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I bought it today from Amazon! I can't wait to play! #4
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MS is not cutting the price... retailers are cutting price to move inventory that is sitting on shelves collecting dust. When MS cuts the price, it will be across the board at all retailers and they will announce it. #1.4
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Well, being that this is an early build, the lack of complete enclosure below the screen will likely be addressed before launch. #5.1
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"Pretty sure those have been demanded by us users for some time now."

The PS4 was only released 4 months ago... have some patience. #5.3
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You don't get it.... This tech (like Oculus) is for the GENERAL CONSUMER and should be priced accordingly. If NASA has VR tech they use, you are not going to see that on a consumer electronic device. Scientists (like those who work at NASA) love this stuff because if gets young people excited about science, creates interest and might influence people to go into science-related careers. Jealous that Sony is kicking MS's as# this console cycle? #2.2
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If this show was greenlit today, it definitely would not be the same. The campiness was the best part -- it took itself so seriously, especially the Robert Culp character, Bill Maxwell... The song, the bad special effects... just pure awesomeness.

By the way, it was free on Amazon Prime for a while... don't know if it still is... While on that point, the show Voyagers! is available on Prime as well... Who remembers that show!????!!! #1.3
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iceman06... great show with a HUGE cult following. #1.1
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Man, I loved this show. For anyone who grew up in the 80s, great memories.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #2
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"Yep let the COD developers decide the fate of Xbone!"

Oh, the irony! #1.4
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I've played the good side in both Infamous 1 and 2 first. #3
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If true (and that remains to be seen), this is bad, bad news for MS... Sony managed to have PS4s available last week at retailers and people made a choice. Plus, Titanfall was available on PC, and most importantly, coming onto the 360 next Tuesday on the 25th. And PS4 has I:SS this week. *If* (and I mean "IF")there was a 74% increase for PS4s vs. a 96% increase for the XB1, there was still far more PS4s sold worldwide and it will be very close in the US --- plus (again), this is... #1.8
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"Yeah I mean, it could be because of its declining importance that MS may have refused to pay the kind of sums it was for the exclusivity."

You may not like COD and COD may have a lot of haters in the gaming forums around the web, but COD is still one of the top selling games every year... it sells millions of copies to people who never buy very few other games each year. COD:Ghosts may be down this year from previous entries in the serie... #1.1.8
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If those are just physical (which may be true) and Titanfall sold a significant number via download, then those digital copies don't translate to console sales which is what MS needed. In other words, those download purchases are going to be by existing XB1 owners. #1.3.3
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I know what you are saying about MGS:GZ being on both consoles... So, let me finish your thought: It is on both consoles, but is really considered a PS title and will sell significantly more on the PS platforms... and the PS4 version is the definitive version anyway. #1.1.16
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Actually, it was in stock, went out of stock and is back in stock... several times since last week: http://www.nowinstock.net/v...

It does not stay in stock, so get 'em while they're hot!!

By the way, PS4 has been Number 1 on Amazon since last week... Still is with I:SS in second... and Titanfall down to 9th and XB1 to 11th.... Just sayin'. #6.1.1
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No offense to this no-name website, but I WISH BLOGGERS WOULD CHECK THEIR FACTS... Amazon has not announced a game console. All we have is a leaked photo of an alleged Amazon controller.

There are rumors that an announcement is incoming, but the article is not even worth my time when it starts off with "When Amazon announced that it be coming out a video game console..." For all we know, the leaked controller photo might be a mock-up, it might be a game controll... #7
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No... there are rumors of Titanfall making the jump, similar to Ninja Gaiden and Mass Effect 1. #28.1
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Bad news for MS when "mainstream" publication like Bloomberg publish articles like this! Plus, this nugget: "There are already rumors that Electronic Arts Inc. may release a version of "Titanfall" for the PS4..." Whether Titanfall does ultimately comes out on PS4 is not important, but rumors and stories like this have got to influence sales. #26
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From website:

- May show limited signs of use
- May be missing parts or accessories
- May have dents or scratches

When you look at the ones available, they all have "very deep scratches", dents, damaged screens and some are missing parts. Not worth it even at $99! #3
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I can't keep up with all of the PS4 game announcements. It seems like every few hours, a new PS4 and/or Vita exclusive is announced! I've lost track! #2
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