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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


Hayter will play Solidus Snake. He is the only "snake" that, because of accelerated aging, will look kind like an adult. Liquid and Solid are still on their 12 or less if I recall right. #11.1
wrong tab comment lol #18.1
this is basically Advanced Warfare 2 #18
I would like a 3rd person camera and story mode. #14
I agree. Unity for me as like AC1 on steroids, it was like if they forgot what made assassins creed II an awesome game. #7
No story campaign no buy. #22
the head is too big #24
I want bubble :) #12

How about dying against a boss in the Isz chalice dungeon while having 1M echoes because you need 1,5M to level up :'( #1.5
RE5 is awesome!! the Best RE game for me #6
where is DMC4 REMASTER!! #10
syphon Filter!!! #20
Badass male character / sexy badass (not with manly behavior as fem shep) female as protagonist, and lots of hot female aliens.

With great gameplay and graphics of course. More armor and weapon customization options and more open "ended-ness" and more hubs. #17
He is obviously Solidus Snake in the game.

I have been saying this since it was announced he was not going to be Big Boss. #1.5
I want a japanese producer for DMC again. #15
I know we should not expect PS4 graphics, but considering this is "current gen" it looks ugly. #23
I guess they should change their name now, right? Since they are not owned by Sony anymore. #44
I hope this is the last gen version of the game because it looks like a VITA game. #1
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