disappointed in so called reviewers
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Haha people still play TLOU and you think theyll only play part 2 for a couple of weeks . Delusional !

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Yes it wont let me upload to youtube either but fb works fine . Hopefully they get this sorted for release . As for the beta itself ...... Limited but enough there to boost my anticipation for the game .

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Online mode with clickers and other infected while still competitive. Bigger teams 12 v 12 ,bigger maps to compensate for more players. More crafting and more searching for items instead of the same static boxes all the time. Single player open world like horizon with lots to explore but a good well paced story like the 1st game. Tbh they could keep it the same and i would still love it. Outside of socom it’s probably sony’s best competitive game, but bigger and more would be better in my op...

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Yea im the same . Its a great change of pace for a game and while there is a lot of barren planets there are some interesting ones to be found .I still play it every now and again. Happy to hear about more being added.

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Yes its a great game in my opinion but then again i grew up on this sort of sci fi . Was also a fan of 65 days of static before this game was even announced so thats an extra bonus

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Great soundtrack from a great band. They have a good original sound going on.

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Im english and living in northern Ireland and even i feel proud at what sean murray and his team have acheived. Those into gaming from here should feel proud and hopefully it will open up more opportunities for software companies from here going forward . My son is an avid gamer and wants to make games when he‘s older so this should give him some incentive .

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Yea me too but if your itching to try vr you can in titanic belfast i believe

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you're ignorance does not mean that the games are'nt there

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make pineapple juice ?

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yea i agree or even go through a nissan sales lot. im sure the advertizers can be imaginative. and if it drives the cost down as opposed to them rising then surely that could be a good thing

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if you want big budget games this is whats going to happen and thats a good thing as long as they arent intrusive to the game and lift you out of the experience. the billboards in home used to be quite an effective way for advertising as well. bring it and bring the cost of games down

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yea tried vr a long time ago , looking forward to seeing how much it has progressed. hopefully no mans sky is vr

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yea the accents alone would make for a very funny game . then youve got the local problems of religious groups and paramilitaries as well as brit army and opposing factions . id love to see that done and portrayed right and that would be a day 1 for me

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hell no . got tlou at release on ps3 and then again remastered on ps4 and i still play it religiously. looking forward to playing uncharted4 online more than ever as it borrow quite a few ideas from tlou and mixs it up a bit

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liked the game , had a couple of peeves with it though but hopefully the next will have slightly more realistic graphics instead of the sort of cell shade look. it was a nice looking and well paced game but was disappointed with the end just a bit

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agree wholeheartedly . i have to say though last gen when the ps3 was on the losing end of comparisons i wouldnt come into the forums that much because of the flat out insults that was being thrown at ps3 owners. if the little differences mattered then it matters now to people who care. me i follow the franchises and i happen to like sonys more. do love halo ,(Sci-Fi Nut here.

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tlou didnt have the gameplay ? yea right lol

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i'll add another couple to the list , hollywood undead icp kottonmouth kings.

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now we need reedus . with sony's backing this could be a great collaboration . make it VR and scare the shit outta me please.

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