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If it's sort of like the Witcher 2 then it'd be cool

Each chapter had it's own area with side missions and stuff to explore. #11
Because they already announced a season 3. Why would they close off Clem's story? #4
I don't know what the hell you're on about

I played The Witcher 2 on my PC and it was great. It's not the most amazing looking game I've played on PC (that would be Crysis 3) and this game's graphics look better, but not amazing to me either (maybe compared to other RPGs).

I already acknowledged that this game may have more things happening onscreen but MGSV was brought up to point out that even a fairly good looking open world game with d... #13.3.1
Master Chief Collection easily #7
It's 50 Gbs

My internet is pretty shit and I'm on wifi and it took less than 5 hours #9.1
I disagree that the Witcher 3 "looks" vastly better than MGSV. They are about even

I agree that during combat scenarios there is more going on onscreen in The Witcher 3 though. #13.2.1
At the very least we've seen dynamic weather, time of day and AI in MGSV

Lets not pretend The Witcher 3 is running on the Cryengine with loads of things going on real time.

The game looks good though. If The Witcher 2 on Pc is anything to go off of, what's holding them back from 1080 on consoles is probably the little things they include like physics on dangling objects, cinematic depth of field, their type of anti aliasing, leaving bodies on the grou... #13.1.1
No disrespect to them but this game isn't the best looking game yet. I don't see how it's improbable that it can get to 1080p and around 30FPS when a game like MGSV which looks pretty good as well is 1080/60 #13
MGSV? #11.1
Transistor is amazing

It has one of the best OST's ever, I actually bought the soundtrack off iTunes.

The gameplay scales nicely and replaying the game is worth it as enemies get harder and diversify faster. Its also the type of game where it's kinda worth it to trophy hunt because they are directly linked to battles and not shitty collectible ones #1.1
Far Cry 4?
Drive club?
Forza Horizon?
Assassins Creed?
Shadows of Mordor?
Dragon Age? #14
N4G at its finest ladies and gents #1.1.4
The faster combat is enough for me

It's the only reason I couldn't get into demon souls #9
They just need to work out the frame rate problems that I've seen on a lot of their gameplay videos and the game will turn out great #8
Wtf were you downloading onto your PS3? Did you only get digital games? #5.1
I think pretty much all playable pre alpha games shown at gaming events are on devkits or PCs.

Only games that are close to release play on the actual console #13.1.1
I kinda wish this game went back into development for another year or two so we could get more than 50 cars, better damage and more tracks/modes etc

The racing game climate with GT and Forza and now even Project Cars have set standards in terms of gameplay features that Driveclub doesn't reach

The game is a nice start but unless its frequently updated with new vehicles and tracks I don't see it becoming a worthwhile franchise #14
If they make an open world Pokemon game with full 3d graphics and fully animated Pokemon battles I'd buy a WiiU just for that game alone immediately #9
lol I'm too much of a b*tch to even watch the teaser on Youtube. I made it 5 minutes into the video before closing the tab

I do think that the Foxengine adds a lot to the horror element however, because you forget you're playing a game when everything you're seeing looks real.

I imagine this game will be great for the horror genre considering the hands it's in. #8

That makes no sense

There weren't going to be 0 people that bought tomb Raider on the PS3 (which Uncharted 4 wouldn't exist on) and the PS4

Tomb Raider sold great on the PS platforms and many people were/are anticipating the sequel

The internet uproar wouldn't have happened if people didn't care about the sequel #1.1.3
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