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"Can't please everyone"


It's not as easy as you may think dude, gaming used to be wonderful with my daughter, games like Ni No Kuni, Journey etc

But then, one dark cold unforgettable night, Minecraft was unleashed from the pits of hell upon PS3 owners, my daughter doesn't want to play anything else now, it's all she talks about, it's all she watches (Youtube) it's all she thinks about, even when we go on holiday, or to the zoo or something, somehow she manages to bring up Minecra... #2.1.2
Really? wow, talk about telling me something I honestly didn't know

So even with only 512Mb RAM the 360 managed a game like GTAV, impressive

I'm no tech head but just from looking at the numbers in front of me 8GB will be fine for years to come, I kinda knew that anyway, I knew last gen systems used very little RAM but I didn't actually know how little they used. What's Naughty Dog going to do with 8GB RAM?

Off topic (kinda)... #1.1.1
Like we didn't know that already, how much RAM did consoles have last gen? 1gb or less I think, consoles still managed to output some amazing looking games

I'm sure by the end of this gen games will look spectacular #1
The ONLY game i want from Insomniac is Spyro The Dragon, they're the only games i've ever liked from them, I didn't like the Resistance games very much at all #3
Ni No Kuni is a must play if you've got the imagination to play it, it's not my typical type of game, but I LOVED it, I can't think of a game that made me smile as much as Ni No Kuni

My daughter loved it especially (she's 6) I completed the majority of it with her so no excuses that it's too hard/complicated because it really isn't

I'm hoping Ni No Kuni 2 is announced at TGS #2

S2 is virtually the exact same game as S1 so I see your point, it's still fun though #1.2.3
I completed season 2 of The Walking Dead last night........ on my PS3

Bloodborne will never be on the PC just like Demon's Souls wasn't, although I liked the Dark Souls games they didn't live up to it's predecessor, Demon's Souls set the bar that Dark Souls fell far short of, Bloodborne looks to raise the bar even higher

I'm glad Bloodborne is only on the PS4 #1.1.6
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Cheers i'll give it a watch #5.2
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I want RTS games on the PS4, i'd kill for Starcraft 2 (maybe not literally)

S2 is one of the only games I play on my laptop #1.2.1
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I hope I can play my own music for the PS4 version #1.6
I hope your right, Ryse was terrible #7.1
Says Game............ *closes tab* #1
Most of them will be made into movies/TV shows eventually

Starfox would be great, I could see that working as a movie #1
Moments of it were REALLY impressive #6.1
I'm still waiting for HD version of Fahrenheit #4.1
I enjoyed and hated it, I liked the story (although I guessed the twist really early on) it had awful controls though, really unresponsive at times, I liked all previous QD games

Not sure i'd want to play Beyond again, unless the controls are tweaked, maybe use the touchpad instead #1.1.1
Ash from the Evil Dead? oh this is "offbeat" how about David Cameron the leader of the Conservative Party #1
"Crytek’s engineers claimed that Crysis 3 at Ultra settings is already an impressive looking game, and that adding just more (effects, higher resolution, etc.) is not an option on weaker hardware, which basically explains why Ryse was running at 1080p with 30fps on Xbox One"

I thought Ryse was 900p #3
Can't wait to try Outlast (not gotta PS4 yet) i'm hardcore, I don't scare easily at all, it's kind of a curse really, I miss that feeling of terror #4.1.1
Well then, why should it be the same this gen? #23.1.2
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