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"Can't please everyone"


How does he know those that purchased an XB1 are satisfied?

Your very typical PR guy #1
I'd swap Evolve with Bloodborne #2.3
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Boomerang Rentals are GOOD, I use them sometimes #1.1.1
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"It's been a long time coming, almost there"

Awesome way to troll people, was a really nice touch to the trailer that looked EPIC #1.8
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"Haters gonna hate" why say something totally stupid like that, it may sound like a totally alien concept to you but maybe "some" people genuinely didn't like the last DmC, or have any trust left in Capcom, it doesn't mean they're "haters" just because they didn't like something

I didn't like the new Hitman, compared to the older games it was trash, I didn't like the new direction the devs took the series, guess i'm a &q... #4.2
And a dude wearing a bear pelt = awesome #2.1
"the great reception of the beta" I cancelled my Destiny PS4 pre-order Bundle after playing the beta

Although the beta was fun at times, Destiny was not the next gen game I thought it was going to be, it's too small with nothing to do besides shooting the same enemies, then I run forward a little, turn around and they've spawned back again in the same place

A 6 may be a little too low, 7, 7.5 is about right #1.1.2
I'm speechless for thinking this article would leave me speechless #3.1
#2 231 million copies of Ride to Hell: Retribution

Yep, this article is FAR from serious #1.1.1
I'm as nice as they come, except weekends

+1 #4.1.2
"a warrior wearing a bear pelt" is the first thing I noticed, AWESOME #30.1.1
No one is safe in my GTA game, I treat/kill everyone the same #4
There I was thinking it was going to be a serious article, how wrong was I #1
I'm not looking at any more Bloodborne, that's it for me until the game releases #2
Knowing MS they'll butcher it #1
I hope so, why are the cutscenes in widescreen? #2.1.1
So GTAV is in widescreen? I hate black bars #2
Does anyone know how much money Microsoft invested in the XB1? MS could've bought loads studios etc with that 2.5 billion, they've basically given the people at Mogang eary retirement money #3
From Activisions point of view Destiny was a huge success #2.1.1
Yeah, a Mini Multiplayer Online game #4.2
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