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it's stories like this that show up the bigots.

you say if you want gay characters in games make their own games, well they just did, and the bigots still attack them.

and the biggest gg supporter on here telling devs what they can or can't do with their game?

but that's ok to do when it's homosexual or other minority characters right?

the response to stories like this shames the gaming community.

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you're actually dictating what the game creators can or cannot do with their game?

interesting. #3.5
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heavy! ^_^ #1
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you didn't bother to read the review did you?

"The Witcher 3's expanded cast of characters doesn't preclude more screen time for just about everyone, and CD Projekt has done work to make for more interesting, influential women that feel just a bit more fleshed out than they've been previously. This includes a number of powerful women with complicated motivations and goals of their own.

That said, the world CD Projekt has created is oppres... #30.1
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yeah, picking out one little part of something to push your agenda?

like a whole article where you claim calling out the oversexualisation of women in the game is wrong and brushing over the review's comments about violence towards women.

take a look and see if the review is as focused on the sexualisation the way the writer of this article is.

this is a section of the review, which i doubt many here will have actually read before commen... #34
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FFXII, oh yeah, i agree 1000% with that one. #2
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with events like Comic-con, the PAXs, and all the other gaming and comic/movie cons not having a problem letting the public in, i really doubt that's what's stopping them opening up E3. #1.1
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because, why would the people who buy and play the games want to go to E3 right?
end sarcasm mode.

seriously though, i suspect it's about controlling what gets out from the show.
i mean why do so many closed doors events at E3 if it's press only anyway?
so they can control the news that gets out.

they don't want every Tom Dick and Harriet telling people everything that's at E3. #3
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i haven't even got 4k yet and now there's 5k? #33
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Kojinception? ^_^ #1.1.2
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why does everybody keep calling it a head transplant?
surely it's a body transplant.
i mean, everything that makes you, you, is in your head right?
so you'd be getting a new body, not a new head.

right? #2
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does this one have squishable boobs? ^_^ #1
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i never would have guessed. ^_^ #49.1
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i so hope this is true. #26
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don't you subscribe to it rather than buying it?

anyway, as it's only on X1, no it's not worth it for me.
if it was available on PS4, i might consider the 4 quid a month sub.
though looking at the current line up of games on the service, probably not.

maybe if you like the ea sports games it'll be worth it. #14
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well good, these archaic regional restrictions on the internet are just ridiculous these days.

i would imagine it would only be Europe wide, but it's a start. #1
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like most of the world, i'm not even allowed to watch the show, so yes, big bloody failure.
but the failure is sony's, lying scum that they are, the first episode they deigned to let the world watch was, i thought, pretty good.
of course they region locked the episode now so once again most of the world is unable to watch. #13
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if this is the model sony's gonna follow for other tv and movie stuff, that being to prevent most of the world from seeing it, then i'd rather they didn't bloody bother.

the only lasting impression this whole thing has left me with is that sony are lying scumbags who only give a stuff about america. #5
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i'll trust it when i have it in my hands and i can play it on my console. #11
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somebody's not been paying attention, books and movies do get criticised for this kind of thing.

it's just their fanbases are usually mature enough to not take it as a personal insult when somebody criticises the medium.

i'd also love to try the game, when it's a bit more complete.
there's just not enough actual game there yet.
at least it seems that way from the videos i've seen. #3.2
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