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This is N4G so any article about taking down the Wii U is welcome...

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Star Fox, Zelda, Tokyo Mirage Session, Paper Mario and other games coming out say no.
Anyway we'll find out at E3.
The WiiU could be a commercial failure, but for me it remains a great console with amazing games. If you don't like it don't worry, you'll find something else somewhere else...

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From the article:
"plans to continue even production next fiscal year and beyond."

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Before criticize the game we should wait for at least a few more details. It was just a short trailer. Do you remember 3D World? Everybody hated it when Nintendo announced the game, and it's considered one of the best Mario game...

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I'll wait ans see how it turns out. It's developed by the same team behind great games like Punch out and Luigi's Mansion 2.

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Well, it's related to Metroid. The space pirates and the galactic federation are a huge part of the Metroid franchise. Probably we'll see even some metroids...

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It could be a commercial failure, but for me it's the best system of this gen. I don't see a valid reason to buy a X1 or a PS4, but I can't stay without my WiiU. For me it has the best games!

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You don't lose a chance to talk negatively about Nintendo, don't you?
Anyway other big developers like Square Enix have the dev kit, probably Nintendo give they kit first to big developers, even if honestly I'm more interested in games like Ori than anything that Square, EA or Ubisoft could offer...

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I was wondering... All these people waiting for the NX, what if it is not backward? Are they gonna buy a WiiU to play the exclusives?

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Well, probably he's referring to WiiU owners...

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I don't see anything strange, all Nintendo portable consoles use cartridges...

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OK, Paper Jam was a bad game, but previous Paper Mario games were great.

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That would be so cool, but is this just a rumor or official. And where is the next direct? They use to do one every 2 months.

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Aside from these amiibo features, I can't wait to replay this games in HD and with the gamepad integration!

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Yeah, and don't forget the amazing action at 60 fps. It's a feast for the eyes!

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You know it's impossible, right? Nintendo published and funded the game, so it's not gonna release on any other console. I know it's a pity for the gamers that don't own a WiiU, but they could always consider to buy one.

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I had it on my 3DS as an ambassador game. I beat it, but it was incredible hard!

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I think he was saying that because everytime there is a bayo2 article people came claiming it should come to PS4/X1.

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No, I don't think it's right to make you pay for content that it's already on disc. If this was a future dlc unlockable with the amiibo it was different. I think that Nintendo should gave you the option to buy the dlc in traditional way at a reduced price or "for free" using the amiibo.

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I read somewhere that you can also carry more rupees.

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