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What had you planned to play it on? #1.2.1
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Colin did the review... just ignore that point from him as he doesn't really play CoD. #23.1
Yeah... just got this for $8 on sale on the PSN Store this week! I am having a great time with it. Great game! #1.4
Ummm. No. Sony SOLD THROUGH 7 million on their last announcements. MS SHIPPED TO RETAILERS 5 million. Big, big difference. #3.4.1
"Shipped numbers are all that matter."

I need a lay down for a while. My brain hurts from this statement. Do you really believe that?? That investors are interested in what MS manufactures and ships and sits on the shelf collecting dust, as opposed to what is sold through to consumers???? #3.2.1

LOL.. you beat me to it! I was actually going to say the 80's though! #3.1.3
Been having a great time with it. I don't even normally love FPS's and was not going to get the game, but after playing the beta, I can honestly say that I'm sold! When I am not playing, I actually can't wait to get back to it! Not too many games I can say that about. #2.5

"Plus, that $500 million budget is for 10 years of supporting the game."

You hit the nail on the head... I am so sick of gaming "journalists" creating some negative issue with the $500 million figure... the $500 million was not to just develop Destiny alone in a vacuum. It is a long-term (10 year) budget for all costs associated with the franchise. #1.3
Arkham City for free (on PS+) is an even better deal. ;) #1.1

Think about it... the reason that the XB1 version of Destiny for XB1 is at #1 right now is that pre-orders get into the beta which starts on Wednesday for XB1... the PS4 console is still at #9 and has, in fact, NEVER been out of the top 10 on Amazon since launch. The XB1 (unbundled version) is sitting at #41 and has never been out of the 30s and has spent most of its time since launch last month in the 40s.

And, by the way, the PS4 Destiny bundle i... #1.2.8

Not quite... PS4 had SOLD THROUGH 7 million to consumers... XB1 had SHIPPED 5 million to retailers... BIG difference. #1.1.5
That's actually a good deal as Gamestop goes! Basically $25 on what is an old game at this point. #8
It is Jim Sterling. Jim Sterling, formerly of Destructoid, is a well-known, generally respected videogame journalist/commentator. People love him or hate him, but no one can deny that he speaks his mind. He was very very very critical of Sony and the PS3 last generation. He is a notoriously tough game reviewer and, I believe, more honest in his reviews. I don't always agree with him, but I always look to see what he has to say because he speaks his mind -- like the Simon Cowell of vid... #1.9
I disagree. After all the negative press, I expected the worst... But, he sounds good to me. #3.1
Maybe not as noticeable as the PS2 to PS3, but looking at K:SF, I:SS and DC, it is pretty amazing compared to PS3 and the PS4 is still less than a year old.

EDIT: Not to mention the E3 trailer for U:AT... seriously, that trailer is freaking amazing. Light years ahead of even U2. #6.2
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Hardware Monthly Sales

PS4 ~ 269k
XB1 ~ 197k
3DS ~ 152k
Wii U ~ 140k
360 ~ 62k
PS3 ~ 42k
Wii ~ 19k
PSV ~ 15k

Hardware US LTD's as of July... #1.14
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Thief is still too much... Need that to get to $19.99 and I may bite. I think it was on sale on PSN for that a couple of months ago and I didn't go for it. #1
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Huh? #1.4.1
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I live in the U.S., so I have no dog in the fight, other than to say chalk one in the victor column for the U.S. Constitution and freedom of speech.

But, honestly, as stupid and archaic as the law sounds, ultimately you are missing out on a fantastic experience and one of the greatest story-driven games ever made. Additionally, the censorship is not due to the developers actions and you are penalizing Naughty Dog by not picking it up. The fact o... #1.1.2
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"Feels the same as playing any game on PC with recommended hardware. It has been like this for ages."

Really? Do you plan to play TLOU on PC? Oh, right, you can't. #2.4
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