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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


how about some levels too?? like the ones of MGS1 in LBP1?? those were AWESOME!! #1
if it remains to be as the PS1 titles, I dont think it will sell that much. On the other hand, Mario is the same thing over and over again, and it is still sell a lot, so who knows? lol #67
this is like the "story mode" of Unreal Tournament 3. Just cutscenes and then arena battles #4
They said PS4 first, because is the only version they are working on, BUT still they are searching for other viable platforms for their game. #2.1.2
Those are remasters and not REMAKES! #1.19
For me it deserves an 8/10. The graphics need more polish, for a PS4 game it looks like a decent looking PS3 game in 1080p. And the interaction of the character and the environment needs to be more precise; because as it is, it is clunky but functional.

But the rest of the game is really awesome, the atmosphere, the enemies, the locations, and the bosses. #15
thanks Bioware #110
I would like to see the video running on PS4. #20.1.1
Now it is private

Anyone got another link?? #22
I am with you, I did not get scared either. On the other hand my brother was very scared XD. #1.1.15
3rd person PLEASE!! #30

How about the GREY WARDEN!!! >_< #4
he died in MK9 #1.1.1
If Cory is in the pics, then we can guarantee another GOW is incoming WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! XD #9
She is a very good actress; but can we stop this nonsense?

Things happen, just deal with it. #55
It was a good action game, but a bad Devil May Cry game. #16
I prefer it like Budokai (Just Budokai) 3; "2D" perspective.

I Also like more Bodokai 3, because the characters were not balanced, so kicking Brolly in the a$$ with Krilin was just plain BADA$$!! #10.1.1
I want a game like Budokai 3. I dont understand this game; it is and action game with a "fighting camera", they should just put the camera behind the character. #10
Distortion of Phil Spencer face as avatar?? lol XD #7.1
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