God Of War RULEZ!!!!!
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I think they got the wrong FF there. FFXV is the one with the food.

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Maybe a Super SLIM PS4

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Crackdown 3 is fighting against itself already. No need to fight another game LOL

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and what does it mean for the owners of the vanilla XBO?


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maybe a PC version? They are playing it with an Xbox controller

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this should have been 2.5D. Not with 2D sprites again. :(

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still looking horrid.

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I saw it, and it sucks. Very slow paced, and how they portrayed Trevor is quite hideous.

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the music sucks

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“Xbox Is For The Players” and that is why it has no games right?

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then you should have a PS4 and a PC.

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but there will never be games optimized for it, since there is one other box called the XBO, that needs to run those games too.

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I agree

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if people find the game worth the investment, people will buy the game. If you make a game unpirateable, you wont make sales higher, they will remain the same, because people does not find it worth of the price tag.

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the DLC will be 2 levels made by naughty dog back in the days that were not included in the original release of PS1 games.

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Nothing, because the game must run also on the base XBO, so for the XOX version, it will only have better res, HDR, and some more minor things.

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i dont understand much this comment, since the face of the protagonist of this game is ugly as hell :(

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LMAO, already another article saying this is false.

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"Sumo Digital: XB1X Is So Much Faster Than PS4 Pro" And yet their own game looks worst than a 3rd party multiplatform game (Agents of Mayhem).

I wonder what they are doing will that POWA!!! LMAO!

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you can turn off auto combos.

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