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Certainly quite the insightful article, nice to see such thought being put into this even after the Kaizo wave which preceded it. #1
Honestly the only reason I did not rate it lower was because the voice acting was up to par with previous games, and there were a handful of good moments in the cutscenes. While I wanted to warn people away from Edge of Reality's shovelware, I didn't want to completely overlook the few who had actually put in an effort. #1.1
Huh. Here's hoping they read this list. #2
Well, they certainly made a good number of successes. If the franchise is to be resuscitated they may well be the people it needs. #4
Yes, i'm afriad it ended up being stuck in editing for several days thanks to a communication error. It would have otherwise been up about five days to a week ago. The video itself is also on their blog's response linked in the article. #1.1
Apparently they're planning to release it in full sometime in late 2015. #1.1
This is either extremely funny or extremely sad. #11
Oh how much we lost due to Lucasart's stupidity. #5
Most likely not, they certainly have an uphill battle. However, I was mostly focusing upon what such a lawsuit would potentially lead to in the industry if it was successful however. #1.1
That's probably the single best thought out article i've seen on this subject to date. Seriously, i've heard the game condemned repeatedly over this but that's some incredibly detailed reasoning you have for it there. #1
The man speaks the truth. #5
Huh. I'd honestly never noticed that before. I thought you were going to make a comparison between the Songbird and Delta's deaths but that's actually quite interesting. #1
Heh, read the article before you comment. It's probably the funniest thing i've seen all day. #1.1
Looks promising if a bit generic. #1
Yes, because this sort of decision never results in negative PR. #3
Here are a few more reasons:
Origin Systems, Bullfrog Productions, Westwood Studios, Mythic Entertainment, Digital Illusions CE, Criterion Games, Maxis, Bioware.

Some now gone, some shadows of their former selves and some now releasing sub-par products. All due to EA not letting the developers do their damn jobs and thinking they know how to make a better game. #5
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