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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


Now it is private

Anyone got another link?? #22
I am with you, I did not get scared either. On the other hand my brother was very scared XD. #1.1.15
3rd person PLEASE!! #30

How about the GREY WARDEN!!! >_< #4
he died in MK9 #1.1.1
If Cory is in the pics, then we can guarantee another GOW is incoming WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! XD #9
She is a very good actress; but can we stop this nonsense?

Things happen, just deal with it. #55
It was a good action game, but a bad Devil May Cry game. #16
I prefer it like Budokai (Just Budokai) 3; "2D" perspective.

I Also like more Bodokai 3, because the characters were not balanced, so kicking Brolly in the a$$ with Krilin was just plain BADA$$!! #10.1.1
I want a game like Budokai 3. I dont understand this game; it is and action game with a "fighting camera", they should just put the camera behind the character. #10
Distortion of Phil Spencer face as avatar?? lol XD #7.1
That is fine, people can do what they want, and so do I, and I still call them like that. #6.2.1
yeah PS4 sales right now suck in Japan, so imagine how good the XBO will do considering it even has the worst perk of all: Western developed console. #6.1.1
This video only shows, that M$ still does not get the Japanese gaming audience at all.

-3rd Party titles (Available on PS4 too)
-Already released 3rd party western games (If they care, they already played them on the PS4)
-Western developed titles (They dont care about those)
-Western review sites (The same as above)
-Western developed console (They dont care about that either)

XBO will fail in Japan just like the X360.
... #6
I thought CD project Red was a small company. They should have around 500 people in there considering they are also making other RPG.
I wonder how many people Bioware and Bethesda has?? :O #1
BOth are based on the same Myth character. #4.2
Day ONE for me :D #5
He already did in Spiderman: Edge of time. #1.1.1
I dont see the graphics to be that next-gen really. GGXrd impressed me more. #2
They read them just for the lols, but they dont care about them. #15
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