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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


Really true; I though at first that it was a not stunning next gen game. But as I began to see some details; regarding shadow and lighting; I realized it was current gen.

They are doing a really good work. #3
A less powerful $100 more expensive console looks better than the PS4?

LMAO! #1.49.1
Looks that what Gamestop did changed M$ position.

:) #264
Still PS4 day 1. #24
Even though I am not going to buy an XBO; I have to admit they have changed for the better.

Now maybe when it hits $200 in a couple of years I might buy it; but it really depends on the games; and so far I am not interested in any of the exclusives they have. #24
The devs still have time for optimization. And also this demos are not based on the final build of the games. The final game will offer great visual fidelity and steady frame-rate.

For example, KZ:SF story-mode is already complete (dont know about MP though); so they will just continue to tweak and optimize the engine to take advantage of the PS4 until a month or so before the game launches. #7
I thought this was already known...mmm weird. I guess it is still nice to get a confirmation :D #6
I lold at the article. #50
I think that is because people who pre-order want the console day one, so if they cant have the console day 1 (as the day 1 version is sold-out); then, they will pre-order from other site. #100
Liquid Snake = Eli. #11
The dude of the video got everything wrong. #18
so far everything what I have seen looks great. #3
M$ is killing the console environment benefits. Why the hell everyone would buy an XBO if they want a console?

PS4 day 1! #69
Sony owns the IP. #4.4
mmmm. I am at the store right now; but I cant download the game yet. D: #12.1.2
If you get the digital version of the game; it automatically comes with the online pass. Just buy it! :D

I am wondering how many hrs are left until midnight. I dont live in USA, but I have a USA account :D #12.1
how many hrs until it is available in the US PSN store?? #11
for me it was already 14th 48mins ago. #1.1.1
I wonder why? lol

XBO policies are bad for costumers. They restrict gamer a lot and take away the right to do whatever I want with my game. I really don't understand how are M$ supporters so happy about this nonsense.

Your "ownership" of the games you bought is basically nonexistent. I wont support the XBO; and I dont give a damn how many console exclusives they have. It is as simple as that. The right to do whatever the hell I want to do with... #8
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