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Yeah... I responded to the initial "invite" email about a little over a week ago on 3/27... still waiting for the download code! Hopefully, it comes soon!! :) #3.1
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The problem with the story line (and the picture from the episode) is that in real life, there would be a pile of XB1s, but no PS4s... and, if there were any PS4s on the shelves, there would be 1 or 2 at the most. Certainly, not in the numbers shown! Notice how (I guess, to be fair??), they have the same amount of both systems on the shelves! (Well, it is a comedy!!) #1.12
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It doesn't show release date, but I was able to put it into the shopping cart and purchase it if I wanted to. #1.1
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Playroom has already been banned from Twitch streaming. Twitch saw it coming from day one and put a stop to it quickly... you can only stream Playroom from UStream. Almost all of the UStream feeds are Playroom...Personally, I think that Sony should put a stop to the nonsense. There does not seem to be any moderation... It makes the PS4 streaming look trashy and, frankly, I wouldn't want my kid watching some of the garbage. #16
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This is a dumb article.... AR and VR are completely different things. This seems to be more like Google Glass than OR and Morpheus. #17
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He means that it was likely not as successful as EA and MS had hoped on the XB1 platform. The game was HYPED beyond belief for the past several months and it is falling in the charts fairly rapidly, even though MS was giving it away with XB1s. Just anecdotally, I was in my local Best Buy (South Florida) and the guys there tell me that XB1 Titanfall bundles are collecting dust at the same time that they had no PS4s in stock and all copies of I:SS were sold out. And looking at the Amazon Top... #5.1.3
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I agree with you... Sammy777's comment was far more tame than many on this site that do not get flagged for "Trolling." The moderation on the site is fairly inconsistent. All Sammy777 did was to point out that "Infamous SS sold more than twice the amount Titanfall sold on Xbox One at launch." Honestly, this is not a Titanfall article that Sammy777 was trolling. It is a Software Sales Chart article and there is no reason that people cannot point out what sold and wh... #8.3
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@ zeuanimals

I was thinking the exact same thing!! I had to look and XB1 appears to be available in Italy since the site lists the top 10 XB1 titles... FYI, MGS is number 1 and Titanfall is number 2. #6.1
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Does anyone have any feedback on if Alice: Madness Returns is worth the $10? It is a game I've always wanted to try! #5
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Oh man... you missed out on one of the greatest gaming experiences of the last generation... it was stunning on the PS3, so I can only imagine what it will be like on the PS4. You will love it. #1.1.18
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How can you say that VR can't give you "full gaming experiences"? We are in the infancy of VR right now. They used to say that television could not deliver what a movie delivers or that movies could not deliver what the stage could deliver... or that mobile games were a niche ... or that digital books were not going to take off... The internet was once just used for the government and for universities. Then Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web. Once upon a time not... #3.5
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Bottom line is that OR used Kickstarter to fund the development of the technology. Now, it appears that that "grassroots" support is being used to give Mr. Lucky a huge payday. Had the device been funded privately and then sold to FB (or Google or whoever), I don't know that there would have been such a backlash. #6
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I bought it today from Amazon! I can't wait to play! #4
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MS is not cutting the price... retailers are cutting price to move inventory that is sitting on shelves collecting dust. When MS cuts the price, it will be across the board at all retailers and they will announce it. #1.4
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Well, being that this is an early build, the lack of complete enclosure below the screen will likely be addressed before launch. #5.1
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"Pretty sure those have been demanded by us users for some time now."

The PS4 was only released 4 months ago... have some patience. #5.3
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You don't get it.... This tech (like Oculus) is for the GENERAL CONSUMER and should be priced accordingly. If NASA has VR tech they use, you are not going to see that on a consumer electronic device. Scientists (like those who work at NASA) love this stuff because if gets young people excited about science, creates interest and might influence people to go into science-related careers. Jealous that Sony is kicking MS's as# this console cycle? #2.2
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If this show was greenlit today, it definitely would not be the same. The campiness was the best part -- it took itself so seriously, especially the Robert Culp character, Bill Maxwell... The song, the bad special effects... just pure awesomeness.

By the way, it was free on Amazon Prime for a while... don't know if it still is... While on that point, the show Voyagers! is available on Prime as well... Who remembers that show!????!!! #1.3
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iceman06... great show with a HUGE cult following. #1.1
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Man, I loved this show. For anyone who grew up in the 80s, great memories.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #2
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