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I agree with you! Can't we wait just a little longer to know the truth?

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Oh, c'mon, so in your opinion it's right to take people money promising them something and then not fullfilling this promise? You're ridicolous! If in the streatch goal is written "XXX release" at 1000$ then people pay because that's what they want. But in your logic it's right to take someone else money and give nothing in return! And then I'm the ignorant, right?

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Lose money? Theyvalready has the money! This is a kickstarter, people paid for it, and many paid because it was promised on Wii U! What about the money people paid because it was promised on Wii U? Not everyone is gonna buy another system!

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Another broken promise from a crowfunded game. I think the problem here is that until the other day everything was fine with the WiiU version, and now, all of a sudden is cancelled. Of course, at least they are giving an alternative to the backers (maybe also a refund), but anyway after all the other broken promises I feel angry, alone and let down, like a gamer of serie B. And I have a bad feeling that with the Switch things will not change. YL is the first example. The game will probably re...

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Really? I'm wondering how many ethernet adapters for wii/wiiu Nintendo sold. I don't think they are relying on this. Anyway It would be better if it had the ethernet adapter...

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Which open world game run at 60 fps on PS4 or X1?

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So you preferer to have ethernet port but no wifi, and maybe pay 40/50 bucks like the wifiadapter for xbox360? I think many prople prefer wifi.

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I still have my GC and a lot of games, but to have them in HD would be cool. Eternal Darkness... Well, Eternal Darkness 2 would be better!

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Well, I think it works very well on Wii U. A friend of mine has it on X1 and it works very well. The Wii U touchscreen is perfect for navigate on netflix.

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It works on my phone with 8 Gb of memory. Why would it not work if the Switch has 32?

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You don't know how much memory it has, and it will surely has an sd card slot. Netflix could be preloaded on it. Nintendo didn't reveal any Switch characteristic but people are assuming the rumors are true. Can we wait untill the official reveal before spreading uncorrect info?

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I hope it has Netflix at launch. I love to play in bed with my Wii U Gamepad and then watch something on Netflix without switching to my phone or tablet.

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You know, Nintendo haters pretend a new console as powerful as a PS4 but half the price. And then they won't buy it anyway.

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Yes, reading this article it reminded me how much fun I had with this console. Better sales would have lead to more games, but anyway there are a lot of great titles for it. Bayonetta 2 is my favourite. And don't forget the indie games. Guacamelee, Shovel Knight, Axiom Verge and many others. Arguably better than many AAA games.
But there are many shortcoming. No Metroid, or F-Zero, no real Animal Crossing, Fire Embleme and other great franchises that miss the console. And, for no...

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I want No More Heroes 3!

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Remember, this is just a rumor...

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Can we at least wait for a confirmation before saying it's a disaster? We don't know if it's really delayed...

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In that case you have all the rights to not buy it. Nobody can tell you what to like or what to buy.

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