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gamers are full of loser white knights who think they will get laid if they stand up for these self seving hoes.

The same type of people that salivate over girl avatars in online games

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Sony Fanboys seem to be so better at Microsoft nowadays.

I gotta say, Phil Spencer is doing the right things.

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All I hear is whining.

this is totally fair competition

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I love Ninja Theory...
they have amazing artists

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I'm a Sony hater and a proud master-racer, but this time, they made a funny joke. Even I don't take it seriously.

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Just like phish he got rich and now thinks he's Jesus.
Anyway, the system bas much better games than minecraft

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He's been saying that for a year.
Now go play some HD remakes boys..Sony have no good dev studios.

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I think it's a crappy game.
Actually Sony showing was a bit crappy

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Butthurt Sony fans are so childish

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Pssst, keep it a secret. You will hurt the feeling of some console peasants.

They think 'I don't have the money to build a PC, so instead I will buy a subscription into PS Plus and buy more useless accessories for my shit console'

The truth is, they can save money by gaming on PC.

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Bowser all the way

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Same shit, higher resolution.
Too bad it won't make it a good game.

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You're the only guy who is criticizing VR and I agree with you to some extent. However, I think VR will be a bit more popular than 3D if only bec people love FPS nowadays.

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All hail the wisdom of this dump chick repeating what she hears other industry people saying.

I would like to see a VR game where you play as Jade making sandwitches. Jade Raymond Sandwitch-Making simulator. ohhh think how many horny losers (mostly Sony fans) will buy that game Ubisoft and fap to it.

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We MUST clone Shigeru Miyamoto now!

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Shut up kid and listen when this man talks.
He CREATED Mario, DK, Zelda,Pikimin

How many people in this industry can claim to have CREATED so many successful games? only one guy.
You in the other hand only post shit formulated in your shit brain on the internet.

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it has a better controller and interface than PS4 so it makes sense to me.

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some people are going to fall for this.
It is a remake to a game released about a year ago. It is like a PC graphics mod if the game was on PC.
This an easy cash-grab

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bec it doesn't make sense trying to revive a dead handheld. We'd rather market the PS4 because it's selling.
Haha people give Nintendo a lot of shit but they didn't bail on people who bought a WiiU

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Most of them are working as doll jobs as reception, community managers, marketers and producers.

Because actual software engineering, design and art takes real skills and effort to develop that most women don't want to invest.

Then they cry about their wages.

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