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"disappointed in so called reviewers"


yes and if its any good i purchase the original soon afterwards. case in point, if your tv show film , music or game is shit i wont buy it. currently my collection of ps1 games stands at 60 my ps2 games at 102 and my ps3 game 118. ps4 is 8 retail and 4 digital but its early days yet. dvds stand well over 400 and bluray at 150 . i may have downloaded some torrents but ive bought plenty of originals for to still support said publishers. #36.1
yea true that and another thing they all want to rush the game and finish them quick intead of scavenging for points . god damn people them clan need supplies stop playing like it a feckin deathmatch #6.1.5
It is the only game like socom, when your down to the last in your team and you know every one is watching you the pressure piles on and then the game can become very tactical. its simply brilliant, and this is coming from a huge socom fan. TNS clan for those who were regular socom players. if you like me are eagerly awaiting h_hour then the last of us is the closest thing to it for a while. #21
aye right, i smell something coming from your direction pal. the game on ps3 is a masterpiece and easily the best game on the ps3. and the ps4 version is better. #3.8
most important part of your comment and is so true in life. you dont get a second chance on first impressions. they f....d up in that regard and they stay behind because of it . #2.2
guess what my ps3 supports 3d bluray so im in no hurry for it . just keep what its doing and being the best for games is all im interested in #6.5
except its 40 quid not 50
and it is more than just an fps boost #11.2
yea i want an updated xenon megablast along with an up to date remix of the soundtrack. awesome #1.2.2
Socom is back . I am happy . That is all :D #2
your loss socom killzone and twisted metal black was awesome online on ps2 #3.12.1
no metal gear solid ??..... me thinks hes a bit of nintendo fan but props to him this was well done and had some memorable tunes in there. #4
that's when the vita comes in handy :D #7.1.4
hiding with the other nine hundred and ninety nine trees you did not count :P #1.6.2
id say it'll be 22 million ps4 to 8 million xbone and thats if microsoft ups its game a bit and stops spewing bullshit #15.1
:D happy it is coming on so well. #11
religiously..... psn hippiez2007 . on topic looking forward to trying this. need for speed didnt hold interest for long ,so need a new racer to last me until the next GT #4.5.2
i dunno , maybe would be better to have in house talent .... yes but didnt gran turismo outsource to do the cars because it was taking to long? this could speed up the process a bit as long as long as strict quality controls are in place in my opinion. #9.2
yea i agree, while socom always was about gameplay ( nothing comes close except for maybe the last of us ) it needs to step it up and deliver a good looking experience this time round. i cant wait for this game. #8.1
first six months ? yea rite , the ps3 had a smear campaign against it for most of the consoles lifespan. up till 2011 i believe . and boy did sony turn that around. tell me again which gen 7 systems is still viable and getting loads of support ? xbox owners are getting off lightly compared to what sony fans went through at the start of last gen . micro will be fine this gen but they arent going to be as dominant as sony . #15.2
metal - any type really hell yes . currently listening to dog fashion disco mp3 s . yes that will go on nicely. have to start organizing my playlists :D #20.1.1
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