharted and The Last Of Us are downright awesome. #11.1
By the way, N4G stands for "News For Gamers" ... #3.7
I like Gearbox due to the awesome support they give out for their game. Even after release they continue to update it. #1.3

You do realize Ellie was taking care of him for a very long time.... right? Hence the "Season change" to Winter? So it's quite believable... The scene where he does get the wound, and interaction with the environment really displays a lot of character and it actually quite mindblowing. Extremely well done sequence. Just li... #3.1

You forgot a couple:
- Daylight
- InFamous: Second Son
- The Witness
- Deep Down
- Outlast
- Warframe
- Planetside 2
- Transister
And probably a few others I forgot.

And of course the ones you mentioned:
- Killzone: Shadow Fall
- Drive Club
- Knack
- The Order: 1866

And what about the other countless games that Sony will announc... #1.8.3
Which is available on PC as well, so I don't have to worry about not being able to play it. That being said, I'm quite intrigued by it. The lack of Sunset Overdrive on the list is quite unfortunate... I may have to steal someone's Xbox One to play that game sometime... (; #1.15
I HIGHLY recommend you play Demon's Souls. Aside from The Last Of Us, it's the only game this generation that deserves a 10/10 score in my book. Absolutely phenomenal!.. Dark Souls on the other hand.. I just couldn't get into it (And yes, I preordered it, and have the collectors edition) Maybe I'll give it another chance before Dark Souls 2 comes out... #1.1.2
Sony announced to Gamestop to take an unlimited amount of Pre-orders for the PS4. #8.1
Xbox One:

PS4: Click on "launch edition" it's sold out. Bundles are available though.
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It's $2.50 from what I've heard. Therefore, I guess that's two confirmed purchases. #1.1
I'm quite certain those are inches, not feet. About 70 inches tall = 5'10. #5.1
Lol #10.1
If you bought it new, it comes with an online pass.... In fact, ALL games purchased new come with the online pass. #6.1
Again, like last generation. Most 360 exclusives I could play on my PC, and I guess it'll be the same this generation. A majority of Xbox One exclusives will be available on PC as well.. On the other hand, I am quite intrigued by the game concept. I'll wait for more information. #16
Holy shit, 10 from EDGE!? That's definitely got to mean something!.. Glad I have my copy pre-ordered! Can't wait until next Friday! #52
I agree with you. Demon's Souls should not be on that list. Initially it was an underground title, but after alot of word of mouth, it's become very popular. On that note, I agree with you in the fact that Demon's Souls is vastly superior to Dark Souls.

But cool, another person who enjoyed Singularity! I thought the game was incredible, unique and very well done. Multiplayer was even pretty fun, though it suffered heavily from lag. Servers were complete **** #3.1
*Starts at* $2,299... Oh jeez. #2.2
I have the PC version for both. I'm sure the console versions are just as good. I'm using an AMD card and I'm having no problems running it on high settings. #2.2
As did I. Certainly a difference in quality right? Not only in graphics, but physics, gameplay, and pretty much everything else. Definitely impressed! #2.1
Definitely worth picking up. Exceptional game, and a huge step up from 2033 in every aspect. #1.1
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