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"disappointed in so called reviewers"


yea i want an updated xenon megablast along with an up to date remix of the soundtrack. awesome #1.2.2
Socom is back . I am happy . That is all :D #2
your loss socom killzone and twisted metal black was awesome online on ps2 #3.12.1
no metal gear solid ??..... me thinks hes a bit of nintendo fan but props to him this was well done and had some memorable tunes in there. #4
that's when the vita comes in handy :D #7.1.4
hiding with the other nine hundred and ninety nine trees you did not count :P #1.6.2
id say it'll be 22 million ps4 to 8 million xbone and thats if microsoft ups its game a bit and stops spewing bullshit #15.1
:D happy it is coming on so well. #11
religiously..... psn hippiez2007 . on topic looking forward to trying this. need for speed didnt hold interest for long ,so need a new racer to last me until the next GT #4.5.2
i dunno , maybe would be better to have in house talent .... yes but didnt gran turismo outsource to do the cars because it was taking to long? this could speed up the process a bit as long as long as strict quality controls are in place in my opinion. #9.2
yea i agree, while socom always was about gameplay ( nothing comes close except for maybe the last of us ) it needs to step it up and deliver a good looking experience this time round. i cant wait for this game. #8.1
first six months ? yea rite , the ps3 had a smear campaign against it for most of the consoles lifespan. up till 2011 i believe . and boy did sony turn that around. tell me again which gen 7 systems is still viable and getting loads of support ? xbox owners are getting off lightly compared to what sony fans went through at the start of last gen . micro will be fine this gen but they arent going to be as dominant as sony . #15.2
metal - any type really hell yes . currently listening to dog fashion disco mp3 s . yes that will go on nicely. have to start organizing my playlists :D #20.1.1
tried vr in the early 90's . while the graphics were bad the experience of total immersion was incredible. with todays graphics the vr experience is going to be much better. people downplaying this as a fad ( like Pachter ) are way off the mark with this prediction. gamers have been trying to fully immerse themselves in games since the start and now vr is near here and affordable gamers can now get the chance to see what they have been striving for since the birth of video games #15.1
the only game that tops this for online intense feeling on consoles at least is socom on ps2. there is no other game that makes you feel underpresure to complete .when your down to the last man in your team knowing everyone is watching you really feel like your the one to make a difference and tactical play is needed. it is a masterpiece game and ill buy it again on ps4 in a heartbeat. im sure the upgrade in graphics will be fine but the 60 fps is what makes me more excited as it will now pla... #4.4
yea, maybe they should before the value of it tanks any further #6.4
yea that could be it , i keep getting that and dying light mixed up though but either way im sure devs are going to find funny and original ways to use these that aren't going to be detrimental to the game if you don't have a camera but add to it if you do, so im glad i got mine. #8.1.2
yes theres a game coming , im not sure of the name but it takes a picture of you at certain scare points in the game for you to upload and share . this should be funny #8.1
if they're gonna dig into their vault, i want rollcage #8.1
i truely hope so . a ps4 getaway would be suited for graphical polish to create an authentic london and what better to do it than a london based studio. #5.1
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