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The only speculative part of the article is the question of whether Nintendo was actually behind Gunpei Yokoi's death. There's nothing that say absolutely "yes", but then again his death is highly suspicious...

The rest of the article are actual events from the company's history. #4
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Wow, that's great! My aunt's cousin's best friend made over $300 a week just laying around the house working as a whore! And she didn't even need to visit a website! Just like you!

Quit spamming my articles. #2
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She is real... I'm watching a video of here right now. #4
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Looks better in 720p. #5
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What a professionally produced, wonderful piece of work! That man has the voice of a golden honey bear, and his vies are spot on! An absolute boon to the gaming community! Never let that man go! #3
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Well, sales figured don't necessarily point to whether a game is good or not. Take a look at FFXIII... big sales, and post people agree that it wasn't so good. #3.1.1
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I just read that review. Seems that he hasn't played Ni no Kuni yet, which beats Xillia in almost every way... scratch that- it DOES beat Xillia in every way, doing everything much better. Graphically, it makes Xillia look like a muddy mess. Check for my review in the next issue of GameFan. Take a step back at what Famitsu and RPGFan thought of Xillia and take a look at what the fan reaction was in Japan... BAM! Sold big out the door, and then fell off. Used prices for the game plum... #5
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It was new and interesting, but ultimately lame. #2
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