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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


Day ONE for me :D #5
He already did in Spiderman: Edge of time. #1.1.1
I dont see the graphics to be that next-gen really. GGXrd impressed me more. #2
They read them just for the lols, but they dont care about them. #15
SF5 needs to have SF3 artstyle. #5
SF5 needs to have the artstyle of SF3. #4
and yet Uncharted 4 looks a lot better. #53
the graphics are not improved from GZ :( #3
"In-Engine", but no "real-time" so it does not matter, because the game may not look like that at all. #5
so a rock is alive too?? LMAO! XD #1.1.2
I only need Budokai 3 with PS4 graphics and it will be awesome! #2
"Xbox One allows things we've never done before"

Considering they have only made 1 game for the 360, that statement does not mean much. #7
They need to see MvC3 in order to have a good combat system for spiderman. Edge of time combat system is quite good, but stil those are not Spiderman movements. There should be a light and heavy strike button, jump, dodge/spider sense. Other for using web in combat. If spiderman had the movements he has in MvsC3 and also the super movements in would be awesome. Also the enemies in order to be a challenge need to be "no common thugs", because it has no sense that a common thug t... #2
the problem is that no one is developing games for ONLY Windows 8; because Windows 7 is the most used OS and no one wants to upgrade. #22
hopefully not all are indies :/ #17
I like :3 #3
I WANT MK 10!! #10
Ezio rules! :) #1.2
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