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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


WOW a time exclusive. Sony is so screwed.


LMAO! #26
the truth is that revengeance is a bad game at the end of the day. The story is so stupid.

and the badass Raiden we got in MGS4; became a cocky retarded.

Disappointment all over the place. #1.2.2
I really think Hayter will be in the game voicing young Solidus Snake. #21
it is the new WiiU ;) #9
nope. Troll sites are not included. #12.1
troll review is troll. #18
the title is wrong the actual score is:

6.2533451000091 #4
Yeah, I agree that their focus in showing MP was wrong.

But still SP was really awesome. Not as epic as 3; but still really good. #3.1
that statue is worth every dollar for me. #7.1
CRAP! I had pre-ordered the survival edition since this was out of stock. But now I am not in the US to make the changes :[ #8
DAT RAM! is already doing wonders. The graphics look terrific! cant wait!!! :D #28
true HD graphics for once on a Nintendo game? #2
well, at east they got this out of the way. Now hopefully they will have new things for E3. #6
iPlay? Hopefully not. I dont want them to touch the console space ever. #7
PES with Fox engine looks a lot better than this. #10
I really hope there is co-op like in peace walker. That was AWESOME!! #1.1
I completely agree. These feminist want equality of genders, and then when you treat women as equally as men, suddenly is all wrong? DAFAQ?! Hypocrites! #5.1
Stop talking about this nonsense! If you dont like how the characters and their clothes look in the game then dont play it and STFU!

People also play with almost naked male characters and no one says anything about it. So really, what gives?!

I like that women in the games I play to look gorgeous is there a problem in that? No!

I hate all this feminist bullcrap. Since the beginning of gaming the characters have always been always about "... #7
a bit late for the party; I think.

You should review TLoU ;) #2
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