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To be fair, this is an hour and a half long video. If he was like me, he skimmed through it just to see the gameplay

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^Generic in that most protagonist in action media (movies/games) is a white male in his 20s/30s.

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It won't. Everybody that is complaining will be there day one to buy the game

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you're joking if you believe all of those games were in full active development for that long lmao

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The games are really more about what's happening with the world and the gods than about Kratos himself. Only the PSP titles really focused on Kratos' backstory and stuff, all the console ones were mostly about the Titans, Zeus and the rest of the gods

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If they start announcing that more and more staple MS franchises are coming to PC, I'll build a ~$600 one and never think about buying an Xbox ever again.

Putting Halo on PC would be a dumb move for the already behind Xbox, making fewer and fewer reasons for anyone to buy the console

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I disagree. Sony did exactly what MS did 2 years ago last gen when they revealed the PS3. Absolutely awful way to appeal to potential customers, and that made the Xbox 360 the lead platform for "almost" all of last gen

What Sony did to turnaround the PS3 is what MS is doing now with the X1. Publish great games, and listen to the userbase. Even though I chose a PS4 this gen (I already own a PS3 and Vita with lots of games and trophies) I can appreciate the cool thin...

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Since you mentioned 2d games, Teslagrad is really great and is available now for PS+

Play it, you won't regret it

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its already a thing. Didn't it break some download record on PSN?

The author of this lives under a rock

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It'll probably reach 6 million by the end of the year lol

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Unity looks bad on consoles and has major popin everywhere

Skin in ubisoft games looks like a cloth texture. They went around blowing a horn because they had 100 people on screen, but from playing the game, its a nuisance more than a core feature.

You're rarely going to be running through the streets because you'll always be bumping into people, preventing you from running. Stealth in crowds has been pointless thus far as well because a smoke bomb is...

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Is that Greg Miller talking?

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That's not how the rating system works. An 85 OVR is analogous to him being an 85% grade student (or an A student)

Its a great rating

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Lmao at people who preordered just for this

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Are you serious? The WiiU has no chance of outselling the Xbox One. Especially with the NX's probable announcement next E3

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Why do you need to see the walls? You already know that they're there

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The character already looks androgynous.

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Can't see why people are disagreeing. I don't have an X1 but MS did a good job of trying to convince me to get one. Other than the god-awful Halo esports segment, the presentation was great. Scalebound looks cool, Quantum Break looks amazing, and the DVR functionality looks like a great feature.

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Thanks for the info. I'm sure no one was aware of this

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