God Of War RULEZ!!!!!
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this kind of game needs to be played like MVsC; or the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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so the vanilla XBO version of the game will run like utter crap.

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rated PG-13??

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Sadly this wont help those who have the original version of the game and have been doing this (what the article says) in order to get season 1 and season 2 characters.

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why can they get better graphics??? there really is not much difference from the PS3 games. Also why aren't they using the art-style of the latest anime/ovas. If you watch the fight of Kenshiro against Southern the art style is fu(king fantastic, better than most action animes.

I am really disappointed in how the game looks :(

Also the fighting is way to rigid, they should play God Hand in order to feel how kenshiro should move and play.

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those DLC episodes need to be integrated in the main game. And you should be able to "choose" when you are at a tent (and when the story reaches that point)

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No, you are wrong, it was a choice in design. The budokai series, and budokai tenkaichi series both came on PS2 (same hardware, same limitations), one 2.5D and the other 3D. Even with all the power of PS3 and PS4, the best game of the DB franchise (not counting fighterZ) is Budokai 3.

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The hype is not as much, because the Last Jedi sucks as a Star Wars movie.

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Ninja Gaiden is the father of the "Souls" genre, so they cant be copying a souls game.

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Most probably the Bioshock about the underground city.

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so far graphically looks really bad (with the exception of the CGI cutscene above), hopefully it will get better towards release.

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The games need to be in 3D so that they can actually do a lot more things faster. Sprite drawing takes to much time.

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Just like Red Dead Redemption, right Patcher??

rolls eyes.

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this game compared to the first is really bad.

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the game sucks compared to the first one.

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wouldn't be cheaper to just buy a 19-20 inches 4k tv??

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Sony is publishing the game, so nope.

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2018 release date I bet

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We will have Devil May Cry 5 and God of War.

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100% agree

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