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well at least it's not on a viacom channel, don't have to worry about anything they show getting pulled from their own channel because some bot found it and issued an automated claim without a single person bothering to check. #29
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if you like the models the instructions show you how to build, you can build those.
if you want to create something of your own, you're free to do that.

personally, i suck at creating my own models, and i enjoy building models from the instructions, so, that's what i do.

it amazes me what some, way more talented than me, people can build. #1
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those gifs. ^_^ #1
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yeah the content id system works perfectly.
end sarcasm mode.

not like this is the first time.
Naughty Dog had one of their videos taken down.
viacom made a claim because they aired the awards show that the trailer first showed and their automated bots flagged NDs video without anybody checking it, and youtube took it down, without anybody checking it.

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dang it, bought it ages ago. #2
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yeah, she never critiqued other media for their sexism.

except for the three years she was doing just that before she got onto the subject of gaming.

but then you'd probably never heard of her then because it was only when she started talking about games that she became a target for gamers and she started receiving death and rape threats.

funnily enough, film fans seemed to be able to take her talk about sexism in movies without sending thre... #12.1
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dayum, these take me back.

i remember playing most of these on my Amiga. #2
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after the gamer reaction to Carolyn Petit, i can't say i'm surprised there are so few trans characters in games.

that reaction showed much of the gamer "community" is still too backwards to except transgender people.

look at the reception any gay character gets.

funny how when people ask why there aren't female playable characters in a game they say the character was written to be male, yet when the developers write a ga... #14
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are some of them children?

let's see.


clearly at least a teenager, or at least approaching adulthood.

then we have Alice.

http://nisamerica.com/games...... #1.2.4
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ordinarily, i'd agree, but when the thing they're censoring is groping children, i can't really find it within myself to get annoyed. #1.2
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uncover their personalities?
yeah right. #3
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why did so many gamers on here go mental when there was a review from gay times magazine on here, but nobody says a word when a website called christcentredgamer is posted?
religion has about as much do do with videogames as sexuality.

actually, that's not really true is it?
i mean, more games deal with sex than religion after all.

and they have a morality score?
funny how nobody complains about that either, yet when somebody menti... #2
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i don't know if items are needed for quests later, but like the article says, hand in any research items first before selling valuables.

why are they even listed under valuables anyway?
they should have their own tab, they're not just junk to be sold, they serve an actual purpose. #14
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storeroom for the haven dlc $5.99. #10.1
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well, that can't go wrong can it? >_> #1
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inb4 people slag off the story without reading it and not getting the joke. #1
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well, they would, and ms would say theirs is, and nintendo would say theirs.

nothing surprising there. #20
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yes, let's give these racist, homophobic hicks even more money. #2
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who else wants to see Reggie as a amiibo as well? ^_^ #1
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