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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


I think it is fake because that is not the new font of the franchise.


Check the A and R in WAR. They are different than in the leaked screen. #54
cross game chat is useful when you and your friends are playing different games. You could play game A in SP, and your friend game B in SP; both should be connected to the PSN obviously and you both can talk together using cross game chat. #2.2.1
The moron on the right; makes Catholics and any other people that believe in God, to look like brainless persons.

Games dont promote violence. What promotes violence is the lack of a moral education given by the fathers and mothers of the children.

Most fathers these days want TV, video games and the internet to educate their kids; because they don't care about doing it themselves; and that is where the main problem is. The most important education is g... #71
PS4 day 1

WiiU 3-4 years from now.

XBO at the end of the generation (when it is cheap, and if it gets exclusives I care about; and also I will be able to see if M$ flipped the DRM switch again). #40
So it will be similar to Peace Walker? Awesome if so :D #8
Unlimited Pre-Orders?

BUT they will give free 360 games until the XBO launches; after that non of the XB consoles will get free games. So I really wonder, what is so wonderful about this?

Yeah, it is nice to temporary get some games; but M$ is mostly doing so; just so people misinformed think that this will happen with the XBO too; and so they would "jump in"; when that is not the case. #27
I will be playing this on my PS4 at launch wohoo! :D #1
"....couldn't have made TitanFall without the cloud support on Xbox One"

And that is why there is a PC, and a 360 version of the game, right?

Why is it so hard admitting that M$ paid for the (timed) console exclusive? #55
Yeah, you are right in that, I just saw the prices of a 500gb and it is quite cheap. #18.2.1
They are pushing digital content, so I dont think they will put 50gb HDD on the console. It would not make sense. #18.1.1
"The PS4 Also Offers Amazing Value For Your Money"

And who was thinking otherwise??
It is the most powerful console, it is easy to develop for, it has more developer support, it is $100 cheaper, and has the 1st party studios from Sony which are some of the best developers in the world. #12
@Hellvaguy. Sony announced less, because there is no point in showing you stuff that is almost a year away. Sony has 30 1st party games in development for the 1st year on the PS4. They will announce them as time passes at Games Convention, TGS and VGAs. Sony can still surprise; meanwhile M$ already showed most of their assets; and they were not that impressive. #7.1.3
I just saw the links, and the 500gb is cheaper DAFAQ?! lol

OT: M$ wont be able to do that unless they take kinect off the box, and that wont happen. #7.1.1
in order to be $399 it would require to have a 50gb HDD on the consoles; and that is utter rubbish, since you cant exchange HDD.

That is the only thing they could do since Kinect wont be out of the box. #18
PS4 with KZ:SF, Watchdogs and Knack :D #64
PS4 and PC for me. :) #5
Really true; I though at first that it was a not stunning next gen game. But as I began to see some details; regarding shadow and lighting; I realized it was current gen.

They are doing a really good work. #3
A less powerful $100 more expensive console looks better than the PS4?

LMAO! #1.49.1
Looks that what Gamestop did changed M$ position.

:) #264
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