God Of War RULEZ!!!!!
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Pre-ordered! :D

I am a PS+ until 2015 because of the free games; so I dont give a damn if it is required to play online at this point.

I know a lot of people might be disappointed by this; but the other choice is a $100 more expensive console with DRM, no used games, no rental, online authentication, etc, etc, etc.

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great work Sony!

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FU(K yeAH!

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$500 for a DRM/no used games/No rental TV BOX? NO THANKS!

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And all the excitement goes to the drain.

Still I would never buy a DRM/No used games/no rental TV BOX.

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but now it is QTE exclusive :D

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The conference on its own right was good; BUT the DRM, no used games, no renting games, online 24 hours KILL EVERYTHING.

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hahaha! hilarious stuff.

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OMG! The scope is perfectly round!!!! /s.
Look at KZ2/3 it already does this CURRENT GEN!!

Their tech demonstrations are so damn hilarious.....Hairy arms; fish AIs and Rounded ROUND things.


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If lots of people buy that Anti-Costumer Box, yeah. Hopefully people will inform themselves before buying a nextgen system.

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Looks like M$ wants to get some people back.

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This game is really awesome. I know that at first it was a glitchfest; but after all the patches it is really an incredible experience.

I am right now 220hrs playing :D

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I would be happily surprised if this is something like TLoU easter egg in Uncharted know it ended up being a game XD

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AND stop being anti-costumer. When that happens people will begin to be interested in it.

until then; most people wont care about what M$ does; including lots of 360 users.

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Dear M$:

I dont give a fu(K what you show at E3.

Yours truly

A gamer.

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I was referring to fact the I really dont see how much a 9.8 differs from a 10. How do you take away 0.2? Based on what?? what stops you from giving it a 9.78542 or a 9.931008 as score instead? Got what I mean?

If it was 9.5 it would be reasonable, because it is in the middle of 2 scores; so it is not a Masterpiece but, it is better than amazing. But with 9.8 what is he trying to say? I really dont get it.

I did not mean to say that this game only deserves...

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To be honest if I had to review this game and though it is a 98, I would just give it a 100, really.

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haha! hilarious pic.

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Forza is not a true sim; it is an "arcadish sim".

Your comment is invalid.

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"Drive Club isn't a racing simulator" And neither FORZA dude.

Forza is an "arcadish simulator"; while GT is a true simulator.

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