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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


we are in june -_- #6
if the enemy is level 1 you get 1xp. if the enemy is level 18 you get 18xp that is how it works based on my play time. #3.1.1
considering how it is phrased, it just means that it wont be coming on PS4 this holiday season.

that is all #12
gameplay wise it was a big experiment. Not bad, but it was too hardcore for a god of war game.

I think GOW4 will be more like 3 in the sense that it wont be as hardcore as Ascension.

So ascension will alienate gamers that play GOW4 #30.1.1
I bet the remaster will feature a teaser of GOW4 #9
Nice pic :3 #4
For me New Vegas is as good as F3. #2.1.1
@abash: Nero is the son of Vergil, they confirmed it a long while ago before DMC4 got released in some "capcom games showing", but for some reason it was not much promoted. #1.1.2
it is entertaining and fun, Yes; but GOTY hell now. #6
Kintaro is BADASS! #7
what about the game developer that made the game in the first place, without it no mod could be done at all #2.1
Hayter will play Solidus Snake. He is the only "snake" that, because of accelerated aging, will look kind like an adult. Liquid and Solid are still on their 12 or less if I recall right. #11.1
wrong tab comment lol #18.1
this is basically Advanced Warfare 2 #18
I would like a 3rd person camera and story mode. #14
I agree. Unity for me as like AC1 on steroids, it was like if they forgot what made assassins creed II an awesome game. #7
No story campaign no buy. #22
the head is too big #24
I want bubble :) #12
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