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All you have to do is read the description to the video to see that the video is complete BS wait for Digital Foundry

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You realize steam have over 120 million users so what's the percentage you speak of and I bet it's millions of people that do have a gaming rig more powerful then a Scorpio which is nothing but a RX 480 so show these stats

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My 7 month old GTX 1080 can do this

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The TV is not that good it doesn't have a wide color gamut which means limited HDR these TV's are cheap for a reason remember that

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Works perfectly on my Samsung 60KS8000

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4k/60fps > 1080p/30fps HDR anyday of the week and twice on Sunday

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Best looking console title WHAT? Over Uncharted 4 Ryse The Order 1886 Kill zone SF FH3 looks awesome when come to the cars but outside of that it's decent but not best looking

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Stay away from this Best But deal with the LG 4K TV and Xbox one S for $800 the TV is absolute trash it has HDR but no wide color gamut and HDR without a wide color gamut is useless. This is a review for that LG 4K TV that comes with the Xbox One S in That Best Buy Deal http://www.rtings.com/tv/re...

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Looks good to me must've been a slow news day

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No PC will with NATIVE 4K support NOT upscale and max settings

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if the picture fits the whole screen it's up scaled if it wasn't then there would just a small picture in the middle of the screen

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GTX 1080 has 9 TFLOPs it's already outpaced and by time fall 2017 roll around when it finally releases well duh LMAO

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Your 4k TV already upscales if you playing on a 4k tv right now your PS4 and X1 games are already up scaled you don't need a special or certain console to do so your 4k tv already does it

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Rockstar is unmatched GTA V just passed 65mil sold and R* does open world games remember that

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PS4 owners are playing New awesome games like Uncharted 4 and R&C etc. I guess when your platform literally has no new exclusives you have to play old SHIT like BO1 must be fun well back to the highest rated console exclusive this gen uncharted 4

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Only casual bums disagree with you but your post is exactly how I feel

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Yes the multiplayer sucks

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