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Glad our review could help. As I said, I still enjoyed it, but I wouldn't be rushing out to buy it. #1.1
I don't get what everyone sees in this game. The story is good, but people talk about it as if it's the greatest story ever told. If it was a movie, or a novel, it would be laughable.

Having said that, I like the story and the characters, but the gameplay completely breaks the immersion and is nothing more than a video game.

The Last of Us could have been so much more. Instead it's another game with zombie-like enemies, with exceptional characters... #3
I would certainly prefer they did that then explore the putrid world of Borderlands..... #1.1
How much? #2
I'm a reviewer, and I have to say, I don't understand why there is so much hate.

I'm playing the game at the moment for a review, and so far I'm willing to say that I'm actually preferring it when compared to Arkham City, which I thought was enjoyable but nothing special at all.

I'll refrain from saying much more until I complete it, but at this stage it seems that some well known writers said the game is terrible, so now every review... #1.2
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I like that Trevor is the subject as the song implores that he is a real human being haha. #3
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Absolutely loved the game. My expectations were so high after The Walking Dead, and they somehow managed to surpass it! #1
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I just started playing, and I've played a lot of flight sims in the past, but I can't get a kill. I feel most of my enemies are overpowered and are easily taking me out before I get the chance. Keen to play more though. #1.1
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Uh oh, better call Saul! #1.1
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Since making this report I have found out that the Guru has a far more powerful axe with a longer strike range. Amending the article now. #2.1.1
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As I stated in the article, it seems ridiculous considering all the good experiences I've had with the local Australian PR teams for EA. Really annoyed about the service I received, when all I was trying to do was buy a game! #6.1
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@MidnytRain HAHA I guess it does. They won't ship a lot of things over to us, it really sucks. #3.3
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Absolutely would have done that, except I believe Amazon won't sell game codes to Australians. I could be wrong though. The only reason I didn't buy it from my usual place (G2Play) is because it was cheaper at Origin with their 50% off sale. Funny, the first time I actually try to pay for an Origin game (usually get review codes sent from EA), this happens! #3.2
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Personally I didn't find them frustrating, I found them invigorating and rather challenging, How amazing is the aesthetic and atmosphere! #1.1
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Absolutely! Outland is a great game and well worth checking out. After interviewing Steve however, I feel that Operation Smash is going to feel like a true Metroidvania game that was meant to release on 16-bit consoles, yet was a little too late. Something about the way he talks about the game makes me feel safe that this will be more than a retro-skinned game. #1.1
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Couldn't agree more - this is definitely GOTY for me. Utterly amazing experience from start to finish. I'm excited to replay the entire series in one sitting now. #1.1
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Why isn't it the game for you? #2.1
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I'd definitely like to check it out on the Vita, the smaller screen would make it look a little sharper. #1.1.1
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Yes, yes you do! #7.1
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