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In all honesty, I had a launch PS3 60GB model. I only used the backward compatibility once to play God War 1 and 2 (I guess that's really twice).

So, for me, I don't see the draw. #1.7
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What a dumb article. #5
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Prototype was not a great or particularly memorable game when it was originally released. GoW3, on the other hand, is an amazing game and it is a testament to Santa Monica that the game looked and ran as well as it did on PS3. Plus, Protoype was available on both PS3 and XB360. However, I would venture to guess that a lot of GoW fans from the PS2 era did not play GoW3 because they only owned an XB360 and not a PS3. These remasters are awesome for those types of peo... #1.4.1
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Honestly, while backward compatibility sounds great on paper (and it is for some), it is a feature that, when present, is not widely used. The PS3 (first iteration) had full BC through the inclusion of a PS2 chip in the system. But, it was not used by as many as you would think or as often. The new systems have new games and that is what people buy the new systems for. Is it a nice value add? Sure it is. But, it would have been FAR FAR more of a selling point if it wasn't almost 2 y... #1.10
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Sony is partially funding it, as previously confirmed....

And how is it "stalled" when it has 45,046 backers and has raised $3,599,372 so far with 21 days to go??

Talk about a clickbait article! #1.6
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I totally agree.


I think that there is a lot of promise in the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise, but I didn't see it in the first one or in what they showed at E3 for the sequel.

I tried to play through the reboot when it first was released on my PS3 twice, first when it was released on disk (day one) and then when it was re-released as a... #1.1.16
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"Not only is Project Morpheus far and away better and more accessible on a sensory level than any other virtual reality tech I’ve tried, but it actually had me clamouring for more." #3
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Unfortunately for OnLive, it was ahead of its time.

A few years ago, people didn't want to give us CDs, then Apple showed the ease of downloading music and,now, Spotify is showing everyone that streaming music is the way to go. Not to many people continue to buy physical music media and the number of those downloading music is starting to shrink in favor of streaming.

A few years ago (actually not too many ago!), people didn'... #4.5
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Are you saying that Sony knows that you, Travis3708, will never go digital? Wow, you must be so important and integral to Sony's future game streaming plans! /s #3.1
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It is his opinion. Honestly, why so defensive? #1.2
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Right... That's why I only called out NPD #4.1.1
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Interesting observation:

I know that most of us take VG Chartz numbers with a grain of salt... here is another reason to do so... I started noticing that their weekly numbers were running about a month behind and now about 2 months behind (for instance, only up to April 4th as of today).

I think that this long lag is giving them the ability to adjust when NPD is released. They used to adjust after the fact, but I think that their numbers were so off, they ne... #4
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And, to add insult to injury, the Witcher which is selling FAR better on PS4, despite the marketing deal that MS brokered. #1.3.4
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@Marlin Fan and jonnydoe

Install base does matter...

The install base will go toward determining the value of a deal. If Sony's install base is 25 million, MS would have to compensate for that value of lost sales... So, if 2 million were sold on PS4 (a little over 10% of owners), that equates to $120 million at retail, not including any marketing money and incentives that Sony might throw out there that probably puts Sony's value at $150,000 or more ju... #5.1.5
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"a great investment"

You must not know much about investing then.... to recoup a billion or more dollars, do you have any idea what that would take??? A game like GTA 5 has sold (according to reports) $2 billion (after selling over 40 million units)... Silent Hills would be lucky to sell 2 million copies on XB1 alone and it is not going to be a huge system seller like Minecraft will be (an arguably better "investment" for MS). Hell, Tomb Raider is not a s... #1.3.2
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lol at this nonsense.

First, the game is "80% done" and will release in "March" This is ridiculous. The game was still in early development when PT was released last year. If their was any basis to the game being 80% done, launch window would have likely been announced. Either way, the likelihood of a March 2016 launch is extremely dubious.

The believe the "Well placed anonymous source" because the brilliant source told them... #1.7
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I hope you are joking. I know that everyone has their own tastes - Some love CoD and some hate it, some love God of War and some hate it, some love Candy Crush and some hate it. But, Hatred is a game with zero redeeming value and just feeds into mainstream perceptions about what people believe is wrong with video games. It is not about hunting down a serial killer and needing to get into his mindset. It is not about even about getting into a serial killer'... #1.2
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You could argue that the MCC was "unfinished"... the multiplayer, which is the central component of Halo, certainly was broken at release and continues to be broken to this day. #1.2
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And the reason it is not coming to the XB1 right now (as is typical this generation):

He also revealed that a Xbox One version will probably come along sometime in the future. “Oh, it most likely will. Just that Sony were far easier to work with, had been on the ball for a long time, helping us along. And Microsoft didn’t. So it goes to PS4 first (and exclusively). #2.1
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Best deal of the weekend not listed here... Evil Within PS4 or XB1 version only $15 at Target... $30 on sale, then 50% off that with Cartwheel for a total of $15... Picked it up today! #4
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