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well, people seem to have forgiven milo, hateswomen yiannopoulos from breitbart for the "unemployed saddos living in their parents basement" line.

and all the other things that fox news affiliate said about gamers before they found that they and gamergaters shared a common enemy.

yeah, the same fox news that blames gaming every time there's a mass shooting.

well, they used to, now they blame everything on Obama. #8
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good job no developer's ever said that and then put them in anyway. #10
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yes, yes, a thousand times yes. #1
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self censoring?
Nintendo maybe, but then they always like to put out a family friendly image.

but tecmo/team ninja?

you seen the dlc for the DOA fighting game?
some of them make Soul Calibur's Ivy look conservative.

no, they're not worried about people calling their games sexist.

i do agree this should have been published in the west, but if you want to blame anybody for it, blame tecmo/te... #1.1.1
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do Valve even make games anymore?

seriously, what was the last game they released?

been years at least.

steam seems to be their only concern right now, at least the money it makes anyway, customer service and quality control don't seem to be things they bother with. #9
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seems to be working for the DOAX game.

manufacture a controversy, in this case imply censorship when there is none, and then reap the rewards as a game few people would have actually bought before, becomes the poster child for the "fight" against so called SJWs and feminism.

it's a brilliant strategy actually.
but it may not work more than once or twice.
you can only manipulate people like this so many times before they catch on. #1
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well, most current gen players didn't rate it because they weren't able to bleedin play it. #59
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yeah, other than the fact most people liked Fury Road. ^_^ #3
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given scee's history with rock band dlc, i'd expect this feature to be available to eu playstation owners in, oh, about... 2020. #2
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i could live without it. #34
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i wonder who's gonna be ambitious enough to try building D'VA's mech.

i can see some people putting in the work to make Pharah's outfit.

Andy Serkis for Winston if they make an Overwatch movie. ^_^

hey if the Warcraft movie is a big hit, it could happen.

personally i'd love to see a Starcraft movie though. #2
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the Arkham City credits should be on that list, after the way the game ends, having the Joker sing Only You over the credits, it just works.

it's not flashy like some of those credits, but it's effective, how many games leave you genuinely feeling sad about the death of the villain? #1
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bloody trading cards in every game.

i know ea started that a year or two ago in fifa, but this year some of the biggest releases came with bloody trading cards that are sold for real money.

and this probably falls under the category of microtransactions. #7
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that's not a liefeld is it?

nah, couldn't be, that woman has feet.

no spine or ribs, but definitely feet. #12
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and when they were just emulated on ps3, they still charged.

they can shove their ps2 games up their arse.
i'd rather dig out my old ps2 and play the games i already own on that, if i can find it. #57
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putting your bigotry front and centre today aren't you? #1.1
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somebody just create a new horror franchise with Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro and call it Quiet Mountain or something.
oh and get Akira Yamaoka to do the music. #7
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create a game a year?
how ridiculous.
A game? more like many games. #2
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make a life size Catwoman, and we'll talk. ^_^ #1
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and the moral of the story?
probably best to to try and charge you pad with a phone charger. #36
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