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Careful my avast blocked malware from that site.

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Daver speaks the Truth.

I regret every penny paid for it.

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it's hell of a deal - 4 games (+2 expansions) for 1$ or 5 games for 5$

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He could say they look the same as developers haven't yet reached consoles potential (if there is any) but he doesn't need to lie!!!!!

No excuses for that kind of **** he's trying to sell us as the test can easily be found on youtube.

I thought he's a cool guy.

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^^ 100% agree Giru017

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"Heck, there really isn't anything material I want where Xmas and such is concerned. I just want the people around me to be happy."

Nice, glad to hear that.

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And pc version of Metro had issues on 1500$ PCs not because the graphics looked amazing but because of poor implementation and optimization.

I question the ability of this team

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I wasn't expecting it to be much better than ps/360 but i didn't expect it to be worse too.

I don't own ps3 or 360 and i don't want to have 2 consoles (wiiu and ps/360) or underpowered one that developers will avoid.

I just expected wii u to be as good as ps/360.

As a disappointed wii owner i have to say:
No more nintendo for me.

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"ZombiU is getting very mixed reviews (which likely means that less people will enjoy it than would a game with straight forward positive reviews)"

Why don't you start playing games from the simple feeling of --this could be fun to play-- you'll enjoy more game i guarantee.

If I would buy games based on the reviews i'd have too many overhyped games and sequels.

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Couple of people said wallmart has alot of them in their stores. The whole sold out thing is a hype.

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so by that ps4 should have 16 core cpu and 4 ps3 gpus to produce ps3 4k graphics and it would cost more than 1000$ and we are talking about next gen graphics. How much would that cost?

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PS4 is rumored to be 4k?! NONSENSE. Lets talk facts:

Current gen console games are mostly 720p

720p is 1280×720 or 921,600 pixels

4k is 4096×2304 or 9,437,184 pixels

So the graphics card needs to be more than 10 times powerful not to mention ps4 would cost more than 2000$ which is the cost of 2 nvidia gtx690(dual gpu) graphics cards needed to run smooth on resolutions like that on high graphics settings in games on ...

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I don't swear much but if someone wants to stream and swear let him do it - it is his stream and who doesn't like it can always go watch another stream.

Its easier to put age restriction on the stream or mark it as explicit content than to ban someone.

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Nice sarcastic article.

Love the About the author part.

Hope people get it. For those that don't let me google that for you:

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This is amazing.

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yes you CAN - you just plug in usb card reader!!!!!!!

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F***ck Activision/Blizzard - the anti people company. I've had enough of them and their rules!

Freedom of speech for everyone!!!!

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Pes 2012 had best football controls on wii. To bad they aren''t making pes for wiiU.

I'm kind of sceptical about fifa on wiiU although i have it on PC i don't trust EA at all...

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Cartman is that you??

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Like windows 7 isn't complex enough. Out of those 8gb ram 1,7gb went on the system

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