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"Can't please everyone"


Fallout 4 is all i'm interested in for now, can't wait, I saved 9 days holiday just to play it #5
Okami, I would love to see a full on sequel for next gen systems, I played a little of the DS Okami, couldn't get into it #1
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I commented here on N4G years ago that I would call my game LawBreaker

http://n4g.com/news/234860/... #2.3
So they're seperate games...

I'll probably play GZ later after work.

Thanks for the replies

+1 to you both #1.3
I've got Ground Zeroes installed on my PS4, has been for ages, but i've yet to play it

Sorry to sound dumb but do I need to play it before playing the Phantom Pain? is GZ in TPP?

Thanks #1
Please I really want Ni No Kuni 2........ #1.3
I posted the same above, didn't notice your comment

+1 for intelligent #2.4
A Tenchu reboot, it's been faaaar too long #1.4
Thanks for sharing your pointess opinion, you've added so much to the discussion....

Here's and idea "stfu" #7.1
I'll see how DS3 plays out, I am really enjoying Dark Souls 2 Scholar Of The First Sin at the mo #8
You didn't really answer the question buddy, it's not what you "a single gamer" wants, it's Can Rise of the Tomb Raider Go Against Fallout 4?

No it can't, 1 game released across 3 platforms vs 1 game released across 1 platform....

The Answer is no, and even if ROFTR was released across as many platforms as F4 the answer would still be no

Don't belive me....... just wait and you'll see #1.10
"the top selling console and No. 1 in software sales" and that's why you won't see a pricecut or a slimmer model anytime soon, no need to #7
I was thinking the same thing #1.1.1
Yeah some of what you said is right, but recently I replayed BF4 on the PS4 and it wasn't actually all that bad, some of was quite enjoyable, it sucked on the PS3 (my first playthrough) but it was alright on the PS4

I would of probably enjoyed the sp to Battlefront #1.22
They're using the same voice actor so it could be worse in that respect

It does look fun though #3.1.1
Bless him look how cute he looks, why they made him look younger is beyond me #3
We say that every patch, here's until the next one #1.1.1
You can just pirate them on PC, just saying #10.4.1
No, what i'm saying is just becuase the masses buy something doesn't mean it's good #2.2.4
Max Payne 3, I could've played that game forever #6
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