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not in the manner that this has occurred.

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"I wonder if this was a big contriversy when Sony made the 2nd TR exclusive from Sega after the first TR release was multi platform?"

This is the same BS that people keep cutting and pasting all over N4G and several other gaming sites... It is not true that Sony paid to make TR2 exclusive. Like so many other games at the time, it was due to Nintendo's continued use of an outdated media -- Cartridges. The PS used CDs and that is the end...

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Spencer hemmed and hawed… Spencer fumbled over his words and initially kept repeating the same bogus language. It wasn't until pressed that he sort of came clean -- to an extent. MS does not handle things the same way as Sony or Nintendo. Sony and Nintendo are not perfect, but MS has a history across the board, for all of its products, of being deceitful. MS has been investigated, sued and fined by the EU for anticompetitive practices (as has Google)… but, it is the way that MS misrep...

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Oh man… lots of typos! Damn autocorrect!! :)

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Tomb Raider, while likely going to be a great game (we will see as it is still a year and a half away) it's not a huge "system seller". To be sure out will sell well amongst XB1 owner. It will also likely move some XB1s, but his many? 50,000? 100,000? 500,000? Not bloody likely. Titanfall had minimal impact. The unbundling of Kinect had minimal impact. Sunny will also have its big AAA titles or next year. it's going to take mote than timed exclusives like Tomb Raider. ...

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I got it for the $8 as well... great game. Loving it...

I also got Lego Marvel for $10 and Batman: Origins for PS3 for $8... Best sale in months!

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He's right though... the PS4 is coming to China. Sony was approved by the government and inked the deal with a supplier in China.

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You forgot the just announced Sleeping Dogs next-gen remake.

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"Future exclusives (Aside from Sunset Overdrive) will be under MS ownership."

I guess you are negotiating the deals on behalf of MS and the game developers? You are right there in the board meetings, having lunch with Phil and the guys discussing the issues related to exclusives? Good for you. I hope you are well-compensated for your acute business acumen.

Back to reality, do you honestly believe that 3rd party games are going to be exclusive to ...

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Already taken. ;)

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Is anyone expecting bigger/better showing by Sony than at E3? My head may just explode from anticipation!

As an aside... Last Guardian, anyone? ;)

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The difference between XB1 and WiiU sales/projections is that the XB1 came out of the gate at launch and sold a lot of units. Since then, the XB1 has been selling very lackluster and not moving units even with "heavy hitters" such as Titanfall, the "hype" coming out of E3 and the unbundling of Kinect. It is still being outsold by a considerable margin by PS4, even in the U.S., XB's home turf.

The WiiU, by comparison, sold lackluster coming out of the ga...

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WTF? Are you making a joke or just trolling? I can't tell, although I would probably go with the latter.

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Does anyone know when the official NPD numbers come out this month?

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Because MS paid them for it?

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Walmart is currently offering the best pricing on trade-ins.

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Well, there is now so much "breathing room" that there are no games left at all.

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I agree... I don't recall as many articles about Tomb Raider being re-released for this gen... there were a few, but not like this.

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I agree that generally "declaring victory is dangerous" after only 9 months into this console generation, it is pretty clear that the PS4 has an insurmountable lead over the XB1. You cannot compare the PS3/XB360 race of last generation as it is apples to oranges. First, the XB360 had a year-long head start and the only 2 countries that it kept its lead over the PS4 was the U.S. and the U.K. Other than that, PS3 handily beat the 360 in all other ter...

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What a crazy drop-off after LoL and DOTA... really amazing.

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