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"We can't please everyone"


I'm not denying the quality of the game dude, it's just that it could of been presented a bit better, a title without "Will Blow You Away" would help #4.1.1
I can literally name nine (real people) and me who are waiting for games like The Witcher 3/Destiny before purchasing a PS4

Lots of games to come #4.1
I could of wrote this, my story is pretty much exactly the same (although i've kinda given up)

Been years since I last attempted that final trophy, reading this has kinda inspired me to try again

I just can't get away from Dark Souls 2, after I have the platinum for that maybe then i'll give Limbo another go, it's a great game, it deserves another run or two to get get 100% #1
"Will Blow You Away" i'm still here, it didn't move me at all, it looks like what it says on the tin *a mod*

Looked like a scene from Crysis with added Jurassic Park sound fx

Nothing to see here that will "Blow You Away" #4
Give it a rest man, YOU lot always pull that card "wait until E3" every year is the same

Also "The order.. looks like a great game but with no multiplayer content" and later you mention Quantum break

Titanfall was your biggest game of 2014, a game aimed straight for the XB1 crowd, a brainless online fps, and it didn't really help at all

The 1st Xbox was outsold by Playstation, the 360 was outsold by the Playstation and... #6.2
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It other words "we're going to milk the sh!t out of this franchise"

Watchdogs 2 2015 #2
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Dark Souls 3 is really going to have to up its game, i'm loving DS2, played it as much as you have (although i'm halfway through ng+) but its starting to go the way of Assassins Creed, its becoming too samey #14.1.1
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If the opening of door/chest animations were shorter 15 minutes could of been shaved off the total time

Why does my 55 strength character open a door or a chest like he's a wuss #1
Good move Sony, let Square sink by themselves

I don't want Square to sink by any means, I want them to make GOOD games like they used to (i'm LOVING FFX again) it's all resting on the next FF game (which looks AMAZING) but those mofos have fooled me before #4
Lol, when he stopped at the end I thought *it would be so funny if he carried on* and he did lol #1
I hope it has more threats, like deranged bears in the woods, or packs of hungry wolves #2
More talk #2
No excuse, Bad Company 2 had all of that, yeah it looked a little less pretty but it ran pretty solid, best Battlefield game to date #4.1
The list is lame (opinions I guess) my list would definitely have Okami, all the Hitman games (the ones composed by Jesper Kyd)

Populous The Beginning, FF8 and X (never played FF7) Hotline Miami, Tenchu, Road Rash, Journey, there's too many #6
Lol you're waaaaaaaaaaaay off target bro #3.1
As long as it looks good on the PS4 I don't give a damn, it can't look and worse than the PS3 version of BF4, a game I play every now and then, it looks like garbage but I make the most of it, I still have fun

The Witcher 3 will be when I buy a PS4 #3
He's the voice of my childhood #1
Yes mate i'll do it #3.1
Okami, Tenchu, Syphon Filter, Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike #8
Syphon Filter, I honestly dreamt (sometime ago) that Naughty Dog announced it #6
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