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Honestly, much as I would like to say otherwise, the game is still bad even with the loot box purchases removed. The issue is that the progression, experience and development all still surrounds the loot boxes themselves, even without the ability to buy them. So, half the time you're looking at a relentless grind and the other half you're never getting what you want. Plus, atop of this, even with the reduced amount of crystals needed to unlock heroes, EA pulled a few tricks to have it...

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Yes, it's a score. It's a final comment, a final judgement. That's it. If you are so focused upon skipping the thing of substance within the review to focus upon a number, your opinion clearly has no value to me in this matter, 81BX.

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Well, since I answered one comment, why not another. Here's a few of the more notable reviews over the past two months:


Super Mario Odyssey - 10/10
A Hat in Time - 9/10
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - 4/10
Beyond Eden - 7/10
Metroid: Samus Returns - 8/10
Total War: Warhammer 2 - 7/10

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Rarely would I bother with this, but you have me curious. Please, without citing the score, define how this is somehow clickbait. Explain how I am being unfair or simply pandering to others by using the words in that article. Go ahead, I will quite happily wait.

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Agreed. Perhaps once she does, we can start to actually talk and examine these subjects without someone like her turning the whole thing into a farce. That's the sad thing here, the idea of her series has merit. She just royally fucked things up so badly that any attempt to discuss them becomes a complete farce.

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Curious indeed, given the fact the magazine never reviewed Gravity Rush or its sequel. I apologize if having standards, and downgrading a score based upon poor performance managed to offend you in some way. I simply feel that buggy, rushed and glitch ridden games should have their failings influence their overall score.

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Oh this will end well. Why the hell can't some companies just learn from decade old mistakes.

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A few. Not enough admittedly, but some do. Speaking personally, I don't enjoy consoles as much as I used to, but I can understand and respect why others favour it over gaming PC.

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Honestly, it was tempting to give it that score thanks to its strengths until I realised something - twenty hours in I was actually finding excuses not to play the game. This has never happened before, not with a review copy of any kind. I was just so bored with the core gameplay's flaws that I was actively avoiding getting on with the missions, and trying to force myself to continue to the next cutscene. At that point, in my personal opinion a 4 or 5 is too high a score.

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This is hilarious.

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I'll admit, this score surprises me. Every other review aside from this one has been highly positive of the game, the same goes for the Steam reviews as well.

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Quite the interesting point to be sure. Certainly never quite considered this, but it certainly looks like you're right.

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If it introduces the long hinted Ghoul Whale into the game, i'm all for it.

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If you're working purely from a score and actively ignoring any points or reasoning leading up to that score, you clearly have nothing of value to offer any subject involving the gaming industry.

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Perhaps if you read the article you might realise otherwise. Here, I will make it easy for you:

"Let this be absolutely clear – No Man’s Sky is not a bad game, but it never rises beyond an average experience."

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Pardon me for saying so, but five out of ten is hardly low. Middling yes, but certainly not low.

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Well, i'll be getting the soundtrack for this one at least.

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And this is exactly why developers need to stop trying to rush things through steam. Leave out one bit of info and the while thing backfires completely on them.

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Always fun to see the angry Texan reviewer speaking with the public.

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Certainly quite the insightful article, nice to see such thought being put into this even after the Kaizo wave which preceded it.

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