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"Can't please everyone"


I'd buy/play it, it's only a game, I like these types of games anyway, I don't care if i'm shooting zombies, plants, asteroids or in this case people, I just enjoy these types of games

I understand the controversy, I just think people should stop acting like pussies and get on with it, your shooting pixels not people, I KNOW the difference #5
I keep meaning to buy it, I know soon as I do a remastered version of Dishonored will be announced #1.4.1
Take your time, make Dishonored 2 the best you can for each platform, I hate yearly franchises, looking at you Ubish!t

Dishonored was one of the funnest games I played last gen, i've still not played the dlc #1
Title should read "Bloodborne Will Be One Of the Biggest Hits of 2015"

There's too many games out next year to decide so early, either way, Bloodborne is the game that will make me buy a PS4 early next year, I couldn't think of a better game to play first

A little while later Witcher 3 is out #6
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No love for Issun from Okami? the little annoying thing you end up falling in love with #4
If it did DuelShockers would make an article about it #6.1
Why? is it too tough to create something original these days #1
I hope we atleast get a remaster of Fallout 3 or New Vegas whilst we wait for Fallout 4, i'd love to play those games again with a better framerate etc, I wouldn't want to play it again on the PS3 #4

Lol +1 #1.1.8
Well you're a random guy and I don't take your comments serious, at all

Angry Joe is only a random guy if you don't know who he is, obviously, i've been following his reviews etc for years, same as Boogie2988, AlphaOmegaSin, Total Biscuit

If you don't know these people it's on you #1.1.2
Septic you may treat these silly console arguments like your supporting a football team, I don't, my opinions are my own, I don't speak for anyone but me

You think I'm loyal to Sony? hell i'll drop those mofos quicker than you can say "your a fanboy" IF a better console manufacturer appeared, just so happens Sony are the best at what they do, they have long proven history when it comes to gaming

Ezz2013, i've also yet to buy a ne... #2.1.9

Dude, don't include me in your little rant, I don't care for superior multiplats, I don't even own a new console yet, I don't want ANY of the games released so far from either console, this gen has been nothing but boring so far

"Sony fanboys" like they're ONE entity...... oh dear #2.1.5
"PlayStation 4 exclusive title that will be announced at PS Experience"

Uncharted 4 has already been announced #21.1
"To spark discussion" on N4G, you serious dude? the old N4G you used to be able to have constructive conversations with intelligent people, then for some reason the mods got rid of the two separate comment sections and merged everyone together

Now it's all one sided, you either support Sony or you don't #1.1.1
Oh no it's going to be Ryse Son Of Rome, I sure hope not

I'm hoping it's Just Cause 3, it can't be too far away, doubt it'll be an exclusive though so what am I talking aboot #11
Oh no not more games #1
So what happened last gen? if I recall (easily) there was only one console that had top tier exclusives, the other relied mostly on multiplat games

People seem to be forgetting that the console last gen that had the most exclusive game will likely do the same again this gen, there so many unannounced games

For me personally I see no exclusive games (or multiplats) that want to make be by a new console yet #2.1
So is this going to be going against the PS4/XB1 or Ouya? #1.11
Do people actually use Metacritic and how important is it?

I've never used it and never will #2
I can't even finish the 3rd game, I got it when it was on ps+ #2.1
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