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whats next a story about the wiiU using conflict minerals? it should be understood by now that all electronics are built on the backs of the less fortunate, and nothing is going to change that.

substitute any electronics manufacturer in place of "nintendo" in the article and it will still be true.

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yeah they have it labeled as:

"The Beastie Boys – During a cut scene, sunglass wearing and comically mustached police officers named “O’Farva” and “Rookie” are shown attempting to track down the protagonist."

you boys like mexico?

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you are dinner 4/7 nights a week.

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it all comes down to money. if you are interested in this topic further you can check out "blood in the mobile" or "blood coltan".

do not miss the scenes in blood in the mobile when he crawls into the cave with the miners. it will blow your mind.

kudos to nintendo for at least trying, though not much can be done.

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so i expect total shit accuracy in this game. a real seal would have shot him in each limb and hauled him in to be waterboarded in pork juice. lame.

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"a modder fixxed it in 23 minutes"
yeah modders are not teenagers in basements killing spare time. they are mostly highly skilled individuals that understand programming. apparently from software should have hired some more people with pc experience but for whatever reason they did not. i have no idea about the gaming scene for pc in japan. all i can say is that i have never played a japanese pc game, EVER. consoles rule the game scene there it seems. perhaps good help is ha...

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"PC gamers will buy a truly, next-generation title."

you speak for yourself. the next guy will just torrent the game, and according to ubisoft, so will the 8 after him. some would argue that battlefield3 is "next-gen". go check the torrent sites and let me know how many pc gamers are buying a next gen title lol. ohh wait mebe they are just demoing it, or bought it on steam but torrents are faster to DL, or any other excuse people make to steal shit.

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legend of kage did have a spiritual successor on the nes system, it was called demon sword and was launched in 1990 in the usa. kage was release in 84. both were made by taito.

kage was great in the arcade but sucked on the nes. demon sword was ALOT better as i recall. of course that was a long time ago. try it on yer emulator and let me know how it goes lol

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this article is utter crap.

"So ultimately, it sounds like a combination of things – the Rhode Island government not giving the team the chance it deserved"
hows a loan for 75 mil sound for a chance? i know alot of people who would love to be able to get a loan for that amount to start their dream company.

"It doesn’t really make much sense at all, especially considering how well Kingdoms of Amalur performed for the parties at hand, sel...

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q:what do you do to connect your pc to the internet?
A: you turn it on.

so everyone that owns a pc and broadband internet are ALWAYS online. of course there will be occasional server outages on your ISP's part or on the server you are trying to connect to. even if blizzard did not make people log into their server to play D3, they are online anyways. perhaps they are chatting on skype with their mom while playing or looking up that cheat code on gamefaqs. they are...

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"Neither are probably too scared of the Wii U"

why would MS and sony be scared of nintendo? because it dominated this generation? because it created a HUGE new group of casual gamers that number in the tens of millions? because it is launching first again? because they have been in the console business alot longer than either of them?

just cause they make cute cuddly casual and kid friendly games, does not mean they are not a threat when it comes to...

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how is it people bitch constantly about always online DRM yet MMOs get a free pass. you are always online with MMO's. also everyone playing COD is ALWAYS online so what is it? do alot of you people only get internet for certain hours of the day or something?

is it that you do not own the copy and will not be able to play it after acti closes the servers? alot of people like digital distribution so there is nothing to own there either. no dvd, game manual, and box yet peo...

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funny story. i find just the opposite. when games go all digital, i wont play consoles anymore.

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im curious to know how many units they had to sell to become profitable? 2 mil? 2.5? that is rather optimistic for a new company with their first game. also launching anywhere near skyrim was suicide. rip 38 studios.

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mebe they will announce their next system. keeping your ace up your sleeve is the best option rather than allow your competition to prepare for it. its true that they have said they would not show anything but they are allowed to change their minds. this would be suicide to do to prematurely as they have succesfully marketed kinect and wish to capitalize on that. look at what happened to nintendos stock when they annonced wii u. announcing a console early with no killer apps for it will not b...

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no one will answer your question funandgun. truth is there is only better physics since it is tied to graphics. stories and how they are presented are opinions. ai and gameplay are mostly stagnant.

more horsepower will not improve on anything but graphics since that is what people buy. expect beautifully tesellated chest high walls with million polygon heads popin out from them for you to shoot at next gen.

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ohh that comment was not directed to you personally, it was a term used by some poster up there somewhere. your entitled to your opinion, as am i, so lets both just agree that we hope they do not become more intrusive than they already are.

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can you honestly say that you do not think sony will charge and have ads next gen? they are a business and businesses are for profit. read all the other people posting here that do not have any problem paying for online or watching ads.

"its just like cable tv with ads", "its a better service cause i pay for it and they get ad revenue", "who cannot afford $5 a month" blah blah blah. people are completely willing to take whatever they are given in...

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sony sees all the money MS is making with their double paid service(subscriber paid, and revenue from advertisers) and will adopt the same exact strategy next gen.

i will not buy another console. no more of my money for any of the big 3, and no money to the devs i have supported and loved for over a decade. RIP console gaming.

i pray a 4th company enters the ring that is not out to screw over their customers to this extent. i hope i am wrong.

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the driving sections of that game made me want to have a baby, then kill it. another classic nes game on the "impossible to finish" stack.

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