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Drive Club & Project CARS. The epitome of racing games... #4
The Darkness & The Darkness II are among one of my favourite games this generation. TD2 is pretty unique, and really fun to mess around with the darkness powers. Highly recommended if you're even remotely into FPS games...

And the Deadpool game is surprisingly fun as well. Good for a dose of quick hack n' slash fun. #4.1
Damn, that guy's sarcasm was so damn obvious. He got disagrees because you guys thought he was serious!? Well, maybe not you, but still. Though your comment was pretty funny too.

But than I can't support him in it's pathetic second statement. #1.1.3
This is a dream come true. HELL YESSSSSS!!

Drakengard and Chaos Legion were probably my two most favourite PS2 games. Alongside DMC3 which is my favourite game of all time. I'm pre-ordering this the second it's available! #4
I adored this game. Platinumed it as well! But reviews destroyed this game, sadly... #2
I adored the living hell out of Crysis 1 and Warhead on PC. I've completed them both countless times. Crysis 2 just didn't leave the same feeling for me. I never even bothered with 3. Though I plan to in the near future...

Back on topic. This KZ:SF vid is absolutely phenomenal. Certainly can't wait to play it more than any other game right now! #5.2.3
I'd have to say; in no particular order

Burnout 3: Takedown (PS2)
NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 (PS2)
Crash Team Racing (PS1)
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift (PS3)
Gran Turismo 2 (PS1)

NFS: Underground 2 and Mario Kart 64 are honorable mentions. #9
I agree wholeheartedly. Games are easily hitting the 5GB mark with updates/patches and such on the Vita. And with the 32GB Card being like $75, even with the price drop that's incredibly expensive when you can get Class 10 32GB Micro SD Cards for under $30... My 8GB card just isn't cutting it for all these now. Updates for the games I own, I have to constantly delete, reinstall games and such. It's quite frustrating. #1.1.7
Then why bother comment? *Smh* #12.1
Alright, well my apologies for calling you a fanboy. Forza & GT fanboys always think the aforementioned is the best game ever. But as much as I love both of those games... they don't compare to Project CARS. Take a look at this video. Both the graphics, driving, and holy **** the SOUND is downright awesome. And that being my most favourite Supercar (next to the Saleen S7 TT) just makes it that much cooler to myself. Check it out:
You Forza "fanboys" are too damn hilarious thinking it's the best in every area. Project CARS will **** on Forza with graphics, physics, sounds, environments, and everything else. Forza may have more cars available though. Not saying it won't be a good game, but Project CARS just looks nearly perfect, in my opinion.
... #3.1.4
Just get it on PC... That's what I'm doing. #1.7.1
I know, it's a hell of alot worst in CoD. Damn you "CoD" fanboys think it's the best game ever created and keep buying the same rehash every year. That being said, I've only owned CoD4 and MW2 before I got sick of the franchise. I sold em' both. #3.3.1
It's funny how you say Killzone looks like the first one, yet all the Halo's are just the same. Man, you ignorant fanboys contradict yourself so much, it's hilarious. Oh, and for the record, Naughty Dog's multiplayer additions to both Uncharted and The Last Of Us are downright awesome. #11.1
By the way, N4G stands for "News For Gamers" ... #3.7
I like Gearbox due to the awesome support they give out for their game. Even after release they continue to update it. #1.3

You do realize Ellie was taking care of him for a very long time.... right? Hence the "Season change" to Winter? So it's quite believable... The scene where he does get the wound, and interaction with the environment really displays a lot of character and it actually quite mindblowing. Extremely well done sequence. Just li... #3.1

You forgot a couple:
- Daylight
- InFamous: Second Son
- The Witness
- Deep Down
- Outlast
- Warframe
- Planetside 2
- Transister
And probably a few others I forgot.

And of course the ones you mentioned:
- Killzone: Shadow Fall
- Drive Club
- Knack
- The Order: 1866

And what about the other countless games that Sony will announc... #1.8.3
Which is available on PC as well, so I don't have to worry about not being able to play it. That being said, I'm quite intrigued by it. The lack of Sunset Overdrive on the list is quite unfortunate... I may have to steal someone's Xbox One to play that game sometime... (; #1.15
I HIGHLY recommend you play Demon's Souls. Aside from The Last Of Us, it's the only game this generation that deserves a 10/10 score in my book. Absolutely phenomenal!.. Dark Souls on the other hand.. I just couldn't get into it (And yes, I preordered it, and have the collectors edition) Maybe I'll give it another chance before Dark Souls 2 comes out... #1.1.2
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