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And so? I really don't understand the point of this article. You don't like the game, and that's ok for me, but why write an article? Who are you and why should we care about your opinion? #1
Are you idiot? Gameboy Color? Why graphic whores like you always have to come here to shoot these bullshit? Do you even understand that this is an indie game, probably a small team with limited resources, and they are doing a good job in my opinion. #16.1
Sigh... is this what remains for the Wiiu? From a hardcore console with games like Bayonetta 2, X and others now we have Skylander, Mario Tennis and Just Dance... #4
You're an idiot. And yes, you deserve the insult! #2.6
I agree with what you're saying, but anyway I find the gamepad a superb controller. The off Tv play is an amazing feature, and simply having a map displayed on the gamepad is really usefull instead of pause the game all the time (I'm playing Shantae and the Pirate Curse right now). It's also very good for browse the net, I'm replying to you using the gamepad, I find it much more confortable then my LG G Pad 8.3 even if the screen of the gamepad is not the best. I don't kno... #4.3.1
This trailer is awesome. Probably I will buy it on launch, also to support these kind of games of WiiU. By the way, anyone knows how much Bayo 2 sold at today? #13
This game was funded on KS and the WiiU version was announced before the PS4/X1 version. And now, after taking money from WiiU owners, they want to cancel/delay the game on another console? They should refund people who paid for WiiU version! #9
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It is a spiritual successor of BK... #1.4.1
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Well, to be honest 3DS wins... #5
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You realize this just with some screenshots? Wait at least for a trailer... #8.1
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I totaly agree with you. Let's see if for once a game on Wii U is treated like on PS4 and X1 what happens... surely it will sell less than the other 2 consoles, but it could be a success anyway. #12.1
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April fools... #2
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Ehm... Retro did what they want, and what they want was Tropical Freeze... everybody knows that. #5.1
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Lego Games, Skylander, Just Dance published by Nintendo? Check better next time...
In 2015 the WiiU has something like one big game per month. And now that the sales are increasing the third partys will come back. #4.2.2
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Do you really think that by december 2015 it will be the weakest? In 2015 there are many great games coming to WiiU. And others will be announced by the next E3 (finger crossed for Metroid). It's all a matter of tastes... #4.1
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You are so right. They should take MS or Sony as an example... GT5, Forza6, Gears of War 4, Halo 5...
Do you realize that there are 8 Mario Kart in the history of the franchise from SNES to WiiU, while on the X360 there are 4 Forza, 4 Gears of war, 4 Halo games?
But yeah, Nintendo is the only company that copy paste they previous games... #3.1
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What do you mean it hurts them? MS and Sony lost a lot of money with the X360/PS3, Nintendo has a lot of profits with the Wii... #7.1
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I've never said that I think that a mature game is only violence and sexuality. I said that if he means that then I'm not interested. Metroid Prime is a mature game without "for adult only content". #4.1.2
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Honestly I don't see anything wrong with that. If for making games for adults you mean violence, gore and sexuality, then I'm not interested. When I play a game I want to have fun, and for my tastes Nintendo games are the funniest. Then from NES to WiiU you can find a lot of mature games, maybe not developed by Nintendo itself but they never stopped other to publish them on their consoles. Is like saying that Disney is stuck only in kid's things, or Pixar, Dreamworks etc. That'... #4.1
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