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i really hope they're not stupid enough to actually do this, but then they did think locking disc games on console to a single user was a good idea, so who knows.

they're certainly greedy enough, but are they stupid enough? #4
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i really hope he's right, but i have trouble believing it myself. #20
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pretty funny.

hopefully others can see the funny side too, but on here, i suspect many wont. #1
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is it too early for this?

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #16
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i think i can honestly say, that's the first time i've seen anybody claim that having less games makes a console more attractive. #2.20
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these crossover games almost never make it to the west though, too many licensing issues, so cool as it looks, i'm not gonna get my hopes up. #1
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that's a shame if you're a Japanese X1 buyer.
not that there are many of those judging by recent reports #8
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i know they're both the PC version, unless they've stealth updated the console versions to have the double height grass and peony flowers since yesterday, so the video isn't entirely serious. ^_^

but i can't help wishing the console versions would implement the shaders, at least for the PS4/X1 versions, though i expect the PS3 and 360 versions could probably handle it as well. #9
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can anybody say lawsuit? #63
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"Gamers aren’t angry at Zoe Quinn, or even others such as critic Anita Sarkeesian, simply because they’re women. "

you obviously haven't been paying attention, because plenty of so called gamers are.

and why then is almost everybody solely attacking Zoe and not the male "journalists"?

barely a word said about the "journalist who allegedly sold his integrity for a fuck.
no just her, and based on the say so of... #1
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firstly, no Minecraft? o_O

secondly, enough with the paragraph per page shit. #10
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looks like it's Amazon who are doing the discounting here.
there's a $10 saving on the 360 version, 3 cents on all the others.

can't think why they'd do that, unless it's some kind of mistake. #6
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if it lets me play Xenoblade anywhere, then i think i might want it. #13
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all i can say is, they better make it very, and i mean VERY, clear that games exclusively for the new 3ds wont work on standard 3ds's.
otherwise, they're going to have plenty of complaints.

aww hell, people will still get them for their old 3ds.

i foresee a lot of disappointment for some kids on christmas when parents who don't know better buy new 3ds games for their old 3ds.

kid "mum, this won't work, says it'... #12
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but i would have expected him to team up with Ryn rather than Dunban #5
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at first i thought why would you need the headset to see what it's like on a coaster, if you're wearing it while on a coaster, but actually, this looks really interesting.

in theory it could put you in almost any environment, in space, underwater, shrunken down and injected into a human body.

just match the movement in the virtual environment to the motion of the real coaster, and it could be the most immersive VR ever, at least until they create matr... #2
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i was in tears laughing.

probably not as many tears as the poor sod they're operating on though. #1
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here's Iago's reaction, similar to mine.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #4
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you know, i just don't believe their claim that after six million sales the game wasn't profitable.

if that's true though, well then there's something wrong with the way they're making the game.

because that many sales should result in a lot of profit.
most devs would be ecstatic with those kind of numbers.

my guess is it was actually profitable, but they had really unreasonable expectations that weren't fulfil... #7
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well, it does say it's an opinion piece. #1.2
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