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To make matters worse, that warehouse looked much better in CoD4 than its design from MW3.

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Lol American gamers are always ignorant people. Proof? Looks at firstweek sales of new video games (Mass Effect 3, The Elders Scrolls V Skyrim, Uncharted 3, MW3, LittleBigPlanet). And yet here they are complaining how game prices are extremely high. Sheeps will always be sheeps. :)

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That past Capcom is long dead. Looks like this present Capcom is digging its own grave.

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Lol thank you, thank you!! It's always entertaining to fuck around in N4G sometimes. :)

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It's a prequel ya dumbasses!

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They can probe by caring for these useless plastic cases and wrappings filtering our environment.

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I'd rather BioWare put more effort in developing Tali's face rather than developing a minor character like Diana Allers in Mass Effect 3.

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Dammit, Capcom is just begging to be hated from their fanbase. They might as well wait for me to take a dump on their heads and sprinkle some rainbow sugar to make them happy.

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Lol well how would you know Bioshock Infinite and AC3 and The Last Guardian will be better than Halo 4? Did you already play them? Did you somehow pirate copies of the games and declare they're better than Halo 4? And guess what? Around half of those games that I've listed were out YEARS before the original Halo released on the first generation Xbox!

Oh and I'll bet your first sentence is a lie...don't be in denial! Lol fucking hypocrite!! XD

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@Zhaltan and KingOptimus101
No, no, no, no, Call of Duty has that forgettable 6 hour campaign along with little to no innovation in its gameplay. Hell the only name taht I remember from any CoD game is Price and who knows what purpose he plays in. On the other hand, Halo has a story which soon developed into a universe which went into comics, anime, books, and much more.

Who cares if Halo is milked? Tomb Raider, CoD, Ratchet and Clank, Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Z...

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Cortana looks sexier in Halo 4.

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Squaresoft is dead folks. The Square and Enix merge, along with Sakaguchi leaving along with many other Square members, left Square-Enix into a company that will eventually rot away into who knows what.

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I'll bet both games are going to suck this year. BF3 was already a huge disappointment whereas CoD...LOL I don't want to talk about that trash.

If EA was smart, they should announce a Mirrors Edge 2...which was by far the best original game they shown this generation.

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Great, another military shooter...

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Even if Versus XIII were to come to the Xbox360, people will still buy it. I'll bet around 1 million hypocrites will get it day one despite their claims regarding Versus XIII will "suck" due to the 360's inferior power.

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Even if Versus XIII were to be ported to the Xbox360, people would still buy it regardless being "dumbed down". If it happened to FFXIII, then it sure as hell will happen to Versus XIII.

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I'm not even expecting a 2013 release date. 2015 at its earliest.

And even if Versus XIII DOES release in stores, I'll bet the game is going to be stripped to DLC pieces like what Square-Enix is doing to XIII-2.

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And now I tend to wonder why Americans are idiots.

So? What about Naughty Dog is developing The Last of Us? Like Dragonsharz said, ND showed a few screen shots of the game and not once have we seen any gameplay footage. And despite all that, people and critics are jizzing their pants over it and praising it like as though it'll by far be the best IP throughout video game history.

That's like me watching The Hunger Games teaser trailer and saying i...

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I agree.

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If they're so sophisticated, why don't I have one? Oh wait, I don't need one that's why. Plus, I think it's a useless piece of garbage anyway.

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