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LOL... This part made me laugh...
"At this point, I write in my notes, as I knew I would, “This is the only car game you’ll ever need.” We didn’t see anything of multiplayer, which is sure to get an airing at TGS. Christ only knows what he’s done there. You can probably be a single spectator in a crowd of 5,000 at some Malaysian sledge race in 1924."

This game is gonna be AMAZING... Seriously going to tie up my time for the next year. What the hell is it going to take to Platinum this game???!!!! o_O #5
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Actually, I in my opinion his comment was no better than Turn 10's nonsense. The quote was, “Tracking your full body in 3D space is a much different experience than just being able to track a couple of points in your hands.”

He was basically saying that Kinect's technology is way much more advanced than Move's. There is no doubt in my mind that he was bashing move when you actually look at his quote and see between the lines. #1.8
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I completely agree and that is the biggest problem for Kinect (at least right now). Exercise games and dance games is what consumers have to look forward to. Plus, when playing games on rails, lag is such a major issue.

I am sure that Kinect will initially sell a lot, but will drop off immediately after the holidays once word of mouth gets going. Plus, I am curious to see how many Kinects get returned after the holidays or traded in or sold on ebay.... You know that MS w... #1.1.6
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You are correct that neither Bungie nor Bioware (or Valve for that matter) are making exclusive PS3 titles (at least not yet). But EXCLUSIVES matter. If all (or a majority) of Xbox titles are multiplat and available on the PS3 (and to a much lesser extent, PC), and PS3 has those multiplats plus a multitude of more exclusives, then it helps the PS3. If you have only enough money to buy one console, why would you get the one with less exclusive content and less capability out of the box? It... #1.1.2
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Pachter is an idiot
Wasn't this already known? Nice to get paid the big bucks to state the obvious. #11
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$39.99 (as are almost all Move launch titles). #1.1.5
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I have Onlive...
I got it only because it was free (for a year, I think) but I haven't played it at all because it won't allow you to use wireless. I was excited to try it when it was first released, but since I use a wireless router for my PC, it is too much of a pain to hook up an ethernet cable. #1
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I've seen some stupid comments from Pachter in the past, but this is ridiculous. Although I'm sure he's right and that the game will be well-received, bottom line is that it is way too early to make a declaration like this. I don't care what company is developing a game, it is always possible to make a turkey. #2
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I don't get it...
Isn't it cheaper to just buy a stand-alone blu-ray drive rather than have to remove the PS3 blu-ray drive and hack it? Or am I misunderstanding this and the hack works while the drive is still in the PS3? #6
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Come on....
I understand your point, but this is what is called AN EXTRA, HIDDEN FEATURE... It is there for you to use, IF YOU CHOOSE! If the feature doesn't interest you, don't use it. #9.1
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Doesn't Move need the Eye to work properly?
Not for XMB navigation. #6.2
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I just pre-ordered it from Amazon -- AFTER the release date was announced... Why would you pre-order it BEFORE the release date was announced? Unless you pre-ordered and then cancelled all within a month... and I guess a month is just too long a wait. /s

Plus, if you did have it pre-ordered, why not leave it that way since we now have a release date? Does it really cost you anything to have it on hold? #10.1
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Yeah... Kmart has had some great deals...
I got FFXIII (which I wasn't going to play)and MW2 for about $27 each about a month after they came out... and MGS:PW for $20 a couple of weeks ago. #2
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Here's a link that was posted in the CVG article...

Looks like Kinect is nothing more than an eyetoy/ps eye... maybe a little more advanced with the utilization of the ir camera, but, in terms of gaming possibilities, there does not seem to be much more that Kinect can do that PS Eye can't. #1.1.5
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Funny thing is that almost every gaming website -- UNIVERSALLY -- including Xbox fan websites, have been running negative Kinect stories. Don't put this on N4G. Yeah, there may be fanboys on this site (both Sony and MS), but bottom line is that Kinect deserves all the bad previews and comments. It is a product that does a disservice to gaming, gamers and to the Xbox brand itself. #1.2.1
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Halo 2600 is playable online here:


and can be downloaded for free from here:

http://www.crunchgear.com/2... #7
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Billy Joel FTW...
I would buy the keyboard attachment tomorrow if Billy Joel was announced for the game...

and Elton John for that matter! #10
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One of the most ridiculous statements in recent memory on N4G (and there are a lot of ridiculous statements!) #6.3
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We’ve seen the game in action, and although we weren’t able to try it out (it was hands-off), it looks easily accessible. Plus, it’s dead-on accurate, which is more than we could say for some of the other Kinect/Move titles we saw at E3 back in June. #6
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Actually, you are incorrect about IGN...
IGN has been critical of Kinect and supportive of Move.

http://xbox360.ign.com/arti... #4.1.1
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