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"disappointed in so called reviewers"


have earned 211 of the 225 stars on the single player challenges. jeez it is a hard game and i like that . only played multi a few times so far as im trying to beat the single player first and foremost . so because of this the online problems havent really affected me . for those wanting to jump online straight away i understand your disappointment and sony really should have sorted it all before release but for those saying its a crap game, its not and its clear they have an agenda of some s... #17
lol thats exactly what i have done , playing through halo ce right now . looks kinda crappy on hy hd tv though so will be getting this game . great value i must say game wise bot out 350 now having to buy xb1 .damn expensive xmas for me now :/ #1.3
im not trolling i will get an xone for this. but these asshats saying resolution doesnt matter are just that ASSHATS . in an era were we are moving to VR resolution matters. the draw distances are much more believable now and resolution plays a huge part in that. fps also needs to be smooth. 60 preferable but locked 30 will suffice depending on game type. #1.2.5
remember resolution doesnt matter does it? well there you have one of many reasons why resolution matters and should be 1080 (if achievable ). personally being a halo fan years ago this looks great. one every xone owner should get. #1.2
yes they did hold back driveclub for quality and it shows. driveclub is a quality game let down only by its online not working ( well it is now for me ) . #8.1.1
learn how to control your car after being nudged. learn to cover the road when holding first position and you will get a greater sense of achievement when you win. the a.i in motorstorm was very similar its just there were many more open space routes to take as opposed to a narrow track. #5.1.2
No, i have plenty of racing games to keep me occupied. the reason i like driveclub is because it is a good game. plays smooth, aggressive a.i. like the motorstorm games (which i also like ) and the cars and the detail in the game is incredible and captures the sense of speed perfectly. now your perception of the game might be different but who are you to say why i only like the game as if you know me . perhaps if you played it instead of sitting typing shite to try and get a rise out of peop... #5.1
do you not see the s at the end of the sentence
i thought that was a complete giveaway to my sarcasm huh . i guess not . #7.2.1
not open world not interested... pass /s #7
which is why your seeing much more discrediting of exclusive games to try and make it seem like something is going wrong. #6.2.1
lol same here .... well earlier i had pong with the paddles but i was never embarrassed in the first place. married now with three children (all gamers) and im glad because i would rather have them do that than what their mother does watching junk on tv. #15.1
if they are able to pull this off games are gonna change forever esp in a VR environment #1
yes david sears is making h-hour and it will be as true to socom as can be . i quite liked socom 4 as a game but it was by no mean a socom game and it was an insult to the franchise to call it such. TNS will be back on form when h-hour releases and going for the number one european slot again. #1.4.1
yea xbox fans didnt come into the psn down threads at all did they? where was your criticism for that ? but then again the double standards of some in n4g is unbelievable . on topic its sad that this is happening to micro and sony , hope they catch these scum #1.8.1
i had the atari st and the commodore amiga a500 . both great machines but prefered the atari as i was far superior for working with sound applications, and me being a musician prefered it for that . remember playing xenon 2 megablast on the amiga and getting completely hooked . #7.1.1
intelligent comment, bubble up ! #12.1
yes and if its any good i purchase the original soon afterwards. case in point, if your tv show film , music or game is shit i wont buy it. currently my collection of ps1 games stands at 60 my ps2 games at 102 and my ps3 game 118. ps4 is 8 retail and 4 digital but its early days yet. dvds stand well over 400 and bluray at 150 . i may have downloaded some torrents but ive bought plenty of originals for to still support said publishers. #36.1
yea true that and another thing they all want to rush the game and finish them quick intead of scavenging for points . god damn people them clan need supplies stop playing like it a feckin deathmatch #6.1.5
It is the only game like socom, when your down to the last in your team and you know every one is watching you the pressure piles on and then the game can become very tactical. its simply brilliant, and this is coming from a huge socom fan. TNS clan for those who were regular socom players. if you like me are eagerly awaiting h_hour then the last of us is the closest thing to it for a while. #21
aye right, i smell something coming from your direction pal. the game on ps3 is a masterpiece and easily the best game on the ps3. and the ps4 version is better. #3.8
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