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and of course thegg defends censorship here.
you've said self censorship is the same as forced censorship so why defend it here?
capcom alters a few pixels that represent cammy's nipples, and it's a sign of the fucking apocalypse,
bigoted laws cause censorship and you fucking defend it?

you've run hatchet pieces trying to start campaigns to get people fired because you erroneously thought they were involved in censoring half naked...

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i call you bigots because you're fucking bigots.
you rail against gay or trans characters while defending games that show half naked children.
you call for games to be banned if they have a trans shopkeeper, because it's not relevant to the story, then get all up in arms because an rpg doesn't show a fucking 13 year old in a fucking thong bikini.

and it's bigoted fuckwits like you that always go to the pedo well whenever homosexuality come...

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you can't tell the developers what to do with their game.
unless they're doing a gay character, then "that has no place in gaming"

introduce a gay character, and you fuckstains are "sex has nothing to do with gaming"
somebody criticises half naked in your fucking pedo sim and you say "it's only sex"

that's why i say this site is a cesspool filled with bigoted pieces of shit.
get all ...

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and sony for some unfathomable reason, refuse to release it on the eu psn.
damned idiots.

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with any other developer, you'd be worried they'd make single player cheats as consumable microtransactions.
but Rockstar, you'd feel fairly confident they won't.
at least i would.

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but women would just be too unrealistic.

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funny how you can criticise a game/developer for putting a joke attacking a bigoted idiot.
but you're not allowed to criticise a title that has a minigame where you grope half naked children.

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how about the computers?
crappy little things with text based mono displays, games that would have looked dated on the NES, and pitiful amounts of ram, the Pipboy boot up screen shows it has 64k of ram, yet they seem to have managed to create true artificial intelligence.

unless they created some sort of non computing based brain for the robots, it just doesn't make sense.
i know there are robobrains that have, well, brains, but most of the robots in t...

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say, that's a nice bike.

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you expect it from Starscream, but sony...
actually, there's no surprise there either, as a European playstation owner, i have 20 years of experience of getting screwed over by sony.

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bally good show.

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they tried monetising online play on PC years ago, it failed miserably, if they try again, it'll fail again, just as miserably.
if it's not a sub based MMO, people aren't going to pay on PC.
ms may set up a gold service for their games, but when everybody else's games are free to play online, it'll fail.
nobody will pay for online play on the handful of ms games on pc.

and they are making sure you need a live account for playin...

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i think they should allow MMOs to be played without gold on Xbox.
ms aren't running those servers, why do they get paid for letting people access somebody else's servers?

at least on PS4 sony let us play free to play MMOs without plus.
unfortunately they don't for MMOs where you have to buy the game initially.
like TESO.

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well, i'm guessing one of them was gonna be Endwar, but they'll have to find something else now.
i wouldn't mind Murdered, i already have Watchdogs and Killzone on disc though.

and The Tomorrow Children wont be there, that's going free to play.

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no, you said they're pandering to people who don't even play the games, and here you are complaining about a game you stated you had no interest in anyway.


and the only complaints i've heard about races or genders for this game is idiots complaining when the devs say they want to make the game inclusive.

you lot are the ones telling the devs what to fucking do.
but "it's an agenda" ...

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i like how it's not ok to tell developers they can't do something when that something is a child groping minigame.
but it's just fine to tell them what they're allowed to do when it comes to making their game more diverse or including gay or trans characters.
or, gasp, WOMEN.

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kind of ironic, the guy criticising the "white knights" then goes on to state that black knights would be bullshit.

"i hate white knights, but knights should only be white."
"white knights bad, black knights bad".

is there smoke coming out of your ears right now?

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