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Sony has announced theirs back on July 17th but Microsoft hasn't announced theirs yet but i don't think they are having a press conference but i could be wrong though


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Sony has one as well at Gamescom 2014 on August 12 so no EA will not get all the attention but they will get some of it.


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Are you using a friends account or did you forget to set that PS4 as the Primary System for your account? If you didn't set your account as the primary on that PS4 than yeah you can't play them offline until you set it as primary. I play games that i bought digitally(PSN) offline sometimes and it works fine.

If you don't know how to do it
Go to Settings>PSN>Activate as Your Primary PS4 and you can play offline as long as you want

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If the listing is true, it will be on disc. Gamefly shows digital downloads for PC only so if they list anything for the consoles(PS4/Wii U/XBO/etc) it is on disc since they will not list a digital download for any of those consoles. Like i said if Gamefly listing is correct it will be on disc.

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@neonridr NA already got Hotline Miami back on October 22, 2013 so NA will not see it again. You must have missed it

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I never complained once about PSP games in the IGC. I go for all the free games even if i own it on disc lol. The thing is i never complained once because they can't always satisfy me and i am ok with that because i know somebody else may love it. Like Bioshock Infinite coming tomorrow i already own it but i won't complain. Why? Just because i own it doesn't mean everyone else bought it. I was happy getting PSP games (was just getting annoyed that they were choosing a bunch of ...

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I will explain why PSP games are not on PS+. People were complaining way to much that they were putting it in PS+ so they considerably lowered the chance a PSP game will (if ever) show up on PS+. That is it. Go look on the Blog of playstation and look in the archives and go to a PS+ blog post that had a PSP game going into the service and look at the comments section. Oh boy like every PS+ member was complaining (some loved it but a lot hated it) and they were being entitled. The number 1 t...

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I think it is EU(if anything) because in the article Chris Howe warned the user. Chris Howe is the person that does PS+ Posts on the PS Blog for Europe(this could for PS+ members in February in EU or a sale but hope it comes to US whatever it is)

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When I got Killzone Shadow Fall and when it was installing the game data it was also downloading the patch at the same time. For digital games it would download the game and patch at the same time as well

Edit:I don't understand why Xbox One installing slower. As long as you can play it in the end it doesn't matter but I can possibly understand some(if any frustrations) going from optional installs(Xbox 360) to mandatory installs(Xbox One)

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Yeah every time he opens his mouth it is somehow wrong lol

Damn Albert Penello you are on a roll on being wrong


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FYI PS3/PS4/Wii U/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC of Call of Duty Ghosts will have Dedicated Servers.

Here is the link: http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...

I will just leave this here for you:

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Yes. There is a full game unlock(which downloads first and only takes 3 seconds to download) and than it will download the demo. So when you play it, it should be the full game

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Totally wrong.
30 First Party Games as 20 of them will come out the first year and 12 of them are new IPS so they are true exlusives as no indie games are counted


100 third party games are coming to PS4 in the first year as 40 of them will have exclusive experiences on PS4 (Assassins Creed 4, D...

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No they didn't swap Vanquish out yet but it will leave PS+ next week

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That is pretty funny that Call of Duty Ghosts is pre-ordered more in the UK for the PS4 than the Xbox One version. Guess the timed exclusive isn't helping the Xbox One

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@whoyouwhit04 When did Sony confirm PS4 to be Always Online? The day after Sony announced the PS4 they said you can play games offline which if it was always online you won't be able to play games offline. I would like to know when they confirmed PS4 to be Always Online when they said you can play offline.

An Always Online console = need internet connection at all times to play a game

If always online was confirmed on PS4 it would have filled up the news ...

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If i remember right, no. Sony confirmed it won't be always online. You can play games without an internet connection. It was on Kotaku talking about it unless they changed their minds but i don't think they did

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i go on PS store on PS3 a lot and it only takes 10 seconds to load everything. The old store took 10-15 seconds for my internet to load it. Probably it depends on internet speeds because i have absolutely no problems with the new store. Personally i like the new store more than the old.

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@first1NFANTRY There is a Double Bioshock Pack with all the DLC packs. It has Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2, & All of Bioshock 2's DLC for $30-$40.

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For the last time. I hate these


Sorry for the broken links. i didn't read carefully that joystick was spelled like joystiq

Edit: forget it whatever link i provide fails when it stated that link was it when i was looking at the web page originally
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