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cool story bro

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That's a smart move for a smaller studio. Most ppl don't even bother playing the single player campaign in these shooters anyway. Did anyone play the campaign in BF3?! That was only 5 hours long but it was a chore to complete cause it was so bad.

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I'm going to guess the new engine is designed for next gen consoles and current gen will get a scaled down version a la Frostbite 2 on PC vs PS360. Looking forward to the reveal!

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I wouldn't count on it..

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If you are looking for any semblance of an intelligent, objective discussion on the video game industry you've come to the wrong site. I've learned a long time ago that this site is just a massive Sony Circle Jerk.

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I predict the the PS4 will have a phased release just like previous consoles and that EU won't get it until early 2014. If that happens, what better game to move PS3 units this holiday season than GT6?

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This is very reminiscent of the decision to develop God of War 2 for the PS2 instead of the PS3. Main drivers of that decision was the massive installed base of the PS2 and SSM's familiarity with the current technology. PD will probably get started on GT7 for the PS4 right after GT6 is done.

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What I find disturbing is that I recalled Ubi saying that the game was essentially done six months before launch and they were spending that extra time to touch it up. Either this was a blatant lie or they did nothing for six months. That game was the buggiest and least polished title in the series. Probably one of the most disappointing games when you compare pre-launch hype to the final product.

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God of War: Ascension has some of the most breathtaking and impressive set pieces to date

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Off topic but if you posted this exact same comment on a CoD thread, you would have 50 disagrees by now.

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How does it compare with Halo 4? I didn't think any game on 360 would top it in the graphics department.

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To each his own but I just think it's only logical to map R2 to shoot. What's the point of "trigger" buttons if they aren't used as a trigger in shooting games? I know some gamers are resistant to change but don't knock it til you try it. I know many dual console owners who prefer the 360 controller for shooters and the aim/shoot mapping is a big reason why.

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I noticed that too. Hopefully going forward developers will map aim/shoot functions to the triggers by default. Some games like Killzone/CoD/Resistance allowed you to customize but most did not.

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I'm talking about console exclusives, taking PC out of the equation because it's not really an apples to apples comparison. For example, I consider DC Universe Online a PS3 exclusive even though it's available on PC.

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here's a few that come to mind:
Metro 2033
The Witcher 2
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Left 4 Dead series
Orange Box (Valve developed, not shitty port)

Also the timed exclusives have been huge for Microsoft. Bioshock, Mass Effect 1/2, GTA4 DLC, Skyrim DLC, CoD DLC, etc.

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I think every console maker is obligated to say this every time they launch a new console. Would they sell many units if they openly announced "our launch lineup is okay, could be better"?

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Destiny vs. Respawn's game will be the Halo vs. CoD of this generation. Can't wait!

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Yeah, if they release a new Vita that somehow includes triggers I may pick one up just for the remote play. will wait and see how it's implemented though.

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Since the Vita only has 2 shoulder buttons and no triggers, how is that going to work when controlling PS4 games?

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By now doesn't everyone know that 99% of new games release on Tuesdays in NA?

Pro tip: if you're going to post a fake poster or fake release date, look up a calendar to get a Tuesday date. That would add some semblance of credibility.

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