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Lego Games, Skylander, Just Dance published by Nintendo? Check better next time...
In 2015 the WiiU has something like one big game per month. And now that the sales are increasing the third partys will come back. #4.2.2
Do you really think that by december 2015 it will be the weakest? In 2015 there are many great games coming to WiiU. And others will be announced by the next E3 (finger crossed for Metroid). It's all a matter of tastes... #4.1
You are so right. They should take MS or Sony as an example... GT5, Forza6, Gears of War 4, Halo 5...
Do you realize that there are 8 Mario Kart in the history of the franchise from SNES to WiiU, while on the X360 there are 4 Forza, 4 Gears of war, 4 Halo games?
But yeah, Nintendo is the only company that copy paste they previous games... #3.1
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What do you mean it hurts them? MS and Sony lost a lot of money with the X360/PS3, Nintendo has a lot of profits with the Wii... #7.1
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I've never said that I think that a mature game is only violence and sexuality. I said that if he means that then I'm not interested. Metroid Prime is a mature game without "for adult only content". #4.1.2
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Honestly I don't see anything wrong with that. If for making games for adults you mean violence, gore and sexuality, then I'm not interested. When I play a game I want to have fun, and for my tastes Nintendo games are the funniest. Then from NES to WiiU you can find a lot of mature games, maybe not developed by Nintendo itself but they never stopped other to publish them on their consoles. Is like saying that Disney is stuck only in kid's things, or Pixar, Dreamworks etc. That'... #4.1
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It would be cool but it also would kill competition that is what make you do new and original things. #3.1
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This is so poetic... I don't which is better... the art style or the music... #6
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I own only a WiiU and a 3ds. I'd really like to have a PS4 or a powerful PC but since I'm father I don't have time to own other systems (at least for the moment). Being said this, I'm sick of so call third parts AAA devs. I really start to prefere indies, they provide more original and inspired games (well, many of them). The only third parts games that I'd like to have is Arkham knight, Devil whitin and The order. Any other else feel the same? #1.1.2
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Oh, Motley Fool again. Anyway Nintendo is not in crisis, just the WiiU. They expect profits for this fiscal year and the 3DS is selling well. Also they keep selling a lot of games. They don't earn profits just from hardware. #3
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Water like w.c. or like H2O? #5.1
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I remember some people on internet claiming that indies will fill the void that third parts left on wiiu. I thought they were exagerating. Well, I was wrong! Lately I've seen some incredible projects like this or Cult County. Indies are providing better experiences than many so called tripel A developers... #4
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I've read somewhere it has been confirmed for WiiU... #2.2.1
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WUT you're just a troll... the developer has already posted an apologize saying he was wrong. What have you to say now? #2.1.1
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Ok, but whan will Shin'en show us Fast RN? Consedering how good Nano Assault looks I can't imagine the new Fast... #1
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Which games are you talking about? #13.1
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And they have a lot of fun too! I wonder how that is possible! Didn't they know that is common sense that when a console sell bad you can't have fun on it? #12.1
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It was a bad joke, but I agree some people over reacted. Some one was claiming that who made this joke must be fired. #4
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I agree. Even if it is delayed they can keep the interest in the WiiU version giving informations about it. But they are not doing anything. WiiU owners are pissed off for this and they will probably not buy the game at this point, and since we know nothing about the WiiU version, people who owns other platforms beside the WiiU will buy it on another console. Just give us a trailer with the exclusive Gamepad features and maybe someone will wait the WiiU version... #7.1
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Fire Embleme is a Nintendo IP, a long running Nintendo IP. The first chapter was released on NES. http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
They are not putting it on WiiU because it was on 3DS. #2.1.3
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