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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


Xbox, go home. #2

And that is nothing great either. LMAO! #6
In the end Kojima loves to troll his fanbase, so I still think Hayter will perform as Snake. If not, he will still be in the game and perform as young Solidus Snake. #2
how unexpected. #8
they are praising the console on which they are making games.

How surprising! LMAO. #11
Now this is a great FF game, not the original crap of XIII; which I have to admit is getting better but still, no FF compares to the epicness of VII and VIII. #2
It is. They will announce Tekken for Steam. #2.1
I have to admit that they are getting better and better since the piece of crap FFXIII was; but still they need to improve more.

It is like if they discovered the Fire when making FFVII; and they got brainwashed; and they are trying to figure out how things work once again.

Even though I am not sold into this game; it is nice to see that what once was a fallen giant; is now getting back on his feet once again.

They have lots of months ahead,... #7
I think he looks really badass now. But still I am not buying the game. I hate most of the character design, the combat, the music and the animations. #1.3
Harder, Faster, Stronger, uglier, "worster".

Lol. #3
LMAO! #26
they wont do that. If yes; there is no problem at all to speak after the conference; regarding the same things. #18.1
WOW a time exclusive. Sony is so screwed.


LMAO! #26
the truth is that revengeance is a bad game at the end of the day. The story is so stupid.

and the badass Raiden we got in MGS4; became a cocky retarded.

Disappointment all over the place. #1.2.2
I really think Hayter will be in the game voicing young Solidus Snake. #21
it is the new WiiU ;) #9
nope. Troll sites are not included. #12.1
troll review is troll. #18
the title is wrong the actual score is:

6.2533451000091 #4
Yeah, I agree that their focus in showing MP was wrong.

But still SP was really awesome. Not as epic as 3; but still really good. #3.1
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