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Actually, it was in stock, went out of stock and is back in stock... several times since last week: http://www.nowinstock.net/v...

It does not stay in stock, so get 'em while they're hot!!

By the way, PS4 has been Number 1 on Amazon since last week... Still is with I:SS in second... and Titanfall down to 9th and XB1 to 11th.... Just sayin'. #6.1.1
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No offense to this no-name website, but I WISH BLOGGERS WOULD CHECK THEIR FACTS... Amazon has not announced a game console. All we have is a leaked photo of an alleged Amazon controller.

There are rumors that an announcement is incoming, but the article is not even worth my time when it starts off with "When Amazon announced that it be coming out a video game console..." For all we know, the leaked controller photo might be a mock-up, it might be a game controll... #7
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No... there are rumors of Titanfall making the jump, similar to Ninja Gaiden and Mass Effect 1. #28.1
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Bad news for MS when "mainstream" publication like Bloomberg publish articles like this! Plus, this nugget: "There are already rumors that Electronic Arts Inc. may release a version of "Titanfall" for the PS4..." Whether Titanfall does ultimately comes out on PS4 is not important, but rumors and stories like this have got to influence sales. #26
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From website:

- May show limited signs of use
- May be missing parts or accessories
- May have dents or scratches

When you look at the ones available, they all have "very deep scratches", dents, damaged screens and some are missing parts. Not worth it even at $99! #3
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I can't keep up with all of the PS4 game announcements. It seems like every few hours, a new PS4 and/or Vita exclusive is announced! I've lost track! #2
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It is $30 for retail and $20 for digital on last gen (PS3/XB360) and $30 for retail and digital on current gen (PS4/XB1). #1.1.4
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Off topic, but for anyone interested... PS4s in stock at Amazon! #5
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I cannot believe that it does not support Comcast!! WTF??? #4
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You obviously did not play the first 2 games which are 2 of the most highly regarded games from last generation. If you haven't played them, you should do yourself a favor and try them out. Then you might see what the hype is all about. If this lives up to its legacy (and based upon all we've heard, it should), it will have stellar game play, great story, and true next gen graphics. You are doing yourself a disservice as a gamer if you don't play these games. You may not like... #1.6
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They don't look much different, but to say in the article:
"while it was good when the PS4 initially launched, it is beginning to show its age now." Seriously? Show it's age? the PS4 is not even 4 months old!! #2
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The standard edition of the game is called "Limited Edition".

From Amazon: "The Limited Edition packs additional in-game missions that reveal more about the events leading up to Delsin's story. Completing these added missions will unlock an exclusive in-game jacket designed in honor of Cole MacGrath."

AND... "Pre-order Infamous: Second Son and get exclusive in-game vests"
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Huh? That is possibly the worst spin I have seen on N4G in a long, long time. #1.3.2
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sgtGanGreen and BX81

Yeah... it is outselling the XB360 at this stage in the game, but lest we forget that the XB360 had supply constraints. The XB1 is collecting dust on shelves right now. #1.1.7
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Here it is... found it on another YouTube channel. Don't know why MS would want it pulled. It is not a bad video about the XB1 at all.... I guess MS is just gun shy regarding any negative press, even including comments on a random YouTube video! Keep the masses ignorant!! ;)

http://www.youtube.com/watc... #1.2
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Ummm. No, Sony did not drop the price of the PS3 in the first year, even though they were getting immense pressure to do so at that time.

EDIT: What darkride66 said. #4.3
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"...we’re hugely appreciative of them being on board since the beginning."

"Since the beginning"? Really??? It's been 3 months. Aren't we still at the "beginning"? Of course, MS rarely gets backlash from their loyalists. If the XB1 doesn't perform after the price cuts and after the release of Titanfall, we will see if MS is as committed as Sony was to the PS3 back after launch. I would guess that a failure to spur sales will le... #1.6
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The platinum is impressive, if only for the fact that you need to find all of the shards. It is such a time consumer. That is the only trophy I still need on the original Infamous! :( #1.3
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I was on the fence with the PS4 version. Now, I will definitely get it. #1.6
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Diablo 3 is a good deal, but I'm waiting for the PS4 version later this year. #24.1
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