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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


I really hope there is co-op like in peace walker. That was AWESOME!! #1.1
I completely agree. These feminist want equality of genders, and then when you treat women as equally as men, suddenly is all wrong? DAFAQ?! Hypocrites! #5.1
Stop talking about this nonsense! If you dont like how the characters and their clothes look in the game then dont play it and STFU!

People also play with almost naked male characters and no one says anything about it. So really, what gives?!

I like that women in the games I play to look gorgeous is there a problem in that? No!

I hate all this feminist bullcrap. Since the beginning of gaming the characters have always been always about "... #7
a bit late for the party; I think.

You should review TLoU ;) #2
I think it needs some rest; and some time to bring fresh ideas. I want the next gen GOW game to be Majestic and EPIC, so I expect them to take some 3-4 years.

I really hope it is longer like 15-20 hrs game. #25.2
It is about the reviews. The tweet was made yesterday. #25
You need to buy the Uncharted trilogy, GOW:SAGA, GOW: Ascension, Heavy Rain, Killzone trilogy. And you will be a happy gamer :D #5.1
Megaman a 3rd person shooter? No thanks. #1.1.3
That is because when you suppress something to much, you get the opposite result. Too much censorship and years later Hentai was born. #6.1.2
And also, Mark Cerny said you can play any game (single player mode) without an internet connection at all. #2.2.1
looks like they want to show that the game is better than how it looked like at the XB1 show #2
Mark Cerny said you can play PS4 games without internet connection at all, so no DRM. #5.1
@ReZoN: if you dont require internet connection at all to play the games, then how the hell will that work?

It will be just online-passes as this gen. #1.1.4
PS4 day ONE! #14
Dead or Alive ;) #2.1
Obviously that is because a big publisher just picked up the game. #8
I agree completely. #1.3
they need to make a 3D engine that looks like 2D sprites, so that they can make more games!! I want GAROU, samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury, Art of fighting games!!!

Similar to what Arc Systems has done with GGXrd. #2
This new engine of theirs is quite crappy. PES current gen looks better than FIFA nextgen. #2.2
Sony has already said you can play every game without internet connection at all. What kind of DRM works like that?

People are just trying to hard to make it look like this is also a PS4 problem when it is not. #14.1
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