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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


I WANT MK 10!! #10
Ezio rules! :) #1.2
In engine.......BUT not real time :( #3
crap #2
Cole needs to be the final boss if you play evil as Delsin. It would be MEGA EPIC! #9
David Hayter will voice Solidus Snake most probably, since, even though he is the younger clone, he would appear to have 20ish years. #2.2
She may be more covered, but she still looks really sexy :3 #1.3
Sega owns the IP so, if it sells like crap on the WiiU it will be ported. #11
Netherrealm is owned by WB games, so if there is a news about this, is that only Ed Boon is moving to EA. #7
:3 #1
I think the website is legit, but it will go live after VGX. At VGX most probably people will see F4 teaser, and the trailer will be featured in the website. #5
awesome! More talented people, the better. #2
those 2 panels LOL. They are very competitive. As expected. #2
:3 #1
worthless article, is worthless. #2
does the game has Story mode?? #4
Me three :).

PS4 FTW!! #1.1.1
Mine is from China :) I have 2 years of warranty XD #20
thanks a lot. You can clearly see the differences, but there are not much since the game is not that demanding from a technical standpoint.

I think people wont loose a thing if they get the PS3 version instead of the PS4. #4.1
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