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Zoe Quinn may be unethical (if reports are true)... and Phil Fish may be a complete a**... but, they did not "make their beds". No one deserves what is going on with them both being doxxed (if they really were).

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Can you please list the "shovelware" title about which you speak? If you are referring to indie titles as shovelware, then you should re-evaluate your hobby as a gamer.

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Can't handle reality? What is not correct in my post? Do you honestly believe that releasing all of its major releases on the 360 platform does anything to help XB1 sales?

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It is all about sales. MS does very little to "support" its fans. Sony, Nintendo and MS are all in this business to make money. The difference is that Nintendo is a games company first. One of Sony's primary businesses is games. MS has a games division, but its primary focus is on its OS and software suites. MS takes out a check book and buys its way into every business sector it is in and has failed horribly at the majority of them.

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Crap... missed it in the game, but that thumbnail made me jump! I probably would have crapped my pants at that point -- came close a few times!

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The problem is that retailers have no control over pricing, so when you buy a digital code at, let's say Amazon, it is going to be full price, even though they are selling the physical media version for a lot off the retail price in many cases. Just a few examples from Amazon:

MLB: The Show - Digital $59.99/Physical $39.86
Lego Marvel - Digital $39.99/Physical $32.89
CoD: Ghosts - Digital $59.99/Physical $39.99
Killzone:SF - Digital 39.99/Physical...

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And looking at the lists posted by Torque and MichaelLito79, it makes no sense why anyone would upgrade from XB360 to XB1 when you can get all of the same games on both. How much does this help XB1 sales?? Legit question, if anyone of the XB guys on here can answer it.

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You believe that MS is putting Forza and TF (and let's not forget the timed exclusive Tomb Raider) on the 360 to "support their fans from last gen"? First, the Forza decision is the only one that was MS's. The other 2 games are being developed and published by third-parties. Forza is most likely being developed for XB1 because MS is not confident it will sell enough on XB1 or move enough XB1 consoles. Certainly, putting all of these games on last gen...

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The first line is "Sony had a rather disappointing show at last week’s Gamescom specially if you are desperate to play AAA and high production titles on the PlayStation 4." Lost interest in the article after that.

Absolutely ridiculous. Sony has more titles in the pipeline than MS or Nintendo. This "no games on PS4" fallacy is ridiculous.

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I may pull the trigger on Transistor... I've been waiting on a sale... but, it seems like a lot of times as soon as a game goes on sale, it is free on PS+ within a couple of months after! :)

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From the article: "If we don’t solve this now, we’re going to have 720p games running on 4k TVs." There is only so much that the hardware in the PS4 and XB1 can do, even with optimization. If the XB1 or PS4 can't do what the author of the article wants, then he should go play PC games. That being said, the PS4 is certainly better situated to hit those benchmarks than is the XB1 and no SDK is going to change that.

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MS is not right... IF a game cannot run smoothly at 1080p, whether it is on the XB1 or PS4, then it should be programmed at the resolution that provides the smoothest experience, be it 900p or 720p or 1080p or something in the middle. As long as one console (*cough cough*) doesn't get downgraded to satisfy the other console manufacturer's (*cough cough*) marketing team.

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Yeah... Congo Bongo, sort of a mash-up between Frogger and Donkey Kong... Here is the arcade version (lost a lot of quarters in this one!)


EDIT: I am dating myself, but I actually owned one of these... saw it in a magazine and talked my parents into buying it. Didn't do much! lol

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Yes. From what I've ready, enemies can use the same system!

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I know.... my comment was meant to be tongue in cheek...

I actually had an Atari 2600 and a Colecovision. My buddy had an Intellevision and we would swap systems over the weekends.

I had an Atari 5200 which died when I was away at camp... Remember playing Congo Bongo on it :(

Never had an Odyssey system. Had a knock-off Pong machine from Radio Shack! :)

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He forgot Atari vs. Colecovision vs. Intellevision :)

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They sell them because people buy them... especially those who create levels. That said, they also have given away PLENTY over the years for free.

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"I recon we will hear the opposite of this story as well..."

Not if people are being honest when asked. This is one of the biggest things about how Sony approached indie developers when putting the PS4 together. If you recall, this was the big indie push when the PS4 launched and stories like this were all over the web. Sony's PS4 execs are true gamers and many of them have been around since the PS1 (Shu!)...

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See these links:



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Where in the world did you get that MS is "funding development" and "co-publishing" the game?

First, the game is being published by SE and is being developed by Crystal Dynamics. Period. Unless you have some evidence of a co-publishing deal, you are mistaken.

Second, if by "funding development" you meant to say that MS is giving so much money up front to SE that it helped pay for some of the development? Well, then I guess so. ...

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