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"God Of War RULEZ!!!!!"


this is a volleyball game. #4.1
Sales wont change because the people that pirate games are people that cant afford them, or think the games are not worthy the price of admission.

And that not only happens with games, it happens with music and movies. #16
Because fighting games in Xbox or Wii dont sell that great. #1.1.7
I think it is because of possible PS2 games support, or remote play for those games. #4
DAT A$$!! :D #27
ROGUE GALAXY!!! Considering Sony is selling the PS2 game :D #23
Arkham Origins for me it is the best Batman game. #7
I really hope this game to be like ME2 on steroids. ME3 is not as good #6
I hate "real life" cutscenes because they disrupt the experience from the game. #7
I really hope the pacing and gameplay are like the Mansion DLC in RE5. That was freaking fantastic. #6
I am hoping it iis like RE5 but with the atmosphere of the mansion DLC. That is the true evolution for RE franchise. #1.1.2
Rogue Galaxy!! #84
this game is really good, people should give it a chance. The thing is that japanesse developers always want to make their own twist with the genre they touch, and because of that RE6 is really different from other TPS, but is not bad.

Most people are bad at it, and just because of that they dont keep trying to understand it.

If you give it a chance you will have a lot of fun. #57
I want to see that slap back :3. Bring it back!!! XD #27
Kojima had to sell it because of budget reduction, (that happened because of all the weird things happening between Kojima and Konami), in order to deliver TPP as an unbroken game. He succeeded, but obviously more budget was required to actually complete the game. #1.1.3
it was, quality-wise, between U1 and U2. It was better than the first and a lot longer. #18
It looks more like Dante of DMC4 with a new haircut. #15.1.1
all of that can be unlocked by playing the game. Just search for powerpix video. #5
I was hoping for a GGXrd style, but hopefuly it will get better. #34
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