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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


they only have 5 more games to announce, unless they show the games that will be released in 2015 lol #14
I think there will be, considering XBO will be at TGS 2013. #13.1
If no game can get a 10; then why DAFAQ that rating exist?

We know there is now thing such as perfection; but the 10/10 score already takes that into consideration. And it is applied to games that have so many incredible things that overweight dramatically the tiny bits of lesser greatness the game has. #1.2.2
I think the ending is very consistent on how Joel is; and the experiences they have lived throughout the game.

I enjoyed everything in this game. #2
the 3 musketeers FTW!! :D #5
They can always make another Team Silent ;). Akira Yamaoka is a freelancer now If a remember right; so they can still hire him to make the musics in the game. #14.1
Silent Hill needs a reboot. It should be made with the FOX engine AND MADE In JAPAN (if it not made by ND that is ;D)!

They really need to "assemble" a team in Japan; to be be the new team silent; and they should reboot the franchise with a more fresh look and gameplay (making your dude capable of actually fight back the monsters) while retaining the survival (similar to TLoU) and horror (Amnesia) elements of the franchise. #15
Ellie is way better as a character and as a fellow battle companion.

I love it when she does steath kills to some dudes while I am fighting others XD. #9
It is also available for PSN right now. #6
Dualshock 4 is awesome :) #48
"They're just a business. They don't love you."

We all know that; but there are companies that actually make effort in order to obtain your money, respecting the preferences of their costumers; while there are others companies dont give $hit about the costumer and just want to force you what they want. #15
I agree.

I really hope this game make realize people that games are a whole package; and not just gameplay. The story; the graphics, the gameplay; the soundtrack; the narrative...EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT IN A GAME!! #2
I really hope this game has an awesome story and that the sub-mission are well elaborated with also some decent story going around. Mad Max universe is really awesome and rich; hopefully they can put some fallout elements into it. #2
If games were $30 digitally. I would buy all digitally :D #31
I think it is fake because that is not the new font of the franchise.


Check the A and R in WAR. They are different than in the leaked screen. #54
cross game chat is useful when you and your friends are playing different games. You could play game A in SP, and your friend game B in SP; both should be connected to the PSN obviously and you both can talk together using cross game chat. #2.2.1
The moron on the right; makes Catholics and any other people that believe in God, to look like brainless persons.

Games dont promote violence. What promotes violence is the lack of a moral education given by the fathers and mothers of the children.

Most fathers these days want TV, video games and the internet to educate their kids; because they don't care about doing it themselves; and that is where the main problem is. The most important education is g... #71
PS4 day 1

WiiU 3-4 years from now.

XBO at the end of the generation (when it is cheap, and if it gets exclusives I care about; and also I will be able to see if M$ flipped the DRM switch again). #40
So it will be similar to Peace Walker? Awesome if so :D #8
Unlimited Pre-Orders?

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