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I'm not sure it's the all time best games! . If you are an older gamer there were some great games on Atari , spectrum, c64, Amiga , etc . These just seem to be all modern consoles PC games . To many games missed on this list!

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Stop being bitter little twats and just be gamers. Who gives a rats ass . Play games because you love games no matter what its on . Oh the zx21 has great graphics no no no the amstrad green screen is better no vic 20 is better. There is great games on all consoles . Play them dont be keyboard warriors and bitch.

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I have been a gamer for many years. Since the early 80, s people have been fighting oover what's the best gaming machine. Zx spectrum v comadore 64 , sega v Nintendo so on so on. At the end of the day we all love games and what ever console you pick there will be great games and some crap. Yes ps4 is looking awesome but xbox has some great game exclusive, s . So stop all the bitching and just enjo the fact that talented people are makes our games for the benefit of us the gamers.

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