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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


I am loving this! :D #4

4 > 1 #14

4 > 1 #4.1.1

4 > 1 #1.2.1
and half will be kinect stuff just like with the 360. #9.1.2
and Metal Gear Solid V looks better on current gen LMAO! #5
ACIV, and Watchdogs. It was really damn obvious. #2
Jill looks horrible. #1
so far as I know Xbox Live policy is not "compatible" with mmos. #5
damn, I was expecting lots of multiplatform games to be shown, looks like it will only be COD, FIFA, BF4, and another one sight. #47
bu..bu..but the gaming industry is dying LMAO! :D #3
who gives a crap? #15
I still think this game will sell badly. #3
every video so far is nice looking, and deadpool is a badass and funny character, so what is there no to like?

I know the game most probably wont get more than a 6-7 in most sites, but I dont care. It looks very fun. #1.1
as always. #3.3.1
This stuff is not Live, so if ND thought that Keighley spoiled something, they would have asked him for not to include that part in the video. It is as simple as that people. #19
indeed. #1.2.1
He just said that in order to get information from ND and to troll them a bit. #1.5
the controller is ugly and the console is hideous as crap. #9
that is not the case. Insomniac always wanted to remain independent. #6.1.1
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