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"Can't please everyone"


Okami or Brothers #4
I played Apocalypse on the PS1, I remember it being the first game I played that had swear words in it, I remember Bruce Willis saying "sh!!!!!!!!!!!!t" I was like "woe that's koooOOL"

I enjoyed it at the time, would suck now #1
Good Choices, i'll add Fallout 3 #6.1
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FFX/X2 is coming to the PS4 http://uk.ign.com/articles/... #4.1
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That amount of green I smoke I'm not surprised things slip my mind from time to time, I wouldn't platinum a game unless I totally enjoyed it #1.1.5
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I keep forgetting about Dishonored, it was one of the best games I played last gen #1.1.3
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I'm going with Doom 4, there was supposed to be a beta if I remember #1.1.1
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Yeah yeah we get this every year, Shenmue 3 rumours will spawn soon

I'm not even buying a ticket to get on the hype train this year, hell I'm not even leaving the house #1
Then why even bother with the /10 if it's impossible to achieve, why not make /9 the highest?

I skydived a few years ago with some work buddies, it was a 10/10 experience, nothing I have ever done has made me feel more alive, so by your logic I should give that experience a 9/10 because maybe one I'll do it again, maybe a little higher this time and for longer and this time I'll make sure I wear some extra nice shoes just to make my experience that bit better #1.3.4
I disagree, Red Dead Redemption IS a 10/10 game #1.3.2
Mind blowing, really? if this blows your mind you wait until you see someone peel a potato #5
I'd play them all again, I first played them on the PS3, so it went ME2, ME1 then ME3, bit backwards I know, I played them as they were released

Would be nice to play through them all with 1 Shepard, rather than 3 different ones #2.1.1
Are you lot really arguing over which console has the most loyal fanboys, lol

Fanboys are fanboys, are they even worth talking about? #1.1.14

At least I know I'm not seeing things lol, I really thought it was him, like you say the skull on his shirt is abit small #1.4.6
Until the days when directors like Christopher Nolan and Neill Blomkamp start making videogame movies we're going to be stuck with these teen cash grab directors #1.1
And Hellsvacancy says to stop complaining about justifiable complaints #1
Ooops, I thought the dude on the right at 0.52 was the Punisher #12.1.1
So the dude on the right at 0.52 isn't the Punisher? #1.4.3
Who cares, the Punisher is in this game (big Punisher fan) #12
It was the same for the PS3, Mafia 2 had no grass in the PS3 version #3.2
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