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The kind of people that start a petition to get the bible banned from Target (even though Target doesn't sell Bibles) because extreme feminists got GTAV banned from Target.

I personally just want the game to come out and flop so I don't have to see anymore sites covering this topic for hits. The premise of the game sucks and I very much doubt it'll be a good game worth all the news #1.1.2
Yeah but you think making equally extreme gestures will stop their criticisms? I want the SJW and misguided feminists to go away, not add fuel to the fire by making a point of having them be victims in this game

It's pointless. #8.1.1
Of course they would

This game is perfect for edgy people who think others take their edginess seriously. #8
Don't worry. People on the internet just like to be edgy even if they aren't consistent with their behaviour offline

When edgy internet gamers turn this kind of 12 year old shock gaming into the next "thing" (like ____ simulators are now) a developer will inevitably make a game centered around the "No Russian" level from MW2 where the objective is to murder civilians in airports

Can't wait to have to suffer through another wave... #15.1
Its a good thing

All the edgy internet people that have been crusading for this game can now buy it, play it for 15 minutes, then we'll never hear about it again

Let the game come out and attempt to stand on its own merits of actually being a fun game. Its only mentioned because the developers are being edgy in order to gain attention #1.4
Would rather petition for a FF12 remake because it's actually plausible

Remaking FFVII would cost way more than Square would ever make from selling the game unless they half ass it #9

I downloaded the 2 gig file off gamersyde

Game looks freaking amazing #15.1
The faces actually look similar from E3 and last week


Can't wait to see how the game looks in action during the rainy/night scene

Every game looks better with wet shaders applied

Edit: And Convas, nothing in Uncharted 4 will be prerendered

I think I read somewhere that starting with this game the cutscenes will use in... #5.2
Would only look decent on the Destiny PS4's #6

Looks the same. The only difference is that he's wet and it's dark in the E3 one #1.1.1
All that's gonna change is the resolution lol

Cloud is still gonna be the 4 multi colored shapes we remember from 17 years ago #1.1.1
If its like $5-10 with trophy support I'll pick it up #16

Looks like I will actually play Destiny's MP for fun now (and not for marks) #4
Lol @ the frames being a determining factor

Might as well sell your ps4 #4.1
The only reason I bought it was I had nothing else to play

As soon as Dragon Age came out I have barely touched Destiny at all.

If the Witcher 3 had come out like it was supposed to I probably wouldn't have even bought this game #5.2
It was lock picking

The Arkham games have these types of short minigames as well to show off Batman's gadgets and from what I've seen they aren't excessive or intrusive in this game #5.1
Looks amazing #25
Probably something they missed before releasing the last few patches

They have to set up two different Nightfall strikes for people with and without the DLC #13
The open environments and better stealth elements
The increase in environment interactivity #4
Well then I guess they did a great job modeling her #3.1.1
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