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"Can't please everyone"


The ony XB1 exclusive i'm bothered about is Below https://www.youtube.com/wat...

It looks great, love the music.. #8
Still no AAA games, been hoping for AC: Black Flag, i'm holding off buying Black Flag because I know soon as I do it'll end up on PS+ #1
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Makes Uncharted look like a comedy #1.3
"this sudden attention to resolution and fps" where have you been for the last 7 years? it's been like this for a long time now, since the early days of the PS3 #1.2
Mr obvious is obvious #1.1
Done? when did he even start? #2
Silent Mountain
Loud Hills #6.1
lol you shut me up XD #3.1.6
Yeah right, if anything SE are rubbing their hands together, even if it doesn't sell that great on the XB1 they've already made a ton of cash, combined with PC sales and further down the road PS4 sales what have they got to lose? #3.1.1
Nah man, I want the full exprerience, I try my best to not look at games (or films) I KNOW i'm going to like

Loved Fallout 3 #9.2.1
Yeah I know, I didn't watch it, i've only seen the reveal trailer so far #9.1.1
Must....not....look #9
I didn't bother with the sequel, Prototype was REALLY sloppy, it looked like a PS2 game, some good ideas I liked the wall running but that was about it #8.1.1
I know some will disagree, it doesn't matter what anyone says these days to be honest, but Prototype was one of the worst games i've ever had the misfortunes in playing, awful game, almost as bad as Resident Evil 5 #8
What about those people who have hooks for hands? "this is being discriminative against disabled people" #3.1
News? lol, news is the gunman who just killed afew US soldiers today, this is just DUMB #1.1.1
I love pizza, I wouldn't buy/eat a mouldy one #1.1.9
"Armada came out yesterday" yesterday?!?

*goes to Amazon*

Edit: You're right, wow, just ordered it for myself, thanks, you've cheered me up "a little" it'll take my mind off my other problems

+1 buddy #5.1.1
I keep saying the same thing so i'm sorry but if you haven't read Ready Player One I suggest reading it, I was on the fence about VR but now I really can see the potentional #5
Vigilante 8 #9
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