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By this logic no game ever should be made cause there are plenty of games for every genre...

TIL Gaming is over #1.2.3
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peopel who liek smartphone gaming have a smartphone and no reason to play such games on a ps4 where htey will have to pay double (if not more) to just play the game on it. #1.3.2
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ONe issue... the same games on phones cost a tenth of the price #1.4
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Its Sony so probably alot... #9.2
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Sellouts? People want to get paid for the content they produce?

There not going to upload anymore since people need money to live there gonna go out to get a full time job and not have the time to record edit etc...

but no they sold out cuz they want to get paid... #1.2.2
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oh ofc you did :) and ill take ur word for that 100% /s #9.1.2
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Except... theyve played it... and well yeh... you havnt..., So lets review who has more of an idea about whats in the game...

You... or them?

im going with them... awkward #9.1
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You mean for the ps3 right? Plenty of PC car games allow all of this and more -_- #2.2.1
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but then there are better simulation for cars out there... proper simulations... GT is somewhere imbetween... which is why you compare it to games already out such as need for speed... They have simularities...

GT is not an Full Blown Arcade racer but its not a full on simulation... Its a wierd middle ground... #2.1.7
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Its for hits an by the 90% of Comments on this article... Nobody has read it :L so it didnt work for them ^^ #1.13.1
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or that the profit margin for mobile phone games is alot higher than console games?

mobiles are more popular etc etc....

And ninja theory has made solid game after solid game... they just dont sell well cuz they aint a shooter or the fifth game in X franchise.... #1.5.1
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but those 10k people are the ones being Vocal about it on the internet... What about the ones who arnt karma and upvote whores?

no1 knows the real number... #1.1.19
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Because sony really arnt outside the box thinkers.. Hell The ps4 is just a beefed up ps3 with streaming capabilities and better graphics...

Nothing new or outside the box there. There playing it incredibly safe this gen and i doubt we will see any innovation from Sony for another 4-5 years. #1.1.2
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really depends on your definition of 'hardcore' you can spend hundreds of hours on some of the titles on tablets and get a vast majority of entertainment..

Just cause they dont cost millions to make and years to produce dont make them any less hardcore than any other title lol... #2.2
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Its not innovative... Its a terrible idewa.. Sony Xperia play had 2 trackpads and omg it was just awful to control...

And ive tried trackpads... ive owned a laptop and my god i bought a mouse or Controller instead of using that garbage... They get warm and uncomfortable to touch....

Layout is also garbage of buttons... hard to reach and involve sliding ur fingers along trackpad to get to them, or taking to much care to make sure u dont drag finger across it.... #11.1.1
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Yerh the purely software company.... Steam has no credentials when it comes to hardware or controllers... #8.1.2
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yep as it looks like trash lol... 2 trackpads? really? trackpads on laptops are so shite and The xperia PLay had 2 trackpads and they were so useless....

Also the button placements are a bad idea.. Accidental slip on trackpad when accessing buttons will be commonplace whcih is why on common controllers they are on the side with the least used analog stick.

Also doesnt look very ergonomically friendly at all.. They have gone for specs over usability and thatll... #4.4
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It shows he knows alot... alot more than any1 on these forums...

It doesnt matter what he has made... he isnt on about fable.. he is on about profits and what triple A games achieve in comparison to mobile games.... Read the article before you comment #11.3.1
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He didnt compare it to fable or any of the games he has been involved in....

he is comparing to mobile games... which cost 1% of what gta cost to make and will take in the same amount of money but they will make 1000% of their intial investment..

spend $200-$400m creating a game to tkae back $1-1.5bil or create a game that cost $1m and take the same amount? your choice #24.1
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Cuz some1 who makes hundreds of k per year know what there talking about whereas some random guy on the forrums knows nothing...

he isnt on about his games he is on about games in generall.. IF u saw the comparison in article ud know how unimpressive the amount of money gta will make.. #11.2
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