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Well, I just wasted 30 seconds looking at this list.

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Don't know anything about either MS's partner or Sony's. Have to assume that both are equipped to handle the distribution of their respective consoles as neither Sony or MS want to screw it up in China. But, I believe that Sony and the Playstation brand are going to be more anticipated than Xbox. The only places in the world that Xbox is competitive with PS (and I mean both the 360 vs. PS3 and XB1 vs. PS4) is the U.S. and Britain. Other than those 2 territories, MS has never be...

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See my response to bleedsoe9mm below. Addresses your point, as well.

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Sony has a distribution deal in place with the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Company.

And, here are 2 more articles that drive home my original point about the Chinese market for both the PS4 and XB1:


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"Both Microsoft and Sony are gearing up for fall release dates on mainland China. The Xbox One is expected to drop in September. Assuming it beats the PS4 to the market (release date currently unknown but expected in the fall), Xbox One will be the first international console to sell in China since they lifted their 14-year ban....The age (year) old debate: Xbox One vs. PS4, has a whole new field of battle, and one side has just been given a little more ammunition. According to a recent ...

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Or not effective. Hasn't stopped them from trying, though! :P

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Bad business model, honestly.

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Pretty sure the game has to explicitly support this feature. I don't think it will automatically work with all games like some people seem to think. Hope I am wrong but it would seem to be a huge potential copyright conflict with the publishers if Sony just made it work with any published game.

Wrong. So, you should be happy!

"Additionally, Yoshida revealed that because SharePlay is simply taking the streaming feature a...

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PS4 is supposed to be coming later this month.

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The Edge:

The Golf Club looks best on any platform other than the Xbox One. It doesn't look horrible on the Xbox One, but backgrounds have a muddy film over them and your foreground golfer does not look as crisp.

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But, even "good" movies don't necessarily make money and video games movies, with very few exceptions, are not generally well-received by the general public. (hoping that UC and TLOU buck the trend)

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See my comment above. I agree with you... But the reality is that the content creation business is very very tough, even for the big players. One or two flops can bankrupt even a major studio. See Orion Pictures for an example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

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Good point... I had forgotten about FF:TSW. There was another movie, though - FFVII: Advent Children.

So, maybe it is possible with the right partnership for production and distribution. My point was though that MS, with all of its deep pockets, couldn't figure out how to make it work and got cold feet. Content creation on that level is a tough business.

EDIT: Actually, you made my argument. FF:TSW is the seventh bigg...

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Because that went so well for Microsoft.

Sony is in a different position as entertainment (Movies/TV/Music) is part of its core business. MS, Activision, etc. need to create something from scratch.

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Nope. They said PS4 and PC. No word or discussion about XB1.

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I guess you didn't watch the Sony press conference at Gamescom.

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So f'ing scary. I've played through it twice, watched countless Twitch streams of the game and played during the day. The game still scares me out and stresses the crap out of me. I thought that Outlast was scary until I played this demo.

********SPOILER BELOW************

Also, if anyone has had Lisa charge at you and possess you or kill you, it is the scariest thing I have ever seen in a vide...

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The prices have changed considerably in the last month. I actually think that the 7 day pricing on most of the games is in the ballpark now. If you haven't looked lately, check it out. I do so at least once a week to see if there is any progress and there has been.

Aside from that, the stated goal by Sony is to have PS Now on televisions, tablets, blu-ray players, etc. If you could rent a PS game for $7-$10 for a week and not have to own a PS3 or PS4, that could be a...

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Scaries F'ing game (actually not even a game yet!) that I have ever played. Way scarier than Outlast, and that game freaked me out!

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