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If Game Stop is offering good trade-in deals, I will definitely get one.

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Absolutely worth it. I'm buying it and I played the heck out of it on PS3... And it is a bargain at $30 ... If you are an Amazon Prime member, or is 20% off that!

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$399.99: Headset only
$499.99: Bundle (headset, 2 Move controllers, camera)

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Is this a serious question? I can't imagine that it is.

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How do stories like this get approved. Ubisoft had said just in the last couple of weeks that it is still in development.

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honestly, that video above is awful... the angle of the video recording is awful and, frankly, was making me dizzy.

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My bad... not the Star Wars game I remember! looks like it and I thought it was... but it wasn't! :)

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Agreed! That show is just getting worse and worse every week and I don't enjoy listening to it at all anymore.

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Depends on the game though.... maybe a nice hardcover guide for a game like this would look nice on a coffee table or bookshelf. But, in general, I completely and totally agree with you. I never buy them (I even gave you an Agree!)

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Absolutely looks fantastic! This and Wild were my favorites from Sony's conference (although the other huge announcements weren't bad either!!) ... 2016 is going to be INSANE!

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This, along with GT Sport, in VR... man, those are 2 huge announcements and selling points for PSVR.

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I have no problems in Florida... And, I have doubts about how many people are being affected. If there was a widespread issue, it would be on more than just You would see articles all over the place, on IGN, Polygon, Kotaku, Gamestop, etc. And, they would be mass complaining on NeoGaf, instead of a post that isn't on the front page with 4 whole comments about it.

Every time there is an issue with PSN, it becomes a widespread issue that seems to cause...

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I hate when articles talk about the "psn crashing all the time" or that it is not as good as XBL in general. Honestly, that is a remnant of last generation. Just this past weekend, for instance, XBL was down. For some reason, when PSN goes down it gets more press, but there have been plenty of XBL problems this generation.

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You misunderstand what I said, or chose to read selectively. I never said that MS is going anywhere or getting out of the console business. MS makes too much money from XB to ever do that... What I am saying is that being in a distant second place affects long term development and ultimately sales. There is a direct correlation. I'm sure you remember last gen when Sony was getting the leftovers and hand-me-downs from 3rd party developers/publishers -- with later...

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It matters because sales is a huge factor in long term development of a game system -- a lead of almost 3 to 1 in worldwide sales (as it appears Sony has) is why PS4 is used as lead platform of most games, why Sony gets the marketing deals, and how many exclusives are going to be on a specific platform.... and it has exponential effect on sales as the generation goes on.

Yes, Sony pays for some of these content and marketing deals, but it costs them far...

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Sony has been doing both:

Star Wars Battlefront
Call of Duty
The Last of Us

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This is silly. Amazon ALWAYS starts discounting most games shortly after launch! That is why (with a few exceptions), I never buy games day one! Just not worth it to me when games drop in price so quickly on Amazon (and nowadays, Target and Best Buy, as well). The only place that games rarely get discounts, even months after launch, is Gamestop (surprise, surprise!)

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The Order is NOTHING like Until Dawn, Heavy Rain and Two Souls... and, honestly, Until Dawn is more of a mashup of a Quantic Dreams game and a Telltale game, although Heavy Rain certainly was an innovator in this genre.

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PS4 potential depending on price for me!

Murdered: Soul Suspect
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
The Jackbox Party Pack
The LEGO Movie Videogame

(maybe a replay of WD and/or WAU depending on price. Haven't played those since PS3! Been tempted the last few sales of those!)

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The guy paid a $50.00 difference when he traded it. There was no fraud here. Best Buy allows returns and he paid money to make up some difference in price in Best Buy's system:

From the NeoGaf user's post:

"traded the Xbox One in for the Target PS4 deal this week. Only paid the 50 buck difference. Good deal all around for those wanting to keep the Xbox One or get a PS4 with the TV."

This opinion article is nonsense click bait.

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