My Bubbles were attacked by vicious fanboys.


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I take it you didn't read the part in bold..

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Well said, Gearbox.

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Don't even think about it, >_>

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"It would be unfair for the COD players."

Unfair? It's a war, there's no such thing..

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Read the article please. They link you to the numbers..

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I was expecting to see that Boomerang-shaped controller that Sony had planned for the PS3..

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Activsion has said that they only invest in games that they believe can create year-by-year releases.. -_-

They also said that they'll only invest in games that can generate the company millions of dollars.

But didn't Blur sell terribly? :/

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Haha! Indeed, I've been keeping up with their updates and Halo: Reach will truly be a spectacular game.

Did you see the Hologram armour ability?

And what did you say? Call of Duty Who?

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You've gotta be kidding me? 0_o

EDIT: Oh well, I wasn't thinking of buying Black Ops anyway. Halo: Reach is all I need ^_^

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That the demo would only be available to Playstation + subscribers..

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The title says "5 Video Games With the WORST Glitches Ever", but the writer calls Halo 3's glitches "fun".

The writer then says "These grenades are more powerful than others and will destroy virtually everyone on the map. This cheat can only be done on Valhalla."

So wait, now this glitch is a cheat? :S

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"Quit Trolling this Summer"..

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Are you THAT desperate to start a flamewar?

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"trust me its not like the ps3, it doesnt break down that fast."

Your user name says it all so need I say more?

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Actually, there was a manual on how to do this that came with my Playstation 3.

It's to help clear out any dust stuck inside. :)

You should try it. =)

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Gears of War 2 is still in the top 10 most played games on Xbox Live. The game's doing just fine. :)

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I'll be levelling up every round. XD

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Are you kidding me? Halo: Reach is one of the most anticipated games of 2010.

Just because it's not been on the N4G "Hot Stories" along-side such newsworthy stories as "PS3 has outsold Xbox 360 for 3 years" and "PS3 hasn't outsold Xbox 360 for 3 years"(sarcasm) doesn't mean it's not being talked about..

EDIT: Am I going to get a reason for that 1 disagree or is someone going Ninja on me?

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I'd personally pick Halo: Reach over these two any day...

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On my PS3 I can somehow make the fans go on full power allowing the insides to be cleared of any dust by holding onto the On switch and some other button that I can't remember right now.

I've gotten the RRoD once, but never the YLoD...

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