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LOL... it really is for my kid. I had fun with the beta, but I don't think I would have bought it for myself. I am not really into racing games, but it will be fun playing with my son. #4.1.1
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Yeah... Reggie is popping off again... but, why does Sony get accused of "arrogance" when they make comments and Nintendo gets a pass -- 'Oh, it's just Reggie'... #1.8
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From Amazon for my PS3 I got:

Dishonored - $25
AC3 - $35
XCom - $25
GoW Collection - $15

For my 9-year old:
LBP Karting - $25
Lego Batman 2 - $15

The deals are awesome! #4
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My 9-year old wanted it and I got it on Amazon for $19.99 (50% off list price)! I love Amazon! #1.1.2
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I agree that many times reviews tend to not consider the target audience. I also am not a fan of Eurogamer's often unfairly harsh reviews. However, in this review, the reviewer does state the following:

"It makes it difficult to gauge who, exactly, Wonderbook's target audience is. Harry Potter fans tend to skew older, around 8 and up, yet the slightly condescending tone of the text feels more suited to a much younger audience. For the sake of a little anecdotal... #1.1.4
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I think that Greg Miller is just butt hurt that Sony replaced ModNation Racers with LBP Karting. #2.2
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Too bad about some of the reviews (it sits at 75% on Metacritic)... I really liked the beta and my 9-year old wants it. Plus, on Black Friday, Target is selling it for only $25! #3
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"Bethesda doesn't owe you sh1t"

There is where you are incorrect. You see, Bethesda does owe PS3 owners something. They made a game for the PS3 and it has been broken from the beginning. It is not "sour grapes" from PS3 owners. As I said in my other post, Bethesda sold a broken product. If they couldn't develop for the PS3, unlike the majority of developers nowadays, they shouldn't have released the game. By doing so, they warranted a wor... #1.24.1
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I wonder how far along the class action is... they advertised a working game to PS3 owners with the promise of DLC in the future and people bought the game based upon those representations... They put out a broken game from the beginning, knowing that it was broken. It is a shame and Bethesda should be embarrassed. #1.18
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"However, if the game sells well, we might see it ported to the other systems later. Much like NG with the Sigma games."

Most likely not... Apparently, Nintendo is the publisher, so we will not be seeing it on other systems. Sega chose not to publish the sequel, Nintendo stepped in. Although I suppose it is possible that we could see it come out as "Bayonetta Sigma" type of thing (as you pointed out in regard to Ninja Gaiden), it is probably not going to... #2.3.1
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The Oculus Rift VR headset, which just ended its funding on Kickstarter was giving developer kits out for $300 (with Doom 3 BFG). The consumer version will probably be in the $199 range, which IMO is a very consumer-friendly price. So, I disagree as to your estimation of costs. For a company like Sony, they could "eat" some of the manufacturing costs to sell something similar at the $125 to $150 range, which is the same as Kinect when it launched. If the hype is to be believed, th... #1.1.4
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Anyone ever read Ray Bradbury's "The Veldt"? #11
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It's a Bridgestone commercial with a Wii promotion from Bridgestone....not a Wii commercial from Nintendo. He isn't being paid by Nintendo, he is being paid by Bridgestone.... just sayin'. #1.9
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8:28--- "Kept you waiting, huh?".... Awesome. #1.16
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|I guarantee that some time in the future, Steve is going to go to court and sue the shit out of them for stealing our ideas."

You cannot patent "ideas".... As long as the delivery system is different, there is no patent infringement. Plus, does the writer of this article even know what patents Gaikai holds as opposed to OnLive? PLUS, Sony would have looked into the potential for patent lawsuits and taken that into account with the purchase.

... #1.6
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Um Jammer Lammy was available for free as a PS1 download for PS+ members last year. #3.2
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Nice find! Bubbles for you! #4.1
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Let's finish the quote:

"banning used gaming doesn’t make economic sense...

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I just bought Catherine from PSN... it's on sale for $20. It is an amazing game and I am having a blast with it... but, man oh man, are the puzzles tough!!! I had to change the settings to "Easy" to get through them (on the early stages!), and it is STILL hard!!

But, I totally recommend this game, especially while it is on sale! #7.1
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The difference is that Nintendo doesn't know the meaning of "New IP".... Nintendo has been riding the same franchises for 25 years. While there are some great games, it doesn't change the facts. Uncharted is a new IP this generation. Resistance is a new IP this generation. LBP is a new IP this generation. Plus, Sony is still producing new IPs at the end of this generation, including Beyond and Last of Us. And, let's not forget that Sony continues to bring back the o... #1.1.2
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