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"disappointed in so called reviewers"


looks like halo to me so ill be happy with that. never was a series that was known for its graphics anyway, just its lighting and ambiance and that still seems good. hope they havent messed up in the gameplay. either way this will be mine. #23
enough of the bragging and get back to work grrr...... lol . i cant wait for this game . Is my impatience showing ? #11
are you mad ? tlou was easily the best online game last gen ! #1.9
can afford maybe its just i dont want and maybe have better things to spend my money on other than another nearly similar console that plays a lot of the same games. so what if i miss on a few exclusives , i thoroughly play what i do have and enjoy them. that too me is what most gamers are lacking and thats the ability to enjoy what they have instead of envy of what others have. its fuckin stupid and people like that are ruining the gaming communities spirit and it will crash again. #8.1
i wish they would do tracks from ireland . there is some incredible looking scenic roads over here. #11
yea gameboy for me as well but i was typically more of a sega fan. too childish of themed games mostly even back then where as other systems seemd to be growing with me and i liked that. saying that my kids play nintendo . #1.5.1
i can remember. i wasnt that long ago really. lots of people slammed it for the length and lack of extra modes and rightfully so but at least it was well polished and bug free. that game....... the order 1886 and look at the bashing it got. i wish more developers took the time like rad did and stop releasing games unfinished #16.3
hopefully this will be a true rally experience as rally games these days dont seem to catch that feeling #2
yes i will give this game a try ... the sound seems quite atmospheric as well . #3
in mourning. sad day for gaming . hopefully kojima, del torro and reedus carry on with a different name. #55
could be an interesting title... need to see more #12
you can go back into your hunters dream and repick the levek you want , doesnt take that long really. #7.1
played both , two very different experiences. enjoyed both for what they are. #24
i dont honestly know what way it will fare out on ps4 but i do know that on pc spotify lets you have a certain amount of listening time then you have to pay #9.5
so youre telling me that the people streaming from there ps4 over twitch is getting paid for it. wow how can i get in on that action ? dumb , people are marking this down for what it isnt ..... simple but if theyd have paid attention they would have known it was a cinematic game like heavy rain , beyond 2 souls only with third person shooting sections and stealth added to it. good game for what it was and im looking forward to playing the sequels to see how the story pans out. my rating 7.5 #5.1.4
but at the start it wasnt getting to stand on its own merit because people have been ripping it down from before it even launched. and for those that say because its single player it has no replayability , well im on my third playthrough now so imo they are wrong. if you like the theme or concept of course you will play it again. games didnt always have multiplayer to keep you playing them and shouldnt depend on it . my rating 7.5 out of 10 and only because it was a bit short. overall a good... #12.1
if thats true which i doubt well then i hope sony brings out more disappointments like the order. im expecting the next game in the trilogy to branch into multiplayer just like uncharted did if not before hand as dlc. Disappointed i am not. #69
bravo for being truthful ! me myself like lycans and the cinematography so this game is a buy from me. it looks fantastic and i can say yes it maybe a bit short but if you like the content then you will still see value in it . many of my favourite albums have been short but have a collection of awesome songs on it so still worth it. for a new IP this seems to be taking the uncharted approach and im happy with that and am expecting more to be packed into the next game. roll on the 20th #14.1
and yea bubble up from me too. funny stuff #5.1.2
bubble bobble and rainbow islands is a must. wouldnt mind an up to date version of chase hq . and hey why not some rastan as well. final fight maybe or even double dragon , man i could go on for days , so many good memories. wonderboy trilogy a must .
oh and how could i forget shinobi and shadow dancer #4.3.2
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