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like most of the world, i'm not even allowed to watch the show, so yes, big bloody failure.
but the failure is sony's, lying scum that they are, the first episode they deigned to let the world watch was, i thought, pretty good.
of course they region locked the episode now so once again most of the world is unable to watch. #13
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if this is the model sony's gonna follow for other tv and movie stuff, that being to prevent most of the world from seeing it, then i'd rather they didn't bloody bother.

the only lasting impression this whole thing has left me with is that sony are lying scumbags who only give a stuff about america. #5
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i'll trust it when i have it in my hands and i can play it on my console. #11
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somebody's not been paying attention, books and movies do get criticised for this kind of thing.

it's just their fanbases are usually mature enough to not take it as a personal insult when somebody criticises the medium.

i'd also love to try the game, when it's a bit more complete.
there's just not enough actual game there yet.
at least it seems that way from the videos i've seen. #3.2
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the writer is wrong to get angry about a game that is built around bullying, harassment and sexually exploiting schoolgirls?

all things that have happened to real girls.

but you're perfectly justified in getting angry at somebody for criticising a game?

oh no, somebody saying bad things about a game, life is ruined.

bit of a double standard there i think.

for the record, i think the writer is taking the game... #1.3
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i knew that game was evil. ^_^ #2
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the only pressuring i've seen towards this game is from pathetic bigots like you.

the developers just don't share your repugnant anachronistic homophobia and decided one of their characters was going to be gay, but whatever the cause of your homophobia, being in the closet, being brainwashed by that cult or just being a scumbag, you can't stand it, so you pressure them to conform to your agenda. #11.1.3
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this should be a meh, why does it matter story.

but look at the homophobia on display in the comments to see why it still matters.

yes i use that word very deliberately, because that's what it is.
repugnant homophobic bigotry, that's what's on show in these comments right now.

and the tired old "they're pushing an agenda" bull, yeah, pushing an agenda by making one line in a cutscene that subtly implies he... #32
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clearly some people haven't bothered to read the actual article.

or they have and actually believe that's what the people who criticise the rare cases of genuine racism, sexism and homophobia in gaming are actually like.

anyway, more people should try reading the article instead of dismissing it automatically, you might have a laugh, i certainly did. #11
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swap you for Powers. #1.2
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touched a nerve there did i?

make a joke and some guy's all "the women are oppressing us again"

i just think it's funny, guys on here always claim women only play mobile games and men are the real gamers.
yet this ad, for a mobile game, clearly isn't aimed at women, though being a red blooded lesbian, i do rather like them myself.

not gonna play the game of course, it'll take more than a bit, ok a lot, of sex... #2.2
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that "71% of the mobile gamers who spend more than $10 a month are men" stat suddenly makes more sense. ^_^ #2
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that's great and all, but what about if you lose the connection?

maybe your internet goes out, maybe their servers go down, maybe they get hacked, or maybe they just shut them down because they no longer support that game any more.

what happens then? #46
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3d or online play?
i know which i'd prefer. #2
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considering the limitations of trying to make this in an unmodded game, it's pretty damn awesome. #1
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Legend Of Dragoon. #2
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they had to know this would happen, asking people not to do it just makes it more likely.

surely they could get better porn featuring real women and then buy the console version of DOA that actually has online play.

i'm sure there's DOA themed porn out there.
there's a porn version of everything else. ^_^ #26
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4k or online play?
i think i'd go with the online play, even if i had a 4k display and a pc that could render the game at that scale. #3
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forget that travesty ea released on mobiles, if you're a fan of the Dungeon Keeper series, this is where you need to look for your fix.

i've had the game for some months now, and i'm looking forward to seeing what the release version will be like. #1
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could have been something special, but then sony gave up on all the cool stuff and turned into into a mall for virtual tshirts. #4
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