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they may put it up next week when the movie releases.

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the colour scheme kind of reminds me of the controller for the Pikachu edition N64.
i always wanted to get one of those N64s, but sadly i never did.

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i doubt it very much, the Dualshock 3 doesn't even work on PS4, so it's not likely this will.

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using your example, yes, an adult game character should be able to have a barely suggestive victory pose, it's not even like there's any nudity, the only skin on show is her face.
and unlike what regressive religion says, there's nothing wrong with a woman showing her face.

but by the same token games should not be attacked because they contain gay/trans characters or issues.
games shouldn't be censored because they upset the PC crowd.

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they both derive from the word otaku, and i don't think kotaku could lay any claim to that word.

i could imagine scum like king getting litigious if it was similar to something of theirs.
you know the arseholes who went after the Banner Saga game because of their match three puzzler called candy crush saga.
kind of ironic for a company with a known history of plagiarism.

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because they're not bigots?

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i wish i could say i was surprised.

once again the cesspool that is the n4g comments shows just how much bigotry there still is in the "gamer community".

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with the piss poor way niantic have handled the launch, i might not bother ever playing it.

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fucking scee, absolutely fucking useless.

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taking over the world you say?
you mean just the parts of the world that have it, and most of the world doesn't because niantic cheaped out on the servers.

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of course they are.
but the thing is, those women are usually strong arse kicking women.

if you ask me, the most problematic representation of women in gaming doesn't come from these half naked women in beat em ups and such, it's actually princess peach.
maybe yorda.

nobody could say either of those characters are overexualised, but they do only exist as prizes or burdens for the male hero.
they have no agency, they have...

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if you think the value in the game comes from a few pixels that represent a nipple, that says a lot about you.

funny how you demand changes to games when they have gay or trans content, but alter a few pixels to make some nipples less prominent and it's devaluing the game?

honestly, this is one of the most pathetic things i've ever seen from your joke of a site.

can you show me anywhere that somebody demanded the removal of Camm...

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could be worse, just imagine if this guy from ign started a campaign to get somebody fired for a tweet, i mean, how unprofessional would something like that be for a so called journalist.

that "journalist" would be a right arsehole wouldn't he?

and it's fun...

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remember that game from the PS1 days called Apocalypse?

Bruce Willis looks just like the guy from that. ^_^

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mra manchild comment.

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if it's just a skin, what's the fucking problem

there were women fighting in WWI, that's a fact, so that's not unlrealistic.

you bleat about realism, then say it's ok to use anachronistic weapons.

it's not realism you care about, it's keeping women out of the game.

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if you want accuracy, then you should have one life and if you die you can never play again.

and you know why there were so few women soldiers?
apart from russia, where the men didn't want to fight.

not because they were incapable, but because insecure men and their sexist attitudes that women can't be soldiers.

it's a shame idiots still hold that outdated belief a fucking century later

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i suggest you educate yourself before making a fool of yourself again.

for example, the russians had 15 women only battalions.

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