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and women still aren't allowed to ride in the future according to red lynx. >_< #1
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other than the fact it involves two screens this doesn't sound anything like the dual screen setup of the DS.

if they're trying to sue on the basis of the use of two screens, then they've got no chance, PCs have had that capability for years, before this patent.

this seems to be be a patent for something that basically takes a screengrab of what's on one monitor and outputs it to a second monitor so you can see a previous version of what you&#... #1
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looking forward to this, watched quite a few episodes of American Chopper.
they always make some awesome bikes.
can't wait to see what their WOW themed bikes look like. #1
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don't forget they cancelled Firefly.
they've still got several lifetimes worth of scorn due for that decision. #3.1.2
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he still just doesn't get sarcasm does he? ^_^

i love that show. #40
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it was the voice for me. #2.1
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the 12 year old boys playing COD do not represent all gamers. #6
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where are all the reports that link owning a gun to shooting somebody with a gun? #2
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i'm getting flashbacks to that World of World of Warcraft video.

and people, lighten up, it's a lighthearted piece of fun.
you remember fun right?
what gaming used to be about. #7
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throwing up a picture and maybe half a sentence about a characters does not a decent article make. #5
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and sega still refuse to bring the game to the west.

stupid, stupid, stupid.

they've got people literally begging for the game, and they're holding out.

it's funny, because sega started out as an american company.

who is making the decisions at sega right now?
is it the the guy who decided the big budget rpg for the saturn, Panzer Dragoon Saga, should only release in tiny numbers so it'll never have th... #5
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what if the creator wants a gay lead?

you'd get all the idiots bleating about how "you shouldn't shove it in our faces"
and how many publishers would be ok with their game having a gay lead character?

and anyway, i was really talking about people's reactions.
so many always complain about it being forced at people, yet never complain when heterosexual relationships are front and centre in many other games.

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so ignorant.
so, so ignorant.

but then if you're getting your information about feminism from rush limbaugh then that's not a big surprise.

why don't you google feminism and the nazis and find out just how frakking ignorant you sound right now #4.1
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how many games these days have relationship options?
why shouldn't they have gay options?

seems like every other game features a heterosexual romantic relationship.

but no, they're only "forcing" sex into these games when it's gay.

it's always shoving it in people's faces when it's gay, but heterosexual relationships are everywhere.
hell there's a recent ad for butter where two kids, one o... #22
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for a second there i thought that said fictional game.
^_^ #6
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why do they keep getting in trouble over Killzone?
remember the Killzone 2 video from E3? #76
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many people still see black people as inferoir to white people, should we respect their beliefs as well?

no, because we know that's wrong, why should we accept the beliefs of bigots?

because they involve some deity?

fuck their deity. #19.1
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i think these comments sections prove that the guy is right.

despite being very progressive, open and forward thinking, the gaming community can still be backwards, regressive and bigoted.

if you have to say "i'm not a bigot, but"

then you're a bloody bigot. #23
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titanception? ^_^ #10
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Peter Moore should do stand up, because that was hilarious.

uh, he was joking, right? >_> #19
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