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there's already a perk for that.
aqua girl/boy.

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such a great game, shame about the studio.
to produce something of that quality as their first title, just imagine what they could have done with more experience.

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they're in no hurry, they're making hundreds of millions from the shark cards for GTA V.

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it's because it's such a ridiculously low score right?

if people attacked the reviewer for giving the game a lowly 8.8, well good job that wouldn't happen right?
because that would be kinda pathetic wouldn't it?

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allegedly his apology is about a transphobic joke he apparently made, which he then deleted.
now i didn't see the tweet myself, if it did exist, it was deleted before i saw it, which is why "allegedly"
and from what i've read, this isn't a first for him either.

now i don't believe he's actually a bigot, but his, let's say, passion about things can lead him to say stupid things at times, a concept i'm not unfamiliar wit...

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oh no, somebody doesn't like something that i like, blasphemy.

now i do think that review should not be included, based solely on the fact the review doesn't have an actual score.

however if somebody is trying to get a review discounted solely because they disagree with it, as the creator of the petition seems to.

and how much did this bogus review change the metacritic score?
wow, maybe one whole percentage point.

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what is with the names of these games? o_O

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when you finish a gaming session and that design is imprinted on your thumb, you know you've been playing too long. ^_^

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may be true or not, but the fact it's so believable is a sign of the state of gaming lately.
ea games especially.

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he didn't call it racist, that's actually a lie.

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it's because they don't actually finish these things in time to stick the whole thing on a disc these days.

they know it won't be finished, but rather than delay it, they'll throw it out and just patch the finished version in later.
the trouble with that is, having to wait for a rather big download , and it's not like there'll be a load of people trying to download that patch launch day is there?

and those who aren't o...

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oh, and is somebody going to edit out the blatant lie in the headline?

i know thegg never bothers with silly things like facts, but i'm sure if anybody who matters cared what that site said it might be considered libelous.

and hypocrite?

the site that bleats about ethics in journalism, and then runs ads as editorials and reviews, taking a cut from the sales links to the store pages for those items that are interspersed within the &q...

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my apologies, you're not a christian bigot, just independently bigoted.

and they chose their name for the Stonewall inn, of New York, where the Stonewall riots took place.
an important event for gay rights in america.

get your history right.

and no, admittedly you didn't say you wanted to throw people off rooftops, you said the fact that it doesn't happen is a cancer that has taken over america.


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yeah, but it's still another project that been in the making for way longer than any game should be, and been seemingly reinvented at least once throughout it's life.

that said, i doubt it will be anywhere near as bad as DNF was.

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i really hope this doesn't turn into another Duke Nukem Forever.
in other words, please be good.

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stonewall, just wow, you're upset you can't throw gay people off the rooftops?

and they say there's no christian taliban.

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or say a bunch of bigots attacking a game because the game features a gender neutral toilet sign.

that's what pisses me off, he says a picture is sexist, and suddenly he's the antichrist, but a group of homophobes attack a game for not conforming to their views, and nobody says a...

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i hope the irony of a homophobe like you using the name of one of the biggest gay rights charities is not lost on you.

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what's this got to do with gaming exactly?
sure he develops games, but he's not talking about gaming.
he posted a comment about a prom picture, and that's gaming related?

no, this is some just a hatchet job against somebody who dares to mention sexism.
why it's even allowed on n4g, a site about GAMING, i don't know.

funny how they're your heroes one day, then they mention sexism/racism/homophobia or diversity...

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Overwatch i can understand, but Minecraft?

but then rule 34 exists for a reason. ^_^

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