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Although I think Jason360 is an absolute spanner with no idea about gaming, I don't see the problem with his GoTY being Metro 2033, I haven't played it but judging from some reviews, some people absolutely love it for the atmosphere and others can't get past the sub-par controls and gunplay.

Regardless, even if he is a knob, it's his choice, you can't really criticize that.

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They're both rubbish.

Until we play them both, there's no way to know which one is better. It's going to come down to how well the developers utilise the new technology, especially first party studios.

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You fanboys are getting more and more pathetic.

Alan Wank? Alan Flash Light? Gaylo?

I just don't get it. It's not funny, and if you're older than 12 it's just sad.

On topic, though, I'd say inFamous 2. Killzone 2 & Resistance 3 are for E3.

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Pandamobile, are you seriously knocking Half-Life 2 because it is old? There isn't a single shooter that has come out since the release of Half-Life 2 that is even close to the experience created by Valve, simple as that. Not only that, but it has been used to spawn two of the most successful online shooters in Counter-Strike Source & Team Fortress 2, not to mention Portal and Left 4 Dead. Along with the countless mods you can download for free for owning a single $20 copy of HL2, it's qu...

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Please take your trolling to the Open Zone.

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I don't get this whole 'milking' debate. Is Mass Effect being milked because it has 2 games, 2 novels (with another one on the way) and a small comic book series since the first was released in late 2007? I love the back story and lore of Mass Effect, I've bought the novels and comics, and I don't feel like its milking.

My point is, people also love the story and lore of Halo, so I don't really see how releasing products to expand the lore is milking. There are only a few circums...

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$100 says its Valkyria Chronicles, which will be great. Can't wait for the patch, in that case. If it's MGS4, that's still pretty cool and not that surprising since Peace Walker is out somewhat soon, so it'll get people hyped.

Still, I say Valkyria Chronicles.

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I don't get it. News for PS3 Gamers?

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Jason 360, how old are you?

Good list, too. I'd put Demon's Souls higher, but that's just me. I'm waiting to get a new PC to play Dragon Age because for some reason I can't see it being too fun on console. I'll probably pick up ME2 for PC too when I get a new one, even though I have both for Xbox 360. :)

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Wow you took my comment and just spun it the completely wrong way. I have 17 disagrees, when it's true. I prefer my PS3 over my Xbox 360, but you 'bots' and 'droids' need to accept that the other console is just as good as your favourite. No better, no worse.

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That's not a good thing, considering the sales of PS3 exclusives are lower than that of Xbox 360 exclusives. Buy y'know...

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I liked the graphics of the previous PoP, the gameplay left a lot to be desired though.. combat was clunky and boring and the platforming was fun at times but much too repetitive. I'll keep my eye on this, but I'm not sure what to think. I have no idea what the timeline is of the PoP franchise, it seems all over the place!

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Why go against what made the original so successful? I'm not liking the sound of this but I'll wait until gameplay videos emerge.

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Although they never released it here in Australia, Atlus have my respect. I e-mailed them two days before the deadline and asked if they could make an exception since they said only US residents. However the guy said no worries, and I shipped it on the cut off date. Can't wait to get mine back, Deluxe Editions are rare, but Deluxe Editions without a a faded cover will be even rarer. :)

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You guys are pathetic. They're both amazing games, up there with the best of this generation, get over it. Some find UC2 better, some find ME2 better. It's an OPINION.

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Sorry but I have to agree, there is no comparison between CoD & CS, including getting the advantage with tactics. I'd go as far as saying the only two things CoD does better than CS is graphics and audio, which is pretty standard for a game released almost a decade later.

CoD is successful, no doubt, but that's because of the progression system and people with an itchy trigger finger. Nothing more.

EDIT: And I like every single CoD I've played.. only one I haven...

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They're both good consoles. :)

Bought ME2 for my Xbox 360, and I'll probably buy it for my PS3 if it comes in some kind of LE. Can't wait.

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Bleh when I downloaded it I had hoped it'd be to bring it into the 21st century with achievements, in-game avatars (ala TF2) and maybe a few extras, but no deal.

Not that I really care, since I played it to death for 5 years and it's the only online FPS I still play.

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Why is it nerdy? Because it's sci-fi? There's plenty of other games out there with a deeper lore to follow, such as Warcraft, Halo and even to some extent Fallout.

And no, it's not a fanboy article bceause it's correct in picking apart that previous article, anyone who complains about the characters in ME2 clearly didn't do the loyalty missions or even speak to them. complaining about the reload system and difficulty are also weak, the reload system has been praised and normal...

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GoTY 2010. And I'm more of a PS3 gamer, glad I got my Xbox 360 for this though. :)

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