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Thanks for the info. I'm sure no one was aware of this #3.1.3
Did anyone actually get to play it? All I got was server errors every time I tried to start it #3
Its like that in the NBA 2k games with the MyTeam stuff and the purchasable players. You can spend real money, or grind the mode and earn them.

Granted, I think that in SFV it will be more structured in that you can just buy what you want with the fight money. Even if its a grind, dedicated players won't have a problem I think. Game is going to be huge #3.1.3
Thanks Dave Lang #6
Wait what? The Triss DLC already came out? I already downloaded it and the Wolf School Gear DLC

Edit: Nevermind this is for EU #2
WB and Sony have a marketing partnership. The only version of the game being shown is the PS4 version (in case you didn't notice) and all the reviews so far are of the PS4 version

The game will be fine on PC. If the short NVIDIA videos were any indication at least #1.2
Sounds perfectly reasonable. Using Cortana isn't necessary, but a cool feature that they are dangling in the faces of non-Kinect owners. Its an actual incentive to own a Kinect rather than voice commands to navigate the menus that can be done with a controller #10.4

Didn't he die before Cloud became the Cloud from FF7? How could he be in the game at all? #5
Because if I buy the current X1 bundle, I'd have the MCC and this

I was exaggerating a bit on me immediately purchasing the console, but having those two games out the game would be a great incentive #2.5.2
This was my first thought

Unity could barely run on the consoles until many large GB patches later. Ubisoft needs to iron out their engine before they start adding stuff to their games #2.3
Exclusive Pool Nation DLC for all Gold Members #5.2
I'd buy an X1 if that happens #2.5
You really have faith in Square to do anything halfway smart with Chrono Trigger? Watch it just be an hd release on X1 and PS4 #1.1
Different age we're in. The internet makes the world a smaller place.

Things like P.T., Bloodborne, Dying Light etc blew up because of the internet #9.1.3
Make a great game and it will sell well because of word of mouth. People pretend only COD will sell in the market climate #9

Didn't that mission branch out into some treasure hunt because once you enter her house you find a dead body and a note that had been written using the charcoal from the frying pan? #4.3
I bought the Telltale Collection with the season pass for both Tales and Game of Thrones

I've only played the first episode of both of those and I'm just waiting until both series are done before I even continue #2.3
I think part of the reason their games are episodic is so that they can look at the player responses to the choices and alter future episodes to make things more interesting.

For example, if most players seem to hate a certain character for the past 2 episodes, the next one will have the character play a smaller role or even have the option to die off. I think its why all their games have so many unexpected twists. #1.1.1
Well if " first party line up has been sparse" is an actual quote than its pretty clear that they were talking about the PS4's library up to that point, not the future. #6.1
Combat is fine

At this point people are looking for ways to not award this game a 10. On the hardest difficulty, you really have to pay attention to the groups of enemies around you and utilize signs, oils and bombs to make it out each encounter alive

Maybe playing on lower difficulties allows you to spam fast attack and win, but that's your own prerogative.

I've played the game for 40 hours so far, and the fact that not once have I c... #5
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