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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


"Drive Club isn't a racing simulator" And neither FORZA dude.

Forza is an "arcadish simulator"; while GT is a true simulator. #4.1.3
they have screwed pretty much all south america, middle east and asia with their Used games policy; so yeah they are fu(ked. #4
Great game. The last Boss fight is terrific! :) #5
"Avalanche Studios Functionality Pushed as a Marketing Tool"

FIXED. #10
They are already beyond redemption at this point. it does not matters what they show at E3. #7
who cares what they are going to reveal at this point really? #4
Until I dont hear Kiefer as Snake while playing the game; I wont believe Hayter wont perform as Snake. And even if that is the case, I bet Hayter will perform young Solidus Snake.

Kojima is the ultimate troll; and quite arrogant too, so he will try to deceive us as much as he can. #13
I dont give a damn about anything XBO related. #13
I just want them to make an open world R&C on the PS4. #3
It depends on what each person likes; if not, then why GT5 sold 10M copies?? #4.2
$399.99? :P

But really, the cheaper the better. $350 would be sweet! #17
who gives a $hit about which music is announced in a FOOTBALL GAME!? #6
because they want to own your living room. Without Bluray you watch HD movies. #20
The only clone to be in "combat age" is Solidus. Solid and liquid are too young.

Either Hayter will perform BB or Solidus snake. #3.1
Xbox, go home. #2

And that is nothing great either. LMAO! #6
In the end Kojima loves to troll his fanbase, so I still think Hayter will perform as Snake. If not, he will still be in the game and perform as young Solidus Snake. #2
how unexpected. #8
they are praising the console on which they are making games.

How surprising! LMAO. #11
Now this is a great FF game, not the original crap of XIII; which I have to admit is getting better but still, no FF compares to the epicness of VII and VIII. #2
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