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Oh this will end well. Why the hell can't some companies just learn from decade old mistakes.

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A few. Not enough admittedly, but some do. Speaking personally, I don't enjoy consoles as much as I used to, but I can understand and respect why others favour it over gaming PC.

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Honestly, it was tempting to give it that score thanks to its strengths until I realised something - twenty hours in I was actually finding excuses not to play the game. This has never happened before, not with a review copy of any kind. I was just so bored with the core gameplay's flaws that I was actively avoiding getting on with the missions, and trying to force myself to continue to the next cutscene. At that point, in my personal opinion a 4 or 5 is too high a score.

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This is hilarious.

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I'll admit, this score surprises me. Every other review aside from this one has been highly positive of the game, the same goes for the Steam reviews as well.

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Quite the interesting point to be sure. Certainly never quite considered this, but it certainly looks like you're right.

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If it introduces the long hinted Ghoul Whale into the game, i'm all for it.

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If you're working purely from a score and actively ignoring any points or reasoning leading up to that score, you clearly have nothing of value to offer any subject involving the gaming industry.

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Perhaps if you read the article you might realise otherwise. Here, I will make it easy for you:

"Let this be absolutely clear – No Man’s Sky is not a bad game, but it never rises beyond an average experience."

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Pardon me for saying so, but five out of ten is hardly low. Middling yes, but certainly not low.

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Well, i'll be getting the soundtrack for this one at least.

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And this is exactly why developers need to stop trying to rush things through steam. Leave out one bit of info and the while thing backfires completely on them.

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Always fun to see the angry Texan reviewer speaking with the public.

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Certainly quite the insightful article, nice to see such thought being put into this even after the Kaizo wave which preceded it.

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Honestly the only reason I did not rate it lower was because the voice acting was up to par with previous games, and there were a handful of good moments in the cutscenes. While I wanted to warn people away from Edge of Reality's shovelware, I didn't want to completely overlook the few who had actually put in an effort.

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Huh. Here's hoping they read this list.

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Well, they certainly made a good number of successes. If the franchise is to be resuscitated they may well be the people it needs.

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Yes, i'm afriad it ended up being stuck in editing for several days thanks to a communication error. It would have otherwise been up about five days to a week ago. The video itself is also on their blog's response linked in the article.

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Apparently they're planning to release it in full sometime in late 2015.

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This is either extremely funny or extremely sad.

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