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DIGITAL FOUNDRY: http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...

From a multi-platform perspective, the PS4 game clearly leads the way with its native 1080p presentation and solid level of performance during gameplay - outside of the slight judder in story cut-scenes we're looking at a locked 30 and 60fps throughout. Meanwhile, Xbox One holds up reasonably well given the sub-native... #1.3
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Between exclusive marketing rights for Batman, Star Wars and Metal Gear this year, the PS4 will do alright and continue to outsell the XB1 even without a game that can beat Halo in October. MS will need to do major price cuts and bundles this holiday season like they did last year to try and derail the PS4. And, if Sony does announce a price drop at E3, MS is in trouble. I don't see Sony making the same mistake as they did last year of not matching MS's price cut (if you want to ca... #1.3.1
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He's right though... The math is pretty clear that the PS4 physical copy sales was 23% more than the XB1 version and 60% more than the PC version (for a total of 22% more than the PC and XB1 combined). Even if you add in digital dowloads, how can the PS4 not have sold more than the XB1 and PC combined? All three platforms had the game digitally, so even if the PC version and XB1 digital versions outsold the PS4 digital version (we don't know that it did --- it might not have or it m... #2.1.1
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You mean at GameSTOP. :) #9.1
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All jokes aside, this is such a great game... i put in dozens of hours and it still kicks my butt depending on how the world configures. #7
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A "Victory"? what are you smoking? The only place that they MAY/POSSIBLY/POTENTIALLY eek out a "win" from Sony would be in the U.S. They have ZERO chance anywhere else and as a result cannot "win" this generation. It is about 22 million to 10 million in favor of PS4 worldwide. And that is before the heavy hitters get released on PS. The XB just doesn't have much of a following outside the U.S. #1.2.1
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There is absolutely nothing to indicate that it is coming to XB1 ever. It may, but so far there has been not even a hint of it. So, good luck with waiting. #1.7
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My understanding of the delay is not due to the game itself being broken, but that they want to make sure that the servers can handle the PS+ load so that it doesn't crash everything again. #1.1.4
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From the article: "Of course it’s difficult to see the differences if you don’t squint, but compression artifact causes loss of detail, and is annoying to see for image quality purists, subtly lowering the visual impact. "

Come on, people... this is a ridiculous article. I was looking at the photos and couldn't see the difference. Then after scrolling through a couple of dozen photos, the above quoted language was inserted by the author. I guess I wasn'... #1.5
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How Long to Beat.... http://howlongtobeat.com/

Some of the most beloved games out there are in the same range (or shorter) as the Order, yet the Order is getting bashed left and right. Seriously, more people need to play the game and we need to hear more feedback.

EDIT: These time estimates are for story only... obviously, a game like Far Cry has a lot more to do than the main story... but the point... #2.2
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It does matter because if you have both a PS4 and an XB1, why wouldn't you want the one that looked better? #1.14
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Nice trolling... the guy that beat it in 5-hours skipped EVERYTHING that was skippable, was playing on easy and didn't die once because of that.... he didn't look at any side content or do anything other than what was necessary to move through the game... There are stories all over the internet of it taking people 15 hours to complete... I'm generally slower at games and will not be playing on easy, so I expect 15 or more for me... AND, no one complained about any of the Uncharted... #1.1.9
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PS4 got Brothers a long time ago with PS+ ... A lot of the games that XB is geeting with GWG now were already given away on PS+ in the past.

Transistor is fantastic and if you haven't played it you are missing out.

And Apotheon looks stellar. #1.1.9
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I guess it will merge back into Engadget #6
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I 1000% agree with you! This "article" is just bad. The opinions expressed are poorly thought out. It reads like it was written by a 15 year old. For those of you who don't want to click on the link, the "7 Reasons To Buy First PS4 Exclusive Title – The Order 1886" are (drum roll please):

1. Awesomeness (seriously?)
2. Pre-Order Bonus
3. The Game Itself
4. Graphics & Visuals
5. Game Story
6. Use Of Dualsho... #8.3
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Because some of these blogger sites that present themselves as some sort of journalists write articles with titles like this: "Another ‘next-gen’ letdown" .... Seriously? The game is not out yet. Let's see it before saying "letdown" or "failure"... #6.7
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How about these so-called journalists wait until they have a game to review. It would be like a book reviewer reviewing a book after reading one chapter or reviewing a movie based upon the trailer. This game may not look innovative, but other games that do the same thing (ie, linear, story driven experience) and get a pass... No one rips apart Uncharted or Tomb Raider like this.And none of these websites have played the full game yet. They are all going into this with an undeserved bad pre... #1.5
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@ Minute Man 721

Although there is only a timed exclusivity deal for the PS4 console release and Blow can release the game later on XB1, there has been no confirmation that he is doing so. He has been outspoken about it, actually. He has stated that:

"Our deal with Sony is a limited-time exclusivity that applies only to competing console platforms," Blow said. "Basically it is that you will see the game on the PlayStation 4 before you will se... #2.1.2
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I am really amazed! People are so damn creative! #6
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PS Plus and XBox Live are 2 different things. PS Plus is akin to Games with Gold. And PS Plus is miles ahead of Games with Gold. #1.21
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