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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


That pic is sexy :) (even though Lighting is not sexy in the games) #1
Sony should re-buy the Tenchu franchise. I wonder why they sold it to Activision, and why them sold it to From Software. #4
Í think they cant say it is an exclusive, because they want the game to be multiplat; but right now, I bet, the XBO cant handle the engine. #31
here is a new gamplay video (with E3 footage) it looks incredible.

http://www.youtube.com/watc... #11
By how the hair is rendered, it looks to be a nextgen (PS4/XBO/PC) game.

EDIT: Why would they say thanks to M$? They have not released any game published by M$; maybe that new game is for the XBO? Or is it just because they developed for the console? #13
Because some people love to be up in arms when someone talks bad things about women or people that is not white; even though the critic has nothing to do with the ethnicity nor sex of the person. #1.6.1
Why cant they make touch based games for the VITA? The Vita has touch controls too; and also buttons which can enhance the experience.

I will never understand developers. #1
They already said it has remote play. EVERY PS4 game that does not use camera and other extra device will be able for remote play. #3.1
Darth Vader Vs. Sephiroth!!! So much WIN!! #5
PES 2014

Fox Engine FTW! #4
And that is why the game will sell 2M combined (PS3+360+PC+WiiU).

Everything in a game matters, not just the gameplay. #2.1.1
I think Ubisoft should revolutionize the franchise. the gameplay is great; but the story, the narrative and the gameplay scenarios need to be much better. #2
New Vegas felt more "Fallout" than Fallout 3. Maybe it was because part of the original members of Fallout 1/2 work at obsidian. F:NV is like F3:Van Buren, if you read the story of the game back then.

I enjoyed New Vegas a lot, and I think it was a better game than 3. BUT I like better Bethesda approach with the brotherhood of Steel in the game. #4
The Vita at gamescon will continue to get more small games sadly :(

I really hope Sony makes some of their first party studios to make big games for the Vita exclusively. #28
the females in this game look really gorgeous :3 #7
I WANT LEGEND OF DRAGOON SEQUEL!! or a remake of the original an a sequel!! FOR THE PS4!! #9

A Slap in the face of FF7 fans… dat Square Enix #2
they only have 5 more games to announce, unless they show the games that will be released in 2015 lol #14
I think there will be, considering XBO will be at TGS 2013. #13.1
If no game can get a 10; then why DAFAQ that rating exist?

We know there is now thing such as perfection; but the 10/10 score already takes that into consideration. And it is applied to games that have so many incredible things that overweight dramatically the tiny bits of lesser greatness the game has. #1.2.2
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