Can't please everyone


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I'd say about £200-£300 I guess

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What sort of GPU dude? Like I say I'm a novice to all this, a friend sold thr pc to me for £250

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What sort of GPU would I need?

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I've recently got myself a fairly good pc (I think it's good)

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
Video Card
AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series
12 GB

What do I need to to do to make it better.....please, kinda a noob to all this....

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I'd happily ask for a harder mode, something like you only get X amount of lives....

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I've not got a 4K tv so I don't care

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"And it is something the PS3 did no problem"

The PS3 didn't pay MKV files either so I don't see what your point is

A hdmi from my laptop to tv works just fine

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I totally agree but it's going to be no different, Fallout 4, as it is with it's low end grpahics, less rpg elements etc is their fastest selling game

Doubt they'll break the formula that has made them so much money

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Technically you're right, Red Dead is 720p on the 360 and something silly like 576p on the PS3, and neither had a stable 30fps

1080p is the standard for consoles now, I think that's what the author is trying to say

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WHAT!?! Populous The Beginning is NOT overrated

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Vikings never gets any love. That Shannara tv series is awful

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Still waiting for it to be remastered

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Looks like a 3D version of the original GTA

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If it's bigger than Donald Trumps ego then yeah, it's too big

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It's not for me, just yet, I understand that if I want the tech to be successful I should support it, it's going to be successful regardless of my support

I shall wait afew years until the tech is more advanced and the software is there

After reading Ready Player One a while ago I see the full potential for VR, it's going to be 5 to 10+ years

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Sonic rebooted......again

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Not that I didn't like Fallout 4 but it was very Fallout 3.4ish, it's a game that's literally more of the same

I still think Fallout 3 is the better game

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Surely one must play these games first

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Adam's Venture? cool, wonder where i'll be going

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People can get addicted to anything, porn, dohnuts, exercise

There's nothing wrong with addiction, unless your addiction affects other people other than yourself

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