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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


With PS+ you have free games for 3 devices, online for PS4, tons of great features for PSVITA and PS3.

With XBL you only have online.

I wonder which is better. lol #4
Just disappear dude. #18.1.1
XBO policies are bad for costumers. They restrict gamer a lot and take away the right to do whatever I want with my game. I really don't understand how are M$ supporters so happy about this nonsense.

Your "ownership" of the games you bought is basically nonexistent. I wont support the XBO; and I dont give a damn how many console exclusives they have. It is as simple as that. The right to do whatever the hell I want to do with my stuff is a fundamental thing... #21
For me; she is better. #1.1.1
F$CK SE! Just focus on the main game before thinking about sequels!!!

I was so excited for this game because I thought you really learned from FFXIII dissaster and because Nomura actually knows how to make great games. This is your last chance to make it right; if you screw this one up no one in the world will give a damn about you anymore. #13
Battlefront was 3rd person. I want this to be 3rd person too. #11
Now they have my curiosity. I did not like the first game :P #7
yeah, but in the article they are basically saying it is a timed exclusive; so it is not a matter of IF; it is a matter of When. #18.1
They are saying basically it is timed exclusive. As any other 3rd party exclusive M$ had for the 360. Games are to expensive now; so the developer can not ignore the other half of the market. #20
DC:Universe Online and PlanetSide 2 dont require PS+ to play! :D.

I still have PS+ till 2015 though XD #37
I just want the PS4 to be hugely successful. :D #12
I thought this was already known. Ground Zeroes is like Virtuous Mission in MGS3:Snake Eater. #3
Looks really. The demonstration was fun; because it looks like Bungie devs were high LMAO! XD #5
what a waste :0 #12
Bayonetta 2 and X project are the only things appealing to me. #32
a bit hard for a gigantic box to be portable though ;D #9.3
And because Nomura is directing the game. #2.1.1
FFXV trailer destroys everything I have seen. #1
Greatness awaits! :D #34
haha! I agree. FFXV feels like nextgen FFVII. Bloody Fantastic!! #2.1
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