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Are you sure you have played the same Destiny as the rest of us?? #1.15
That is cool and all, but we are already discussing rumors for E3 2015, which is still 8 months away? #1.3
Ether One is a PC port that had very positive buzz and is currently sitting at 82 on Metacritic. Brent and Loren on the Axe Factor podcast couldn't stop talking about what a great game it is. On Steam, it has 139 "very positive" reviews... So, it is obvious that some people do care about it and I am looking forward to it. It is sad that XB1 fans are so bitter. #1.4.6
I think the bundles do sell systems, for sure. But, what Sony has to worry about (a bit) is that MS has been releasing bundles with FREE games. Titanfall bundle, Forza bundle, Madden bundle and now the Assassin's Creed bundles, all of which have said games for free with the console. Not to mention that free game deal MS had the week of the Destiny release. PS4 is still outselling XB1, even with those deals, but MS has been gaining some traction by do this. The PS4 bundles don't d... #1.6
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This has to do with what China allows based upon whatever negotiations Sony had with the government. #3.3
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"The chinesse have a hate for anything Japan related, they are holding a decade long grudge"

huh? #1.2.2
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Sony will also be selling in China... They have a distribution partner already set up. China has only just allowed foreign console manufacturers into the country. MS was quicker to the punch, but Sony is not too far behind. #1.1.8
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Whether or not it can compete depends on Sony's marketing of the device. Honestly, there are a lot of streaming media players out there right now (AppleTV, Roku, Kindle Fire TV, etc.) that Sony will have to compete with. So, it needs to differentiate itself from the competition if it wants to succeed. #1.5
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XB1 is same as PS3! Wow, just wow. #1.10
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Scarier than P.T.? That thing scared the hell out of me! #7
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Accidental Post... misread the article. #1.2
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I will definitely buy if they do a price drop here in the U.S.! #7
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The price cut doesn't "spell trouble" it means that the XB1 IS in trouble and MS is trying desperately to spur sales. #1.2
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This author does not understand what the term "smoke and mirrors" means... Smoke and mirrors in the context of the headline would imply that the PS4 is not really outselling the XB1 (or that the lead is closer than we think) and that Sony is hiding that fact and muddying up the issue... The article does not take that position and the article is really about why there is a 2:1 sales gap between the 2 systems.

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Dude... READ the article... READING IS POWER! There are some retailers that are doing PS4 promotions. This is not a Sony price drop. #6.5
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Since it is obvious that you did not read the article, it was the retailers that instituted the promotions. It is not an official Sony price drop. #1.10
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Dude, I understand your point, but your choice of "journalists" is just ridiculous.... As Bigpappy said, only Cooper and Williams are journalists. Grace and Hannity are hacks who are self-promoting fools disguised as journalists/talk show hosts/rabble-rousers.

Unless you were trying to be funny... I hope. #1.1.3
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I don't think that anyone thought the full SH was exclusive. Just P.T. that was exclusive. #1.5
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"In fact, last week was our single biggest PS4 hardware sales week since Christmas 2013! That’s a lot of PS4s."

Wow... can't wait to see NPD next month! Gonna be a HUGE month for the PS4. #1.7
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My comment was about "PERCEIVED" value. The fact is that the XB1 has a lower perceived value by the general public at this time than does the PS4. The Wii U is in sort of the same boat as the XB1. But, that doesn't mean that it is a bad system. Personally, I am like you and the PS4 is more suited toward my tastes. But, the Amazon best sellers list and the other sales charts out there like NPD (or the NY Times Bestsellers list for books or the iTun... #12.1.4
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