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"Can't please everyone"


HAHAHAHAHA are you joking?....... wait, your not are you #14.1
Kojima make tea? I bet it takes him a week "it must be perfect" #1.1
If people want it then why not? I'm sick of these people that hate on remasters, not every game gets remastered, I never got a remaster of A Dogs Life PS2 coz nobody liked it (but me) #3
I'd rather just buy a PS4 with the Witcher 3 as I plan to #2
Man I've been awakes for days partying drinking etc etc

The dudes brain probably couldn't take it anymore, I mean 19 hours of WOW? I played that game for 2 hours and that was enough for me

And I don't see how this is news, it's not the first time or even the 50th #2
You've never seen this have you https://www.youtube.com/wat... #11.1
How will it compromise the PC version, the PC version has been out for years, I should know I own/play it

I grew up playing rts games on consoles, Command And Conquer, Populous to name a few and I used a gamepad so this whole idea of "you can only play an rts game using m/k is BS" don't the same idiots think the same about first person shooters? "oh you can't only play fps games with a gamepad, you really need m/k for that"

STOP LI... #2.1.6
Could you not use the PS4s touchpad? i've played loads of rts games using gamepads, didn't really hinder my experience

Your basically saying consoles should never get an rts game because you can't use mouse/keyboard #2.1.1
Starcraft 2 PS4 PLEASE............ I know it won't happen, a man can hope can't he? #2
Oh I have every intention on getting Bloodborne, massive Souls fan here #3.3.1
Demon's Souls had no checkpoints or bonfires, that alone gimped the difficulty in Dark Souls, I very much enjoyed Dark Souls but it was easier than Demon's Souls

I did love the Painted World Of Ariamis in Dark Souls #1.1.5
People will pay for anything if it's good, hell people pay for things even if its a piece of junk and overpriced, Kinect sold it just didn't have much support #1.1.3
No love for Heavy Rain? #4.1
Why is everyone (including me) pinning their hope on E3? wasn't both Skyrim and Fallout 3 announced at the Video Game Awards? #1
PS3, flawless victory............ maybe not flawless but close, in the end it had too many awesome memorable games

The early years of the PS3 were pretty bad, Sony did extremely well to turn it around "kinda" like what MS is doing now with the XB1 #1
Really? oh well, thanks

Guess that means I can buy a PS4 earlier than I planned #3.1.1
What's VR if not revolutionary, it's got REALLY big potential, I didn't see the potential until I read Ready Player One, VR could be huge if done right #1.1.1
I'm waiting/hoping for a Witcher 3 PS4 bundle, if not i'll have to buy them separate, either way May is the month i'm buying a PS4, regardless #3
Yeah he's a good actor also, I don't hate A3 as much as i'm making out, it just wasn't the Alien film I thought it was going to be #5.1.3
He was one of the very few good things about Alien 3 #5.1.1
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