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This is what i call an inspiring imaginative story and universe.

Not like BF4's story typical generic rambo style murican fuk yeah!

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Only 3? lol you have

Knack - KZ:SF - WarThunder - inFamous - PLanetside 2 - War frame - Blacklight retribution - Resogun - Yakuza Ishin.

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28, Been playing playstation since 96!

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They have an upgraded version to the M82.

The M55

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This sounds great!

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"but everyone know that Forza 5 at the moment is king as for the "best visuals".

Yeah if your a blind Id*** you would believe that and all teh bullshot screens...

But the truth:

Lets ignore the fact that Forza 5 is using incorrect baked lights and a static shadow texture underneath each car , it doesn't ...

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There are indepented devolopers if they want they could switch to WiiU, X1 anytime they want.

They Just find that PS4 is better than other consoles.

And here are some other indie developers.

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Thats one big ass TV!

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Looks good but the gameplay feels like players are holding paper gun and over the top fast paced.

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For me its

1 Distiny
2 The order 1886
3 DriveClub
4 Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
5 Deep Down.
6 Infamous Second Sun

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I know MS fanboys are Stu**d but your ridiculously stu**d...

Learn what indie mean you MS tool.

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Yea right your a PS4 fanboy lol

And your past posts says otherwise. A M$ tool troll.

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Gameplay looks so clunky and dull...

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Nvidia is Overpriced.


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Last time I checked Forza 5 was shipping incomplete

And considering X360 has 48m live users. The rest half are offline users so you need to be online to download half of the game so basically your buying unfinished product for $60. :\

And i wonder why its 60 fps:
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I agree. Im glad Ubisoft Montreal and Evolution studio delayed their games. Crunching is bad and can make the game a rushed mess.


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At least DriveClub doesn't use some cheap weird and unrealistic effects to get it running at 60fps and getting the game out as soon as possible.

I hope evolution studios have the time to plish the game make all levels with Dynamic day and night and 60fps.

M$ fanboys lets see the damage control disagrees.
Truth hurts.

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Man how can a multi-player look that good! and all that running at 1080p 60fps.


DoomeDx: Link fixed.

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Maybe they will fix their probs. Cause the beta had plenty...

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I don't think so. Maybe it has something to do with game to run better on both consoles.

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