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Are there any sales number out for it?

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So an own event and they will show ps5?

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Thats just sad! Its getting really old and the competion are running way a head of them!

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I dont see it happening. They havent dominated any of the previous generations. They did ok last gen, but poorly with original Xbox and this gen.

But who knows, they will probably do better then this gen.

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Wonder were it will sell the most!

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I would think its more Xbox players who are trying to bash!

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Im done with Battlefield! I have bought every game since Bad company 1. But im just so sick and tired of every iteration of the franchise moving further and further away from what was good. And im just fed up with EA, i have absolutely no interest in funding them!

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Good :) And thats why you dont want crossplay!

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Its kinda the same as with the og ps4 and xone, but the roles are reversed.

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No! Thats not what the gamers want!

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Why not try to do things better? Doing things diffrent because its diffrent is just absurd!

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It wont sell more than Ps5, but hopefuly it will put up more of a competition!

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I dont think anyone would want to see them in MS hands. And THQ Nordic are still very unproven. But some other third party would be cool.

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I think its a little to late, i think the crowd will play Fortnite and Blackout!

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I agree on all points.

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The first Destiny game didnt get good untill the release of The taken king. I got bored with D2 to, but i have started playing it again now with the forsaken expansion. And so far i think its a big improvment. But i have only played 20-30 hours. I hope it keeps up!

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I prefer Uncharted, but its because of my taste. I bet alot of people like Tomb raider more.

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I think that if you buy it today with the Forsaken expansion, and you havent played it before. You would probably think it was a great game. But for many its a little to late. But im gonna give it a couple of hours.

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