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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


The game needs to be like the mansion DLC of RE5. That is how a true RE game would be while still keeping up with times.

3rd person perspective but not a 3rd person shooter. #27
It looks awesome!!!!! #2
If that is really you, you need to go to the gym more. The suit is awesome though. #1.2
Just wait for videos to get released and judge it for yourself. Reviewers can be such an A holes some times. If you were looking after the game you shouldnt just think it is trash just because someone's opinion. #7
Just back the game with $60. That is what I did :) #12
GOW KRATOS!!!!!!! XD I am buying 2 copies of this!! XD #2
release it after SFV and after Tekken 7 so it gets momentum from the 2 franchises. #10
Ken face is weird. :S #2
I love the artstyle #10
In order to be legal, Sony needs to be involved, I think. #6

But in order to get Hd textures, you need to hack your game in some way right? why couldnt this be done with PS1 and PS2 emulators? #1.1.7

Bayonetta 1 sold 2.2M, and Bayonetta2 sold less than 1M #1.1.7
she is beautiful and hot, dont know what you are talking about. #27
A rail shooter in this age is kind of dull. #18
it looks really cool, If the sticks were the same as in the DS4, I would have bought one. #23
play in hard. #1.2
I love how the Metal Gear in this game looks more technological than Metal Gear Rex LMAO! XD #6
the dude in flames is Volgin.. CONFIRMED #5
BUT.....will I feel like BIG BOSS?

XD #3
for any Portuguese speaking gamer here. Tales of BESTEIRA :D #23
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