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"disappointed in so called reviewers"


you either like it or you dont simple as that. luckily me being a ps4 owner and gamer i am given the option. i happen to like werewolves / lycans so this game interests me. how it plays remains to be seen. ill give my verdict once i have played it. #32
just about every sony exclusive is getting a smear campaign set against them. its as obvious as the nose on your face and anyone who believes the shit these muppets are spewing should just go and buy an x1 now but believe me you will be underwhelmed as the games on the x1 are no better than the games on the ps4. in fact with the ps4 you will have the larger library of games so more chances to get the better titles . thankfully this generation sony is one step ahead of the biased media and fan... #13.1
but this time there is no rrod to inflate the numbers #1.1.3
cant wait for this game #2
i would love some tracks in ireland but i doubt that will ever happen. some great scenic drives over here though. some rally tracks maybe ? #10
their smear campaign is not working and when the game does come to ps plus people will see for themselves (if they havent already tried by shareplay )just how full of shit the media was. #8.1.1
it gameplay is solid, it controls well and all cars in it handle different enough to add variety. the challenges people set you can get addictive if your highly competitive and the ai is challenging enough quite like motorstorms i think. the online multiplayer can be fun but also annoying at times depending on who you are racing against as i all online racers to be honest. the weather makes an already challenging game harder and lots more fun to be had with collisions as you grip is reduced d... #3
nice taste in music , while i kinda agree in having too many sub genres having only 2 seems a bit sparse i would at least class the 1st person, 3rd person, racing , rpg , and so on but you are right about too many these days. sometimes simple is best. as for the game good looking good atmosphere hoppefully a compelling story and solid gameplay . am looking forward to it. #12.4
you can get some really incredible looking pictures from this game . easily the best looking current gen game so far. #2
people judging from betas are idiots, people judging from alpha / prealpha are even bigger idiots. #4.1
what ? there is no easter bunny ? blasphemy lol #35.1
actually ive been a gamer since pong and i stand by my comment. i know weather has been done before, but not to the visual fidelity that drive club does it which is my point. its the best looking console exclusive, hell id even say racing game on any platform and until it is bettered it will hold the crown and people will share pictures #5.1.3
hmmm ok then i thought everyone knew now that it is a race to find the center of the universe. maybe im wrong but that seems like an objective / goal to me #1.3
and you think that looks anyway as realistic as driveclub ? mmmmm ok then try playing it and then come back and comment. it truly is the best looking next gen game so far .... when something better comes out i am sure it will get loads of photo uploads as well as that now is a big part integrated into these systems and is easy to do. relax and give credit where it is due it is a remarkable looking game. unless of course you just cant let it go because its not on your system of choice and to t... #5.1.1
have earned 211 of the 225 stars on the single player challenges. jeez it is a hard game and i like that . only played multi a few times so far as im trying to beat the single player first and foremost . so because of this the online problems havent really affected me . for those wanting to jump online straight away i understand your disappointment and sony really should have sorted it all before release but for those saying its a crap game, its not and its clear they have an agenda of some s... #17
lol thats exactly what i have done , playing through halo ce right now . looks kinda crappy on hy hd tv though so will be getting this game . great value i must say game wise bot out 350 now having to buy xb1 .damn expensive xmas for me now :/ #1.3
im not trolling i will get an xone for this. but these asshats saying resolution doesnt matter are just that ASSHATS . in an era were we are moving to VR resolution matters. the draw distances are much more believable now and resolution plays a huge part in that. fps also needs to be smooth. 60 preferable but locked 30 will suffice depending on game type. #1.2.5
remember resolution doesnt matter does it? well there you have one of many reasons why resolution matters and should be 1080 (if achievable ). personally being a halo fan years ago this looks great. one every xone owner should get. #1.2
yes they did hold back driveclub for quality and it shows. driveclub is a quality game let down only by its online not working ( well it is now for me ) . #8.1.1
learn how to control your car after being nudged. learn to cover the road when holding first position and you will get a greater sense of achievement when you win. the a.i in motorstorm was very similar its just there were many more open space routes to take as opposed to a narrow track. #5.1.2
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