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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


Yep, it is very cool. I platinumed it last week. The Zodiac Tournament DLC is really badass! Even though I still have my physical copy, it is nice to have it digital :D. #2.1
"probably"? LMAO! XD #3
I can see this happening IF nintendo pays for the porting procedure of the game to the WiiU and provides technical help to make it fast. So that even if it only sells 100K on the WIIU, it is pure profit for Rockstars.

Porting the game for the WiiU is out the budget of the game, so Nintendo needs to use some money to make it happen. #12
yes, but it still requires time (money), and optimization for it to run in that hardware (more money). So it just depends if Rockstars sees they could have some profit after they do all that stuff. #2.1.2
yep, similar to Super Street Fighter IV. If you have not bought the original, if you are interested, you should buy this. #3.1
I will wait for the PS4 version of the game. #3
if GTAV comes for PS4 I will but it, if not nope. I will buy Watchdog for PS4. #5
at most it will be timed exclusive. #47
a review of an update? for real? LMAO!!! XD #7
As long as the melee combat does not suck like in every silent hill game, I dont care. #5.2
I don't know why, but the Idtech5 they are using looks very similar to the fox engine. #6
The VITA has always PSN versions. #24.1.1
It should be $20-$30 on the VITA and $40 at most on the PS3.

It will flop just like Rayman origins at $60 #6
a game is not ONLY about the gameplay! They need to have a bigger scope story-wise. Terrorists against USA?! really DAFAQ! They need to make it more global. And the game needs to be more open, and not just point A-B mission accomplished, and then they teleport you to another location.

Also, they need to add Boss fights in this game. #16
Most fast food is made so that it is addictive AND that you find distaste with normal food. So it would be better for you to stop eating that $hit. #2.1.3
Darksiders 3 needs to be more like 1. Darksiders 2 was a very deluded experience in order to be longer.

And please hire Madureira as the creative director of the game please! His art made the game alive. If the art style changes the whole game will be a piece of generic crap. #4
story mode? I loved the story mode of the first game. #2
which was MGO2?? So far the only I know about MGO which was included in MGS4.

Or the online in PW was considered MGO2? #1.1
It would just be a trolling experience. If moving is by default made with the left analog stick, why change it. it feels natural, and that is the purpose of it. #1.6.1
I will believe it, when I see it. Hopefully the can achieve it though. #1
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