God Of War RULEZ!!!!!
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thanks a lot. You can clearly see the differences, but there are not much since the game is not that demanding from a technical standpoint.

I think people wont loose a thing if they get the PS3 version instead of the PS4.

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I am playing Knack, KZ and AC4. :D

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it looks really funny. I will eventually buy the camera :)

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Sony is showing it at NOV 13th. Check the schedule:


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keep trying. It will eventually gets to 100%. Everythime you sync, it uploads trophies to the server. So if one time you reach 17%, and a later time you reach only 4%, it just means each time the PS3 was syncing different trophies, so in reality you sync 21%.

You need to keep trying, because that problem occurred to me. I played on my second PS3 at another place, got like 600 trophies, then when going back home, my main PS3 was having the same problem as yours, and took a...

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maybe that is because he is talking only about the PS4 version of the game.

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The game is awesome easily an 8.5/10. I find it on par with Arkham city, and it even surpass it in some aspects.

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how about manuals made of recycled paper?

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Indeed. XD

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PS4 version for me :D

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what EA says is made via "official" announcements made by reps. So there you go.

Also reps were right about the XBO, the thing is that M$ changed the stuff later.

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I want to play as the Grey Warden of DA:O.

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That pic is sexy :) (even though Lighting is not sexy in the games)

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Sony should re-buy the Tenchu franchise. I wonder why they sold it to Activision, and why them sold it to From Software.

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Í think they cant say it is an exclusive, because they want the game to be multiplat; but right now, I bet, the XBO cant handle the engine.

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here is a new gamplay video (with E3 footage) it looks incredible.


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By how the hair is rendered, it looks to be a nextgen (PS4/XBO/PC) game.

EDIT: Why would they say thanks to M$? They have not released any game published by M$; maybe that new game is for the XBO? Or is it just because they developed for the console?

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Because some people love to be up in arms when someone talks bad things about women or people that is not white; even though the critic has nothing to do with the ethnicity nor sex of the person.

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Why cant they make touch based games for the VITA? The Vita has touch controls too; and also buttons which can enhance the experience.

I will never understand developers.

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