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I was wondering whether they would go for the BluRay cases seeing as the system boasts a BRDrive this time around. I guess their decision makes sense to opt for a different design.

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The PS4 and Xbox One will be successful... but in different markets. If not in the short term once the price drops and with clever marketing Xbox One will find its spot in millions of homes. People who like Call of Duty and Halo as well as parents or young children who will be blown away by the new Kinect technology and the TV features would gladly make it the center peace of their entertainment system.

You have to realise that even if its not built strictly for hardcore game...

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Read the article.

The point it makes is that unlike last gen this time around there will be less conflict among the big 3.

Game theory, blue ocean strategy, the Wii targeted a brand new audience last gen and was successful due to the fact that it had no competition in its field.

Microsoft slowly saw the opportunity and mid way through the generation started moving its brand to the new market with the strong push on Kinect and family oriented ...

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PS3 removed Linux and hackers shut the network down for months. We know the same hackers could hack into army secure network so we know they can hack into Xbox Live. Everything can get hacked.

What happens whenever Xbox Live is down? How do I even play single player after 24 hours?

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So since the PS3 was released world wide in 2007 every game of the year has been available to play on PS3.

That includes 3 multiplats in 2007, 2010 and 2011 and 3 Playstation exclusives in 2008, 2009 and 2012.

I think it is something to sneeze at if PS3 had 100% of games of the year on its system and 360 only had 50% of them.

I hadn't realised just how well Sony had done this gen until I saw your list :/

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Ooops looks like you shot yourself in the foot there PS4 seems to have more exclusives at the moment. Lets be realistic Microsoft will release a few triple A games but half way down the line when the price drops they will once again market it to mums and children that only want to play Call of Duty and Halo and you can forget any other exclusives from them.

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@BitbyDeath You forgot Windows 99, 98 was good for its time :P

I recently noticed the same pattern. People buy XP so assume the new windows will be worth it and buy Vista. It breaks their PC so much they are forced to wait and buy Windows 7 which is good and people assume the next one will be even better.

And the cycle continues!

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A source told me Microsoft is currently working on the next Xbox it will be called Xbox Three Sixty.

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@Waller PS Vita PS4 and Sony phones don't feature the XMB anywhere so I don't know what you are talking about.

Why would Microsoft show one of the worst looking next gen games we have seen so far?

Why did Activision compare Ghost to MW3 and not to Ghost on the 360 if the difference was huge?

Wouldn't you want to show off your graphics and tell people these is what the console can do?

Instead they just showed us TV...

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hkgamer for PSN CEO!

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If the browser on the PS4 is good enough then you will get free unlimited porn for free O.o

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They want to limit the number of people who get to play before the release date as much as possible and that is done by targeting the biggest retailers first.

I used to get my games early from them quite often until they lost my bank details in 2009 and someone started ordering things with my card.

Thankfully I spotted the problem in a forum quickly enough and my bank returned my money :/ But I was no longer impressed by their services.

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@abzdine I seriously dislike your point of view on this. One psychotic child is given a gun and he shoots his mother. Firstly he wouldn't have done it if he wasn't given a gun. It was a heat of the moment thing where his mental problems all fired up.

Secondly the world is improving. 60 years ago people in Germany were using human soap bars. 100 years ago the Ottoman empire was still sentencing people to death by making them sit on a long sharp metal pole till it reach...

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That is ridiculously ignorant!
" Piracy doesn't make a company go bankrupt if it did no music artist would profit."

Piracy makes thousands of artists bankrupt. Of course the mainstream music starts who get paid millions for concerts wont go bankrupt even if we still 10 times what they get by pirating but small middle class artists and independent developers who probably could have made $100,000 a year can't make it in the music industry because we st...

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@Septic and as a businessman I understand that if any of us were put in his shoes the company would probably lose billions in value within the first year.

Hence why he get £65 million he is good at what he does and thats make money. If he didn't get £65 million he would just move to another company that would pay him that much (wouldn't you?) and Activision shareholders would lose way more then they could have payed him to stay.

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True but Killzone 4 has a much greater scale and field of view. Just imagine what Quantic could do on the PS4 :o

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But an organisational structure with more people then required creates a slower and more bothersome environment to work in.

Sometimes suits have to let people go even if they are losing talent just to streamline the departments.

Firing people can also move a structure to a less bureaucratic system.

Lets hate on EA but the suits in that company are doing their job right. Please reply if you disagree.

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In February PS4 managed to get a lot of attention in news articles and magazines, free advertising. Now if the 720 is announced every article that informs people about it will have something along the lines of "720 is releasing later this year alongside PS4 which has been announced for a Holiday season release in 2013" So that will inform even more people. Finally Sony get to have a comeback because when they announce the design of the PS4 again the media will publish it because now...

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The problem I have with N4G is that there are topics to talk about. Other sites update you about new games and their development. N4G updates you with "Why X will fail", "6 Reason X is better then Y" and "Z-list reporter makes claim about console Y which has not been announced yet".

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Plug your Google TV into your 720

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