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Wasn't it last week where we saw that more people on the PS4 are playing BF4 than Hardline? #2.1
PS4 offerings aren't very good this month. Feel sorry for you if you don't at least have a Vita or PS3 to pick up Dishonoured or Killzone #10
They really need to have at least a basic tutorial in the game

It's bad business to expect people that are interested to commit to learning how to play the game from external sources when they have no investment with the game to begin with. People jump in, are not given a clue about how to play, and must figure it out on their own #10
I did that fight alone and did the kill all spiders strategy

All you need to do is turn off lock on for the entire fight and role to the left/right and then forward/towards Rom to avoid the falling ice

Kill the spierlings by rolling behind or to the side of them and using (preferably) the extended hunter axe to 1-2 hit kill them from their weak backsides. Once you get near Rom, he stops doing the falling ice attack all together and only uses the ice geyser at... #6.4
It means that I will be playing Metal Gear Solid V throughout fall and forget about internet fanboys arguing about sales #23
Its probably passed 12am somewhere in the UK

Not trusting shit #7
Although I'm def getting the Vita and PS3 games I don't think I'll be downloading the PS4 ones lol #28
My Vita is pleased #9
I could be wrong but I think Spotify is the only service that carries nearly every artist (except Taylor Swift) #8.1.1
That depends though

I'd prefer it be scaled back if it means the framerate never nosedives below 30. #1.3
There is more warm reception than negativity

If some people don't like it, it's fine. The general consensus is that the game is great #15
Sony support kinda sucks but the update has been fine for 99% of people that installed it #7
I wouldn't make a projectile based protagonist

The InFamous games are fun (platinumed all of them, even First Light) but the way you can spam rockets and charged blasts make it way to easy

If projectiles aren't taken out, I would diversify the enemies so that they take more than rocket spam to take down #13
I have to click on the link from the front page to get to this one before I can find that out

On the front page of N4G it only mentions a PS Store sale in the title and a few lines from the PS Blog in the description. If I knew it was only EU from the title I would keep scrolling and not click on it only to discover its only for EU #6.2.1
Came here to post this^

Every single damn time there is no EU or NA tag to let people know which region is having a sale until you click on the article #6.1
The same reason people are impressed by stuff like the Prius clone in GTAV (the Dilettante) runs silent until you accelerate quickly at which point the engine kicks in

Shows that the dev appreciates the little things #8
So they should bleed money for the sake of a few people (Hypothetically)? I based my take on this on other exclusives that make use of Sony's servers.

The ones that are actively used are still up. Just for comparison also, NBA2k14 (the basketball game from 2013) had it's servers go down a month after 2k15 came out. It was the same for all the 2k games before that as well

That's how sports games work. The majority of the player base moves on to th... #7.1.2
Maybe the player base isn't enough to warrant keeping them up?

KZ2 is still working online and that game came out 6 years ago (it's a server based online game, not P2P). It comes to the point where they are literally keeping the servers up for a few people so is it really this big of a deal that they are telling these players to move on to the next game so they don't have to waste money catering only to them? #7.1
I may be in the minority, but I think FFIX is better than 7 in every way

I can't come up with anything from VII that I think was done better than it was in IX #1.1.2
The frame rate during the later Dragon fights is atrocious

Especially the ones where the Dragons would summon their dragonlings to fight at their side. The combination of the enemies on screen, magic used by your party and the resources used on the Dragon itself made the game slow to a crawl #1.2
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