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As long as i get to keep my grimoire score, i'm all good.

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Ps4 version looks better, but have they put a new filter on it with a golden glow or something ? I definately prefer the darker grey'ish glow of the PS3 version.

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Title should probably be changed to reflect that the update failure is caused by the shitty windows store/platform. I can't believe Microsoft is so clueless, that they did not even try to make a competitor to steam. Instead they made ...that.....

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Was planning on getting Mafia 3, but the last minute FPS fuck-up kept me away from it and i bought Gears 4 instead. Game runs butter-smooth on PC (honestly surprised since its a windows title and not on steam).

Dodged a bullet.

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Clickbait article. Waiting for the SP reveal DICE has promised tomorrow.

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The Daughter disappears during a treasure hunt and Nathan has to go find her despite him being an older man by then. Could make for some interesting plot lines if ND were willing to "let go" of a character or two along the way.

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The article is right, what you on about ?

PC is 32 % (27 + 5 = 32) as described in link provided in the article..

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That picture isn't new, it was leaked/made up a few months back....

Besides, it looks more like a description of a season pass. Notice 5 DLC packs, just as with the last couple of Battlefield games.

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Im hoping for an origin story of the brotherhood of Assassins and Templars.

I'd love to see the use of ancient Rome, Carthage and Egypt over the course of a new trilogy :)

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You make a valid point. However, when a level 19 gets matched with level 30+, you're fighting against people with starcards much more powerfull than what is available to you. That leaves you at a great disadvantage.

Instead, the matchmaking system should simply wait for more people at my skill level around level 19 +/- a few levels.

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I liked the game until the matchmaking system (which is horrid btw, sad excuse for not including a server browser) deciced my KDR and Win rate was too high and started matching me, a level 19, with people being level 30 including quite a few level 50's. WHY!?

I'll tell you why....shitty matchmaking that DICE tries to sell as being an innovative awesome new system that matches players skill....

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Both games are great RPG's and open world games. In the end it comes down to differences in theme, setting and narrative focus.

If you like a modern'ish theme with guns and focus on exploration, Fallout is your game.

If you like a fantasy theme with swords, magic and heavy focus on narrative, Witcher is your game.

I'm just happy i get to play both in the same year :)

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Funny that Witcher 3 and Bloodborne, two games that are equally hard and unforgiving (if you choose the right difficulty in Witcher 3 obviously) are the absolute favourites this year.

I'd like to see a return to games being harder instead of flashy rollercoasters.

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Im guessing High Moon are just co-developing it. I doubt Bungie would be happy with another studio doing a full title release, maybe DLC and expansions but not the full title release that Destiny 2 would be.

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Twitter only mentiones a Publishing deal...So what is it, a buyout or a publishing deal?

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Actually, i really enjoyed the game. It may be short, but i like the story and the universe. Gameplay was solid.

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Too casualized. Meh

No Server Browser = no buy

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Releasing on PC also means that modders will find all the stuff they have locked away and dont want us to find yet (Moar DLC bitches! $$$$$).

I'd totally switch from PS4 to PC though. Loading times are fucking killing me!

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